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WP Retina 2x

Make your website look beautiful and crisp on modern displays by creating and displaying retina images. WP 4.4+ is also supported and enhanced.


  • Update: During bulk, doesn't stop in case of errors anymore but display an errors counter.



  • Info: Please read my blog post about WP 4.4 + Retina on http://apps.meow.fr/wordpress-4-4-retina/.
  • Add: New "Responsive Images" method.
  • Add: Lot more information is available in the Retina settings, to help the newbies :)
  • Update: Headers are compliant to WP 4.4.
  • Info: I have published a new book and it is available on Amazon! It is called "Abandoned Japan". Here: https://goo.gl/dQJpJW. Have a look :)


  • Add: Display the image size name and the retina width x height when hovering the little squares.
  • Add: Option to disable the new Medium Large image size brought by WP 4.4.
  • Add: Option to disable the automatic handling of responsive image (src-set) by WP 4.4.
  • Add: Add the Retina images in the Responsive Image tag created by WP 4.4.
  • Update: Retina information has been moved to the Media Library directly.
  • Update: Dashboard has been revamped for Pro users. Standard users can still use Bulk functions.
  • Update: Support for WP 4.4.


  • Update: PictureFill 3.0.1 (full codebase rewrite).



  • Update: Towards using the new WP translation system.


  • Update: For WordPress 4.3.
  • Update: RetinaImages to 1.7.2.


  • Fix: Search string not null but empty induces error.
  • Change: User Agent used for Pro authentication.


  • Fix: Issues with class containing trailing spaces. Fixed in in SimpleHTMLDOM.
  • Fix: Used to show weird numbers when using 9999 as width or height.
  • Add: Filter and default filter to avoid certain IMG SRC to be checked/parsed by the plugin while rendering.


  • Fix: Full-Size Retina wasn't removed when the original file was deleted from WP.


  • Fix: Images set up with a 0x0 size must be skipped.


  • Fix: There was an issue if the class starts with a space (broken HTML), plugin automatically fix it on the fly.
  • Fix: Full-Size image had the wrong path in the Details screen.
  • Fix: Option Auto Generate was wrongly show unchecked even though it is active by default.
  • Update: Moved the filters to allow developers to use files hosted on another server.
  • Update: Translation strings. If you want to translate the plugin in your language, please contact me :)


  • Fix: There was an issue with local path for a few installs.
  • Add: Introduced $wr2x_extra_debug for extra developer debug (might be handy).


Fix: Very minor issue (one of the debug line had a bug).


  • Fix: Issues with retina images outside the uploads directory.
  • Info: Please write a review for the plugin if you are happy with it. I am trying my best to make this plugin to work with every kind of WP install and system :)


  • Fix: Use WP uploads folder for temporary files to avoid issues depending on hosting services.


  • Update: LazySize from 1.0 to 1.1.
  • Update: PictureFill from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1.



  • Fix: Support for BedRock and a few more customized installs.
  • Update: Allows a little error margin for the resolution of images being uploaded for full-size retina.



  • Add: API filters to give the opportunity to other plugins to plug into... this plugin ;)



  • Add: Custom CDN Domain support (check the "Custom CDN Domain" option).
  • Fix: Removed a console.log that was forgotten ;)
  • Change: different way of getting the temporary folder to write files (might help in a few cases).


  • Fix: Drag & drop images wasn't working on Firefox and Safari.
  • Info: Please rate the plugin if you love it and never hesitate to post features requests :) Thank you!


  • Fix: There was an issue when re-sizing PNG files.
  • Change: Lazysizes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 (seo improvement).
  • Change: Use minified version of retinajs.


  • Add: Lazy-loading option for PictureFill (Pro).
  • Fix: For the Pro users having the IXR_client error.


  • Fix: Plugin now works even behind a proxy.
  • Fix: Little UI bug while uploading a new image.


  • Add: In the dashboard, added tooltips showing the sizes of the little squares on hover.
  • Fix: The plugin was not compatible with Polylang, now it works.


