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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Resume

Out-of-the-box solution to get your resume online. Built on WordPress's custom post types, it offers a uniquely familiar approach to publishing


  • Fix for fatal error when saving options


  • Updated translations
  • Project is looking for contributors and maintainers! halp?


  • Better PHP 5.4 compatibility
  • Better prevention of javascript conflicts with other plugins on options page
  • Minimum version supported bumped to 3.3 (2 legacy versions)
  • Added Slovak Translation, special thanks to Branco of WebHostingGeeks.com
  • Prevent warnings when saving options or adding sections under certain conditions


  • Plugin documentation now maintained in a collaboratively edited wiki. Feel free to contribute!
  • Created listserv to provide a discussion forum for users and contributors, as well as general annoucements. Feel free to join!
  • PHP 5.4 compatability: Fix for "calltime pass by reference" error, special thanks to Raphael Berlamont.


  • Default resume now outputs schema.org compliant microdata
  • JSON resume feed now supports JSONP (just pass the ?callback=foo argument)
  • Back compatibility with pre-2.0 templating functions
  • Fix for custom resume templates not properly loading
  • French translation update, props phpcore
  • Template function get_title now accepts a second argument to explicitly toggle links on and off, props Fabio Alessandro Locati
  • .clearfix CSS class now prefixed with .resume to prevent conflicts with themes
  • Fix for shortcode user attribute not properly parsing
  • Fix for undefined variable error on post edit screen


  • Enhanced translation support on administrative backend, props phpcore
  • Added French language translation, props phpcore


  • Fix for sections not appearing in the right order under certain circumstances
  • Organization links now open in a new window


  • NOTE: you may need to manually reactivate the plugin after upgrading to this version
  • Complete codebase overhaul for stability, scalability, and performance
  • Added project to Github
  • Added qTranslate and enhanced i18n support for sections, organizations, and dates (Special thanks to Fabio A Locati)
  • Significant enhancements to json and plain text versions
  • Custom section ordering now honored throughout administrative dashboard
  • Plugin now relies on 22 custom capabilities, allowing administrators more granular control of user permissions, customizable through plugin such as Members.
  • Ability to display individual sections (rather than entire resume) via shortcode. See FAQ for details
  • Fix for resume CSS not properly loading on section and organization listings
  • Better sanitization of position start and end dates
  • Additional API hooks added to allow developers to modify and adapt the plugin's functionality
  • GPL License now distributed with plugin
  • Code cleanup and additional inline documentation


  • Fix for organization links not properly saving in certain cases
  • Fix for plugin not retaining section ordering under certain circumstances
  • Fix for Edit Resume link not appearing on some pages with embedded resumes
  • Better scalability of organization link storage
  • Better internal handling of plugin options


  • Additional refinement of upgrade path from certain older versions


  • Fixed bug where users upgrading from certain versions would receive an error upon reactivation.


  • User options are now site specific on multisite installs (beta)
  • Organization names can now be links (e.g., organization's website)
  • Stylesheets now included on organization, section, and position pages
  • Updated translations (special thanks once again to Rodolfo Buaiz)
  • "Resume" sub-menu label changed to "All Positions" for clarity
  • Default templates moved to "includes" folder (resume.php, resume-text.php, resume-json.php)
  • Support for custom templates in parent themes (using WordPress's native locate_template() function)
  • Better handing of template files (using WordPress's native load_template() function)


  • Dragdrop interface for reordering resume elements completely rewritten for greater compatibility
  • Handling of organizations in default resume template greatly improved (organizations are no longer required for all positions)
  • Removed requirement that all positions have organizations before they could be saved
  • Positions, sections, and organizations in dragdrop interface now link to their edit pages
  • Fix bug where resume would not pass HTML validation if URL rewriting was enabled
  • Fixed typo in organizations slug when URL rewriting was enabled


  • Added option to automatically hide page titles on resume pages (via .hide-title class)
  • If URL rewriting is enabled position, organization, and section titles now appear as links
  • URL Rewriting now properly works for sections and organizations, if enabled
  • Added .resume CSS class to posts with resume shortcodes
  • Created functions to help pull and format author's information into custom resume templates
  • Added additional API hooks for developers to customize the plugin's functionality
  • Added donate link to plugin page


