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WP RSS Multi Importer

Aggregate RSS feeds. AutoPost or use shortcode, excerpts w/ images, 13 templates, categorize and more.

Version 3.15 (2015-5-10)

  • Fixed: Problem due to repository guidelines of WordPress.

Version 3.14 (2015-3-20)

  • Fixed: Add nonce to GET request for deleting feed items.

Version 3.13 (2014-9-13)

  • Fixed: Bug that would cause media images to disappear.

Version 3.12 (2014-9-13)

  • Fixed: Various issues reported during the last few weeks.
  • Enhanced: Manually deleting posts caused by the plugin will now also delete its associated featured image.
  • Enhanced: Share on LinkedIn now added to social sharing option for AutoPost and default shortcode template.
  • NEW: Only bring in items newer than n number of days old.

Version 3.11 (2014-9-1)

  • Fixed: Bugs due to plugin conflicts and clearing the cron scheduler.

Version 3.10 (2014-8-31)

  • NEW: Bulk editing of categories.
  • NEW: Add a time restriction on feed items (go to Global Settings).
  • NEW: View feed items from feed list.
  • NEW: Added option to get image size remotely (which can slow performance).
  • Fixed: Several bugs

Version 3.01 (2014-8-14)

  • NEW: Option to not use Force-Feed for importing RSS feeds.
  • Fixed: Google News problem causing duplicate items.
  • Fixed: iFrame sizing problem and other bugs noted after release of 3.0.

Version 3.00 (2014-8-12)

  • NEW: Assign a blog user to each feed.
  • NEW: Assign a specific media image, if it exists, for a feed.
  • NEW: Easily upload a number of feeds at the same time.
  • NEW: Scrolling template that includes an image and title.
  • NEW: Customize your date format.
  • NEW: Make Facebook titles not cutoff mid-word.
  • NEW: Lightbox filter to suppress on sites that don't allow lightbox access.
  • Enhanced: View of feeds to see if they have images, enclosures, how many items in database and more.
  • Improved: Better diagnostics and directions.
  • Improved: Performance for shortcode.

Version 2.67.68 (2014-7-31)

  • Enhanced: Facebook feeds now pick up larger size images.

Version 2.67.67 (2014-7-14)

  • NEW: Export all your feeds (title, URL and category) in a text file.
  • NEW: New template of smooth scroll with image and title.

Version 2.67.66 (2014-7-10)

  • Fixed: Bug that caused resizing image not to work in the shortcode using parameters. Should improve performance of shortcode.

Version 2.67.65 (2014-7-2)

  • Fixed: Bug that caused problems in viewing the custom pane for themes when the widget as active.

Version 2.67.64 (2014-6-19)

  • Fixed: Problem with Google news and duplicate posts (may get some duplicates due to a change in the way the permalinks are processed).
  • Fixed: Iframe on YouTube videos now sized by css in the templates.css file

Version 2.67.63 (2014-5-27)

  • NEW: Added diagnostics page which gives information on the plugin to help you diagnose problems.
  • Fixed: Problems due to upgraded PHP5.0 systems and discontinued functions.

Version 2.67.62 (2014-5-18)

  • Fixed: Problem with stopping comments on posts and other bugs.

Version 2.67.61 (2014-5-17)

  • Fixed: Problem yahoo pipes and google alert feeds all importing.

Version 2.67.6 (2014-5-13)

  • Fixed: Problem with RSS feed categories showing up..now is an option for the feed to post.

Version 2.67.5 (2014-5-8)

  • NEW: Added option to save only posts that have comments to feed to post entries. Increased number of total fetch items.
  • Fixed: Problem with decoding posts from Facebook RSS feeds
  • Fixed: Fixed several bugs related to other plugin conflicts.

Version 2.67.4 (2014-1-26)

  • NEW: Added option to add canonical URLS to feed to post entries.

Version 2.67.3 (2014-1-1)

  • Fixed: Notices due to users having debug on. Several small bugs fixed.

Version 2.67.2 (2013-12-2)

  • Fixed: Fixed several bugs related to other plugin conflicts.