  • Add: Link to logs from the dashboard (if logs are available), and possibility to clear it directly.
  • Add: Replace the Full-Size directly by drag & drop in the box.
  • Add: Support for WPML Media.
  • Change: Picturefill script to 'v2.2.0 - 2014-02-03'.
  • Change: Enhanced logs (in debug mode), much easier to read.
  • Change: Dashboard enhanced, more clear, possibility of having many image sizes on the screen.
  • Fix: Better handing of non-image media and image detection.
  • Fix: Rounding issues always been present, they are now fixed with an 2px error margin.
  • Fix: Warnings and issues in case of broken metadata and images.
  • Add: (PRO) New pop-up screen with detailed information.
  • Add: (PRO) Added Retina for Full-Size with upload feature. Please note that Full-Size Retina also works with the normal version but you will have to manually resize and upload them.
  • Add: (PRO) Option to avoid removing img's src when using PictureFill.
  • Info: The serial for the Pro version can be bought at http://apps.meow.fr/wp-retina-2x. Thanks for all your support, the plugin is going to be 3 years old this year! :)


  • Add: Support Manual Image Crop, resize the @2x as the user manually cropped them (that's cool!).
  • Change: Name will change little by little to WP Retina X and menus simplified to simply "Retina".
  • Change: Simplification of the dashboard (more is coming).
  • Change: PictureFill updated to 'v2.2.0 - 2014-12-19'.
  • Fix: Issue with the upload directory on some installs.
  • Info: Way more is coming soon to the dashboard, thanks for your patience :)
  • Info: Manual Image Crop received a Pull Request from me to support the Retina cropping but it is not part of their current version yet (1.07). For a version of Manual Image Crop that includes this change, you can use my forked version: https://github.com/tigroumeow/wp-manual-image-crop.


  • Fix: Cropped images from the side now supported.
  • Fix: Avoid loading the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser twice.
  • Update: PictureFill, from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0.
  • Change: Now create retina files by default.
  • Info: If you are using LIGHTROOM, please check my new plugin called WP/LR Sync, you might find it very useful (apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/). I am also preparing WP Retina 2x for a Pro version. Many improvements are on the way so if you have any request, please let me know here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/what-about-a-pro-version.


  • Change: Links, documentation, readme.


  • Add: Option to disable Retina in the WP Admin. Actually now disabled by default to avoid an issue with NextGen.
  • Add: Option to disable the loading of the PictureFill script.
  • Update: PictureFill, from 2.1.0 (2014-08-20) to 2.1.0 (2014-10-07).
  • Change: Flattr button doesn't pop anymore. I know, that was annoying ;)
  • Info: I am thinking of adding features through a pro version. I would love to know your thoughts. Please check this: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/what-about-a-pro-version


  • Works with WP 4.


  • Fix: PictureFill method now handles special characters.
  • Change: Performance boost for PictureFill method.
  • Change: Use PHP Simple HTML DOM instead of DOMDocument for PictureFill.
  • Update: PictureFill, from 2.1.0 (2014-06-03) to 2.1.0 (2014-08-20).


  • Fix: PictureFill issue with older version of PHP
  • Fix: issue with boolean values in the options
  • Fix: PictureFill method now ignore fallback img tags found in picture tags
  • Change: logging enhanced for PictureFill


  • Info: The new method PictureFill is currently beta but I believe is the best. Please help me test it and participate in the WordPress forums if you find any bug or a way to enhance it. Also, thanks a lot to those who made donations! :)
  • Change: new PictureFill method
  • Change: texts and method names
  • Fix: debug mode was not logging
  • Update for WordPress 3.9.1


  • Update: for WordPress 3.9.
  • Update: MobileDetect, from 2.6.0 to 2.8.0.
  • Update: RetinaJS, from 1.1 to 1.3.
  • Info: if you want new features / enhancements, please add a message in the WordPress forum and consider a little donation (or a flattr) and I will do my best to include it in the upcoming 2.0 version of the plugin.


  • Fix: issue with the src-set method.
  • Change: thumbnail size was reduced in the Retina dashboard.
  • Update: French translation.


