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Real Estate Listings Plugin for Professionals


Real Estate Plugin

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

If you are Real Estate Brokerage firm, working in residential and/or commercial, a single Agent or a professional Website Development team looking to build high-end real estate listings website(s), then the Masterdigm plugin “solution” is your brilliant choice! Not simply a plugin.. but a full solution!

Why Masterdigm Real Estate Listing Plugin and the Flagship CRM, Masterdigm?

Masterdigm Real Estate Listings plugin is truly a “full real estate solution” allowing for ease of access to manage a myriad of very important job descriptions within a real estate company/organization. From Lead Sharing amongst the RE team, Reports, Email Marketing/Blast, Property Management, lead incubation and the conversion process, it does all these important business functions and more!

And New Features come out weekly! (see our upcoming features list). Have a custom solution in mind? Let’s talk!

Watch our video on Why Masterdigm!

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The Masterdigm Real Estate Listings Plugin is a mobile friendly WordPress real estate plugin with a seamless integration to Masterdigm CRM, a highly powered customer relationship manager (CRM). This makes the website development process much simpler and a more elegant process because many actions are done, like property data entry, lead flow, managed within the CRM instead of behind the WordPress CMS!
Benefits with Masterdigm Real Estate Plugin:

  • Easy automated setup. We added demo property listing data. You can see within minutes if you like the plugin.
  • Facebook and Google + login in: Clients can log into the website with via social accounts!
  • Force sign up after 1,2,3,4,5 property searches. Can be turned Off as well. Great for Lead Gen.
  • Lead Management and Conversion process: The ability to manage the lead in the CRM once the visitor signs up through the site: No WP plugin can do this like Masterdigm.
  • Email Property Alerts and Email Blasting: (up to 10,000 emails/month Free) (Integrated with Mailgun and Mailchimp): See open rates, unsubscribes and more.
  • Lead Sharing within the real estate office: The team can share leads throughout the organization. All leads are kept private per each agent. Broker can manage the whole office.
  • Manage company documents, i.e., marketing materials, orientation training materials, property documents and more.
  • SEO friendly URL’s, mobile friendly design layout.
  • Manage your own site on your own servers: We can always host the site for you as well. Stand alone platform. Can work with any wordpress theme.
  • Website Features like: Maps, Walkscore, Video integration ability, Infinite scroll and with pagination: Great for user experience and SEO
  • Customizable Subscription email: When a client signs up, you can now have a custom email with sign up links, passwords and more!

To install this real estate plugin, view the Installation tab. There are videos that will get you up and running in under 10 minutes!

Want to discuss anything else? We offer a free 30 minute Gotomeeting screen-share where we go into answering questions you may have.
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More Options and Features

  • RETS integration ability (Contact Us for Availability)
  • CRM Integration ability with Property Data feed.
  • Property Email Alerts Lead Management Automated Marketing emails (responsive)
  • Short Codes (see below)
  • Previous | Next for easy of use on website.
  • Hierarchal property structure, i.e., Country, County, City, Community allowing for highest level SEO crawl.
  • Featured Listings Clean URL structure (No HTML iframes!)
  • Print PDF

Featured Notice

  • Currently there are reserve page names. They are as follows:
  • Property – display the single or full details of property.
  • Search Properties – Display the result of the searched properties
  • City – Display list of properties base in City
  • State – Display list of properties base in State
  • Community – Display list of properties base in Community
  • County – Display list of properties base in County


Sample Sites:


The plugin is highly customizable. We created a default property template and can be customized within the theme.
Masterdigm Real Estate plugin is highly customizable design and there is a default template of the Properties page that can be customized inside the theme.

Watch these videos

Language Supported

  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Colombian)
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Romanian
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Russian (coming soon)
  • Chinese (coming soon)


  • Please watch the “Watch this video first!”
  • Getting Started
  • Webinars
  • Support
  • Connect with us
  • Settings – Popup
  • Settings – Mail
  • Settings – Client Lead
  • Account Settings
  • Search form / settings
  • Search settings – price range
  • Theme / Appereance settings
  • Theme / Appereance settings – Color
  • Theme / Appereance settings – Layout
  • Theme / Appereance settings – Map
  • API account – Flexmls
  • API account – great school
  • Property Alert
  • Shortcode button
  • Shortcode button – dropdown
  • Shortcode button – crm dropdown
  • Shortcode button – popup
  • Shortcode button – popup
  • Shortcode button – utility


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Note: During the sign-up process, the Masterdigm system will “automatically” send you an email with the API key. (please check your email’s inbox, spam, promotional tab etc.) If you do not receive it, then contact us immediately to retrieve the API key.

Steps of the Process:

  1. Install Masterdigm WordPress Plugin and activate
  2. Click on “Plugin Dashboard Page”
  3. Subscribe by adding the correct email, etc. for email verification purposes. This will kick off several automated processes to make your set up a simple process. Click on Subscribe button.
  4. Please check for an email from “Masterdigm”. It will have your Confirmation code which needs to added.
  5. Add the Activation Code and then press the “Activate Code” button.

