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WP Quadratum

Display your last Swarm checkin as a map widget in the sidebar or embedded in a post or page, fully authenticated via OAuth 2.0.

The current version is (2015.02.05)

  • Released 2015.02.05
  • Fixed: Updated venue category icon handling to correctly display venue icons
  • Changed: Refer to checkins as Swarm checkins and not Foursquare checkins
  • Removed: Locally cached category icons

  • Released: 2014.07.09
  • Fixed: Updated category icon handling in line with Foursquare API changes
  • Added: Local black and white cached category icons

  • Released: 2014.07.07
  • Fixed: Updated Foursquare DATEVERIFIED version parameter to prevent API calls verified prior to 20120609 being rejected.

  • Released: 2013.11.28
  • Fixed: Bug in checking for when the [wp_quadratum_map] and [wpq_map] shortcodes are enabled.
  • Updated: Factual PHP driver to latest version.


  • Released: 2013.10.23
  • Added: Caching of last good response from the Foursquare API, allowing the plugin to operate if the API is temporarily down.
  • Added: New locality shortcodes, [wp_quadratum_locality] (and [wpq_locality] as an alias) to allow the last checkin's venue name, address, region, postal code, coordinates, timezone and/or timezone offset to be embedded in posts or pages.
  • Added: New checkin map shortcodes, [wp_quadratum_map] and [wpq_map] as aliases for the plugin's [wp_quadratum] shortcode.
  • Added: Ability for the plugin's shortcodes to be made configurable, on and off.
  • Added: Ability to backfill the response of the Foursquare API, via Factual's reverse geocoder, to cope with cases when a Foursquare venue doesn't have a complete set of metadata attributes to be used in conjunction with the locality shortcodes.
  • Added: New filter, wp_quadratum_locality, to filter and amend the output of the [wp_quadratum_locality] shortcode.
  • Fixed: Detect and trap an invalid or empty response from the Foursquare API, preventing numerous PHP warnings from polluting a post or page.
  • Other: Fully compatible with WordPress v3.7 "Basie".


  • Released: 2013.08.22
  • Added: Support for HERE, Leaflet, MapQuest Open and Bing maps.
  • Added: All maps API JS now loads in the page footer to speed up overall page loading times.
  • Added: Support for a new filter, wp_quadratum_checkin giving full access to all the Foursquare checkin metadata that the Foursquare API returns.
  • Added: Support for specifying the height and width of the map as a percentage as well as in px.
  • Fixed: Update the admin 'Foursquare' tab to use the new app registration URL. Adjust the help text to reflect the new app registration layout on foursquare.com/developers/register.
  • Fixed: Updated Mapstraction support to pull JS code from mapstraction.com rather than github.com/mapstraction/mxn to work around new GitHub content serving policies.
  • Removed: Support for filtering out private checkins; the Foursquare API no longer supports this.
  • Removed: Support for the CloudMade maps API; this has now been superseded by Leaflet maps.
  • Removed: Support for the Nokia maps API; this has now been superseded by HERE maps.
  • Removed: Support for authenticating Nokia maps via WP Nokia Auth; Nokia maps are now superseded by HERE maps.
  • Removed: Support for the Widget ID field from the plugin's widget; the plugin now uses the WordPress assigned widget instance.
  • Other: Transitioned to WP_Mapstraction from WP_MXNHelper.


  • Released: 2012.11.06
  • Added: Support for the wp_quadratum_strapline filter.
  • Added: Enqueue non-minified versions of the plugin's CSS and JS files if WP_DEBUG or WPQUADRATUM_DEBUG are defined.
  • Other: Updated to latest versions of WP_PluginBase and WP_MXNHelper.
  • Other: Moved all submodule classes/libraries from the plugin's root directory to /includes.


  • Released: 2012.07.01
  • Added: Support for Nokia, CloudMade, Google and OpenLayers maps via Mapstraction
  • Added: Split plugin settings and options into Foursquare, Maps, Defaults and Colophon tabs
  • Added: [wp_quadratum] shortcode to allow a checkin map to be embedded in posts and pages.
  • Fixed: Support for Internet Explorer compatibility for Nokia Maps.


Summary: Minor fixes to widget HTML structure Fixed: Non W3C/HTML4 compliant widget code which caused the map not to be displayed when viewed with Internet Explorer


Summary: Minor fixes to PHP base class. Fixed: An issue with an old version of WP_PluginBase, the PHP class which WP Quadratum extends.


  • First version of WP Quadratum released

Requires: 3.9.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.0
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


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