  • Fix: issues when using custom UPLOADS / WP_SITEURL constants.
  • Info: Please come say hello or make a donation if you love this plugin :)
  • Info: I am getting married this year!


  • Fix: HTML5 issues with the HTML srcset method.
  • Change: RetinaJS (client-side) was updated to 1.1.0.


  • Fix: encoding issue with the HTML srcset method.


  • Add: HTML srcset method.
  • Change: use one file less.
  • Change: most methods were renamed nicely.


  • Add: german translation and italian translation.
  • Add: option to ignore mobile.
  • Fix: avoid warnings if any issues during HTML Rewrite.
  • Fix: generate button was not working anymore.
  • Change: more logging for debug mode.
  • Add: progress % during operations.


  • Add: new method called "HTML Rewrite".
  • Change: .htaccess regex for images.
  • Add: donation button (can be removed, check the FAQ).
  • Change: new icons.
  • Add: french translation.
  • Fix: little fixes.


  • Change: enhancement of the Retina Dashboard.
  • Change: better management of the 'issues'.
  • Change: handle images with technical problems.
  • Fix: random little fixes again.


  • Change: upload is now HTML5, by drag and drop in the Retina Dashboard!
  • Add: delete all retina files button.
  • Change: hide the columns to ignore in the Retina dashboard.
  • Change: generate button only generates pending items (images).
  • Fix: performance boost!
  • Fix: random little fixes.


  • Fix: warnings when uploading/replacing an image file.


  • Fix: esthetical issue related to the icons in the Retina dashboard.
  • Fix: warnings when uploading/replacing an image file.


  • Change: Media Replace is not used anymore, the code has been embedded in the plugin directly.


  • Fix: code cleaning.
  • Fix: no more notices in case there are weird/unsupported/broken image files.


  • Fix: Works with WP 3.5.


  • Update: to the new version of Retina.js (client-method).
  • Fix: updated rewrite-rule (server-method) that works with multi-site.


  • Fix: support for Network install (multi-site). Thanks to Jeremy (Retina-Images).


  • Change: Retina.js updated to its last version (should be slighlty faster).
  • Change: Retina-Images updated to its last version (now handles 404 error, yay!).
  • Fix: using a Retina display, the Retina Dashboard was not looking very nice.
  • Fix: the "ignored" media for retina are handled in a better way.
  • Change: the FAQ was improved.


  • Fix: was not generating the images properly on multisite WordPress installs.
  • Add: warning message if using the server-side method without the pretty permalinks.
  • Add: warning message if using the server-side method on a multisite WordPress install.
  • Change: the client-method (retina.js) is now used by default.


  • Fix: in a few cases, the retina images were not generated (for no apparent reasons).


  • Fix: the retina image was not being generated if equal to the resolution of the original image.
  • Add: optimization and enhancement of the issues management.
  • Add: a little counter icon to show the number of issues.
  • Add: an 'IGNORE' button to hide issues that should not be.


  • Fix: simplified version of the .htaccess directive.
  • Fix: new version of the client-side method (Retina.js), works 100x faster.


  • Fix: SQL optimization & memory usage huge improvement.


  • Fix: the recommended resolution shown wasn't the most adequate one.
  • Fix: in a few cases, the .htaccess wasn't properly generated.
  • Fix: files were renamed to avoid conflicts.
  • Add: paging for the Retina Dashboard.
  • Add: 'Generate for all files' handles and shows if there are errors.


  • Removed 'error_reporting' (triggers warnings and notices with other plugins).
  • Fix: on uninstall/disable, the .htaccess will be updated properly.


  • Add: the Retina Dashboard.
  • Add: can now generate Retina files in bulk.
  • Fix: the cropped images were not 'cropped'.
  • Add: The Retina Dashboard and the Media Library's column can be disabled via the settings.
  • Fix: resolved more PHP warning and notices.


  • Fix: resolved PHP warnings and notices.


  • Change: simplified the code of the server-side method.


  • Fix: the wrong resolution was displayed in the Retina column of the Media Manager.


  • Very first release.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


11 of 29 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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