Congratulations : Masterdigm Real Estate plugin is now Installed! You can click on, “Click to see properties” link.

Check your email (2nd email) since you Activated the plugin.. It will contain your username and password to Masterdigm!

Click on the link and log in with your credentials.

Once you enter in, please review the terms of use. Once you enter you will have a full working version of the CRM!

After you sign in, you will come to a Video Introduction page and once closed, a CRM Wizard will walk you through the process.

Should you want a step-by-step process, please click on our Evernote link:


Who is Masterdigm?

Masterdigm is a Real Estate CRM company and WordPress Real Estate Plugin Company. This CRM/CMS combo allows us to create a high level user and broker/agent experience.

Why did we create this plugin?

Masterdigm team of Project Manager and Developers decided to build this WP plugin because of the lack of a true CRM + WP Real Estate Plugin combo. It’s one thing managing properties in the WP backend and it’s another in a CRM that allows property alerts, email marketing and more.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, we work diligently to ensure we work with themes. Should something not work, please contact us at

Is the plugin responsive?

Yes, our real estate property plugin is responsive offering favorites, x-out, share, property pdf’s and more.

Will the plugin work after I download it and install it?

Yes, here are 3 sites we would like to share for your viewing pleasure:
Once you download it, you will need an API key. Sign up at

Do the property URL’s search engine friendly?

Absolutely! We follow on-page SEO guidelines like proper URL structure, Title, Meta description, H1 tag usage and more.

Can leads captured from the website automatically enter into CRM’s?

Glad you asked! This WordPress plugin automatically connects to Masterdigm CRM which allows you to manage properties, leads, emails, documents and more.

Can the CRM allow to send our Property Alerts?

Yes, as mentioned above, by the use of the CRM, you can set up “saved profiles” and should a property meet that profile, the system will automatically send out an email with the property link.

Can everyone on my team manage the properties?

Yes, but whomever added the property will be the one to change prices, images, descriptions, etc. Manager level, however, has full access to make changes.

Are there any Hidden Fees?

No hidden fees, but a fee for the CRM. Now if you need RETS or some data feed, there may be a fee for coding. We do offer a FREE CRM offer.

What areas does this plugin work?

We work with Should you not see your country, let us know, and we will gladly add your country, county, area, city, community data.

Do I need an API key?

Yes. Sign up here for a 14 day trial and free 24/7 support!

Can the plugin work on a wp multsite platform?

Absolutely, but you will need an individual api key per site.

How can I ask for more features and updates?

Simply contact us at but also you can contact us within the CRM.

Need more details?

check this link


September 3, 2016
It’s a great idea, but when things go wrong, support never answers their phone or calls back. I was able to chat once online with support and the agent said the developer would get back to me which he never did. I think they rely on there own plugins automated marketing campaigns to do the work and if that’s a testament to the plugins effectiveness, I wasn’t impressed.
September 3, 2016
I have been trying to get more information on features and how to make this display information properly on WP. Over two weeks have past and support has not replied back, I was also in contact via Skype. Neither form of communication work. It’s a nice idea of a company and plugin but pointless because you can not get a hold of anyone.
September 3, 2016 2 replies
This is the best realestate CRM I’ve used so far. As for the support team, I dont think i can find words to describe how helpful they were. They will go out of their way to even fix your website and resolve issues for you. Thank you so much William and Masterdigm team, you guys are the best.
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Contributors & Developers

“Real Estate Listings Plugin for Professionals” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: conflict in server
  • Maintenance: update core code


  • Fix: do not show fields that are unviewable in the CRM property status


  • Fix: permalinks issue on plugins
  • Fix: minor bugs


  • Add: Change verbage for CRM Search form transaction dropdown
  • Add: Hide or show CRM Search form transaction type dropdown


  • Update: Search form transaction type, add “To Let”
  • Fix: Issue with meta open graph in facebook vs yoast
  • Fix: Auto submit form when choose location
  • Update: Values that are zero in search list and property details, removed
  • Update: Property type in the property details
  • Fix: Google map link, to convert coordinate to address format, in the property details below the content
  • Fix: When no properties searched, show the search form


  • Update: Listing and favorites layout


  • Update: Property status, transaction, type and number of photos display in the list
  • Update: Property Details added types
  • Update: Default search type
  • Fix: Email to friend


  • Update: Added Price Unit from CRM
  • Update: Change the listing property status coming from CRM
  • Update: Added google map link


  • Update: Fix problem on API


  • Update: Theme color listing added status color change
  • Update: CSS for listing
  • Fix: Page title and Enfold theme support


  • Fix: A hook that is using body_class


  • Improve: CSS layout in property details, search result and shortcode featured listings for crm


  • Improve: Layout in property details, color and theme css
  • Improve: Listing layout design
  • Added: 6 widgets in the property details
  • Update: Color style colors