Version 2.67.1 (2013-10-19)

  • NEW: Facebook post images now automatically chosen for larger size.
  • NEW: Eliminates continue reading, read more, etc, that shows up in the text on some feeds.

Version 2.67.0 (2013-9-18)

  • Fixed: Fixed problem with a template that caused some users to have the feeds disappear.

Version 2.66.9 (2013-9-17)

  • NEW: Option to Load More instead of pagination.
  • Changed: Made pagination css full width to avoid layout problems.
  • Changed: Upgraded colorbox to most recent version (v1.4.29)
  • Fixed: Fixed problem with target window and various other bugs.

Version 2.66.8

  • Fixed bug that caused error for outside cron jobs, added limited html option for shortcode excerpts, several small bugs fixed.

Version 2.66.7

  • Fixed bugs and added more flexibility to author name and email, widget now has nofollow.

Version 2.66.6

  • Fixed bug that caused some people who updated the plugin lost lightbox functionality. Added new template.

Version 2.66.5

  • Several bugs fixed, including a major one that kept some new feed items to be posted using the Feed to Post. Additional shortcode parameters added. Cleaned up code for those who had debug on.

Version 2.66.4

  • Using Feed to Post, video from YouTube and other sources can now be embedded into posts. More scheduling options added. More links to FAQs added. New template added. Several bugs fixed.

Version 2.66.3

  • Fixed bugs found in earlier version that prohibited some excerpts and video images from showing.

Version 2.66.2

  • Feed to Post now can grab featured image when Give Me Everything word length is chosen. Accepts images from Google news feed. Google+ social media link added. Ability to suppress Read More added. Several bugs fixed.

Version 2.66.1

  • Fixed RSS export feature and several other bugs.

Version 2.66

  • Additional controls to eliminate duplicate entries added. One-click delete all Feed to Posts entries and associated featured images added. Turkish translation added. Added support for Vimeo feeds. Fixed bugs associated with images that use properties with single quotes.

Version 2.65

  • Pagination numbers added, choose to have Feed to Post items set to no index, no follow in the meta tag to make search invisible (if respected by crawlers), images with single quotes around the src tag now recognized, several bug fixes.

Version 2.64

  • Choose source anchor text, option to put content into excerpt field and option to eliminate hyperlinks for Feed to Post added. Several other bugs fixes.

Version 2.63

  • Fixed problem with posting Feed to Post to multiple blog categories and several other bugs fixes.

Version 2.62

  • Add Feed to Post to multiple blog categories, filter now works with titles, choose which posts to auto remove or save, post format fixed, and several bugs fixes.

Version 2.61

  • Category picker added for Feed to Post, improvements to shortcode templates, increased mobile detection to disable lightbox. Several bugs fixes.

Version 2.60

  • Auto remove posts added for Feed to Post option. Default time zone can now be specified. Several bugs fixes.

Version 2.58

  • Category filters for words added (include or exclude), reworked code to prevent double posting of articles in Feed to Post, other bug fixes.

Version 2.57

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.56

  • Assign blog tags to each plugin category. Using an outside cron service, can now update Feed to Post on individual feeds. Mobile detection for Feed to Post option. Default category image option added to widget. Can change links to titles of feed posts to go directly to source.

Version 2.55

  • Added more options to Feed to Post, including ability to preserve all html, stored templates and css file now automatically restored on update, improved cleaning up html in imported feeds, fixed several bugs.

Version 2.54

  • Added option to make images in Feed to Post be the featured image.

Version 2.53

  • Added default category image option, set post format for Feed to Post option and other options added, preserves more tags in Feed to Post option, added more shortcode parameters and fixed several bugs.

Version 2.52

  • Added more options for Feed to Post users including ability to specify user_id and suppress the source. Clearer admin interface. Image recognition improved. Class added to stylize image in Feed to Post. Small bug fixes.

Version 2.51

  • Images are now hyperlinked in excerpts. Images that are on secure servers now work. Feed or item author now available for use in templates and Feed to Post (if the feed has the author).

Version 2.50

  • Many features added, including improved image handling, selecting window option and more cron scheduling options when using Feed to Post, fixed problem with custom posts, ability to choose different templates on different pages (via shortcode), more shortcode parameters added, suppress beacon images in feeds, fixed Bing resulting in duplicate entries in Feed to Post, YouTube now opens in lightbox in Feed to Post, and several other bug fixes.