  • Added Edit Resume button to the admin bar for logged in users
  • Stylesheet and Javascript only loaded on pages with resumes
  • Checks that positions have sections and organizations before saving
  • Better caching support
  • Better organization of Javascript and stylesheet files
  • Added API Hooks and Filters to customize the plugin's behavior
  • Added resume icon to admin menu
  • Cleaned up administrative interfaces
  • Fixed bug where second tinyMCE editor would appear on options screen in certain cases
  • Fixed bug where contact fields could not be removed once added


  • Fixes bug where options would not save and positions/summary would not display if user_nicename differed from user_login -- Special thanks to Paul Maisonneuve
  • Options page is now accessible to non-administrators and performs proper capability checks (based off edit_posts, edit_others_posts, and manage_options)


  • Fixed bug where summary would not display on resume in certain circumstances


  • Complete code overhaul; rewritten from the ground up with performance and stability improvements
  • Fix bug where some users were not able to edit settings on the options page
  • Fix but where in some cases page with shortcode would appear blank
  • Added Spanish and Portuguese internationalization support (special thanks to Rodolfo Buaiz for the translation help )


  • Fixed handling of custom stylesheets and template files with child themes in versions greater than 3.1


  • Removed improperly used HTML5 details tag which forced position details into toggle in some browsers
  • Fix bug with summary display on resume


  • Fixed error message on options page for single user blogs


  • HTML fixes on options page
  • Fixed issue with options not appearing after save in some cases


  • Fixed E_NOTICE level warning on options page


  • Bugfix on options page
  • Bugfix on upgrade procedure
  • Permalink bugfix
  • Added Plugin API Hooks for customization


  • Added ability to publish multiple resumes on the same site
  • Added conditional HTML5shiv to force IE to support HTML5 Semantic tags and added toggle to options page
  • Added option for individual position pages and organization/section indexes (URL rewriting)
  • Added internationalization and WPML support (.POT file now in /18n/ folder)
  • Moved resume options to usermeta table to improve scalability
  • Fixed E_NOTICE level warning for undefined index in the "Resume Order" section when no organization exists
  • Fixed IE bug on section ordering due to trailing comma in list
  • Fixed display of headers for empty sections
  • Improved upgrade procedure
  • Fixed feed formatting


  • Added display:block to header and section to fix display issues in FireFox


  • HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • hResume compatible (XHTML)
  • JSON feed
  • Plain text feed (for copying into applications)
  • Summary field
  • Revised contact info handling
  • Customizable, theme-specific templates and CSS
  • Bug, stability, and performances fixes


  • Removed stray hook which reset resume title to site title


  • Fixed minor bug where activated would display a notice level warning if wp_debug was on
  • Moved db_upgrade procedure to admin_init hook
  • Made sure db_upgrade does not overwrite existing settings
  • Gave the section ordering backend a much needed coat of paint (h/t Andrew Norcross)
  • Fixed the contact info kses filter to allow tags normally allowed in posts (was comment filter)


  • Drag-and-drop ordering of resume elements (sections, organizations, and positions)
  • Now sorts based on WordPress's built-in menu_order field rather than a custom meta value (smaller database footprint)
  • Help text added to add/edit position page to aide in new ordering functionality
  • Updates old versions of plugin data on activation/upgrade


  • Minor fix to the included stylesheet to reset #header and #header h2 backgrounds to none in case they conflict with the theme's defaults.


  • For greater flexibility and theme integration, switched from URL Rewrite rules via a "slug" option to [wp_resume] shortcode
  • Added walkthrough to options page
  • Check for <1.3 slug on activation and add shortcode to associated page if exists
  • Fixed edit link CSS
  • Fixed problem where template would prematurely close the resume div prior to last section
  • Resume template now uses a sub-loop so as not to interfere with the page itself
  • Lost the beta tag


  • Adding WYSIWG editor for contact information
  • Followed standard "loop" format for template
  • Position title and content now call WordPress filters and action hooks
  • Changed function names to avoid potential conflict with another plugin
  • Fixed fatal error when no content existed
  • HTML is now filtered (contact info & title)
  • Edit buttons on resume for logged in users
  • Fixed bug where CSS did not load properly in certain situations
  • Default sections / options are added on activation
  • Added help text to add term pages, revised some of the field labels for better clarity
  • Removed unused fields from add section page
  • AJAX adding of custom terms on add position page
  • Added procedure to update database to new field prefix on activation


  • Fixed problem with resume expecting content and erring out when none existed


  • Initial Alpha Release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


2.3 out of 5 stars


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