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RESTful Single Sign-On Plugin

RESTful Single Signon Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you authenticate WordPress users with a RESTful identity provider.

How can I use this plugin to integrate with a Rails application?

Using Devise

Devise no longer responds to JSON out of the box, and for good reason: responding with the resource typically returns way too much information.

So if you enable JSON responses, make sure that your resource exposes only the properties it should (more info below).

Enabling Devise JSON responses

in config/application.rb add the following:

config.to_prepare do
  DeviseController.respond_to :html, :json
Controlling Data in the JSON Response

If your Devise resource is the User model, add something like the following method to app/models/user.rb:

def as_json options={}
        email: self.email,
        first_name: self.first_name,
        last_name: self.last_name,

This returns only the email, first name, and last name User properties.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.8
Last Updated: 2014-3-24
Active Installs: 30+


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