Version 2.47

  • Added more options to put Feed to Post entries into your blog categories. Added more shortcode parameters and fixed various bugs.

Version 2.46

  • More fixes related to the foreign language character problem. RSS content tag now used for excerpt so full text available if in the feed.

Version 2.45

  • Added option to show images in widget. Fixed foreign language character problem. Other smaller bug fixes.

Version 2.44

  • Recognizes YouTube video feeds in the default template and puts the video in the lightbox if selected. Added a Pinterest parameter to the shortcode for size correction. Bug fixes.

Version 2.43

  • Added option to put Feed to Post entries into your selected blog category. Also, there is now an alert if the feed you enter is going to cause errors.

Version 2.42

  • Added social sharing option. Set default settings for new users.

Version 2.41

  • Added more options to the Feed to Post settings. Prepared files for translation into other languages.

Version 2.40

  • Added option to import feed items (like news) and creates blog posts so readers can comment on them. Category name added as an option to add to templates, plus bug fixes.

Version 2.37

  • Bug fixes and added option to have simple list view to the widget.

Version 2.36

  • Added ability to pick up images in RSS enclosures and more diagnostic code.

Version 2.35

  • Fixed bug due to php short form and added mobile detection to not use lightbox.

Version 2.34

  • Added option to re-export all feeds as one single RSS feed.

Version 2.33

  • Added open window options to the widget. Added diagnostic parameter.

Version 2.32

  • Added new vertical scroll template. Added cron hourly service. Cache shortcode parameter added.

Version 2.31

  • Fixed option to open widget feeds in lightbox and allow several shortcodes on the same page.

Version 2.30

  • Added templates, improved admin interface, fixed several bugs. Switched caching methods to allow for more real time RSS if desired. Updated colorbox version.

Version 2.25

  • Fixed bug that caused feeds to disappear from admin panel when several categories added. No data was lost by users.

Version 2.24

  • Usability improvements added for new users. Quick start video added.

Version 2.23

  • Added a workaround when other plugins did not restrict their javascript to their own admin pages..thus causing problems for some users.

Version 2.22

  • Caching made optional. Enhanced the admin section by putting option settings on a separate panel. More options added to the number of words in the excerpt.

Version 2.21

  • Performance improvements. Ability to change color of hyperlinked titles added with shortcode parameter. Also, specify number of posts per feed via shortcode parameter.

Version 2.20

  • Pagination option added.

Version 2.19

  • Option added to not load colorbox. Some themes already load colorbox and this causes a conflict.

Version 2.18

  • Show-hide option added to excerpts.

Version 2.17

  • No follow option added to all links. Fixed bug with widget when no category selection is made.

Version 2.16

  • Date formats are now consistent with international formats. Added ability to optionally float images to the left. Options to show excerpts in widget and number of post/feed added.

Version 2.15

  • Multiple categories can now be used in the shortcode and widget. Widget now has small footprint option with motion. Excerpt images can be sized to a certain width. Additional customized parameters added.

Version 2.11

  • Fixed bug that kept new window and same window links to not be live

Version 2.1

  • Added a widget option for displaying feeds, better image formatting, separate Today from Earlier posts.

Version 2.01

  • Fixed bug that caused some users to have problems when they haven't added any categories.

Version 2.0

  • Added option to assign feeds to a category and output feeds from a given a given category. Limit posts on a page. Uninstall now works for multiuser sites. Solved problem for some users where the LightBox option was conflicting with other plugins that also relied on Lightbox or Colorbox.

Version 1.1

  • Added option to determine where the links should open (Lightbox, new window, current window)

Version 1.0

  • Fixed problem where showing text before the shortcode rendered after the shortcode

Version 0.7

  • Fixed problem with showing excerpts withe foreign characters

Version 0.6

  • Fixed bugs in Lightbox and eliminated error message

Version 0.5

  • Added option to include short descriptions - excerpts (if they exist in the RSS feed)

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-19
Active Installs: 40,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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