Fix: URL images in pdf

4.2.22 =
* Fix: CRM search by state
* Fix: PDF images url


  • Fix: Map view issue on IE11
  • Added: US – State search properties


  • Fix: every feed lot and area data
  • Update: Search form to hide bath and bed if hidden
  • Fix: pagination issue on shortcode using limit


  • Fix: Bug in Title when using theme header and footer
  • Update: Search result title when using theme header and footer


  • Fix: Title when using theme header and footer


  • Fix: On hiding bed, bath and garage
  • Fix: Infinite scroll on using theme header and footer
  • Update: Phone is required on signup form


  • Fix : Inquire Mail send


  • FIX : Auto suggest location


  • Added: Google Map key
  • Fix: Download PDF description, added simple html tags (p,br,i,b)


  • Added: French (France) Language pack
  • Fix: Print PDF garbage characters


  • Update: Popup modal verbage to change
  • Added: hook on popup modal
  • Improve: autocomplete location


  • Update: Improve search for location in auto suggest
  • Update: Agent in property details add linkedin and youtube social link


  • Fix: hide similar homes header if no similar homes data
  • Fix: hide connect us header in the agent box, if no social media associated
  • Update: Color theme layout, add background for property details and similar homes
  • Update: similar homes css


  • Update: Maintenance and CSS on property details


  • Fix: CRM url address and tagline use
  • Fix: Custom css when using theme header and footer
  • Fix: some map not showing on property details
  • Add: Photo category features


  • Fix: bug in dashboard admin
  • Update: address title add zip


  • Fix: some Property details found bug
  • Fix: tag line and address to show up


  • Fix: header data


  • Added: Ability to use current theme header and footer on search property (list view) and property details
  • Added: Text tab on theme settings, use to change text verbage
  • Update: CSS
  • Fix: Issue on permalinks when the plugin is updated
  • Fix: Issue on print pdf link

4.0.4 May 19, 2016

  • Update property details, agent information

4.0.3 May 17, 2016

  • Fix Property images
  • Fix search form for CRM
  • Fix default map location if there is no search location

4.0.2 May 16, 2016

  • Fix bug in featured properties for CRM account
  • Fix bug in search form version 4, in property type

4.0.1 May 13, 2016

  • Update featured CRM properties shortcode, columns and limit

3.34.57 March 18, 2016

  • Update: Add hook for year built and garage, able to show or hide garage and year built

3.34.56 March 12, 2016

  • Update: Add hook for property code

3.34.55 March 10, 2016

  • Maintenance: Fix deactivate method to remove and delete pages in trash

3.34.54 March 09, 2016

  • Fix: MLS shortcode property type array

3.34.53 March 08, 2016

  • Added: MLS Property type search

3.34.52 Febuary 25, 2016

  • Fix: Greatschool api loop

3.34.51 Febuary 25, 2016

  • Added: filter single_display_area to show or hide area in the single property page
  • add_action(‘single_display_area’,’__return_false’); to hide, default is shown
  • filter single_display_year_built to show or hide area in the single property page
  • add_action(‘single_display_year_built’,’__return_false’); to hide, default is shown
  • Added: label real-estate-agent to replace the verbage in the single property details on the right side of agent layout

3.34.50 Febuary 02, 2016

  • Added: Turkish language

3.34.49 Febuary 02, 2016

  • Added: Thai language

3.34.48 January 26, 2016

  • Update: Search form v4 with maximum price and minimum price
  • Update: Language
  • Add: Gernam Language

3.34.47 January 22, 2016

  • Maintenance: Fix Subscribe using HTTP API having timeout request

3.34.46 January 22, 2016

  • Added: Marketing Campaign API from CRM, when lead is added using this plugin, the lead will add to a marketing campaign
  • Added: Download PDF Flyer API from CRM, add pdf from CRM and can be downloaded using print pdf button as alternative to default print pdf

3.34.45 January 19, 2016

  • Added: Lead source, can be set in the admin settings


  • January 15, 2015
  • Fix: Error on the Infinity search
  • Fix: MFR fix status whether active or deleted
  • Update: Search form version 4
  • Added: Settings to turn on and off search for sale / for rent button
  • Update: Inquiry Form placeholder
  • Update: Language

3.34.43 January 13, 2016

  • Added: hook
  • show_walkscore, used to hide walkscore, the function callback is either true or false
  • show_community_details_crm, used to hide community label in property details page, the function callback is either true or false
  • show_floor_area_details_crm, used to hide floor area label in property details page, the function callback is either true or false
  • show_mls_inquiry_form_crm, used to hide MLS# in the inquiry form of property details page, the function callback is either true or false

3.34.42 January 11, 2016

  • Added : Portuguese (Portugal) Language

3.34.41 January 05, 2016

  • Maintenance: Change the structure of the property details url
  • Update: Search form version 4, search by default to keyword