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WP Print Friendly

Extends WordPress' template system to support printer-friendly templates. Works with permalink structures to support nice URLs.



  • Revert security hotfixes made in 0.5.3 and address the vulnerabilities in the WordPress way.
  • If current user can't read a private post, don't display the print template, allowing the standard theme to handle requests.
  • If a post is password protected and the viewer hasn't provided the right password, display the password form and prevent plugin from exposing any information about the post that WordPress doesn't already.
  • When WordPress determines a request is a 404, don't activate the plugin's templating functionality.
  • Convert the plugin to a singleton.
  • Audit entire plugin for translation readyness.
  • Correct phpdoc.


  • Creates is_protected() method to determine if the print page should be visible to the current user
  • Correct security vulnerability allowing both private and password protected posts from being accessed through the print page
  • Remove print_url links from the content when the current user does not have the necessary capabilities to view the print page



  • Correct construction of query needed in situations where verbose page rules are required.


  • Add additional rewrite rules for situations where verbose page rules are required.
  • Disable canonical redirect when print template is requested.
  • Update is_print() method to use WordPress API.
  • Correct translation string implementation.
  • Update code to better conform to WordPress Coding Standards.

  • Remove unnecessary query_var filter.


  • Correct error that would display wrong page's content when printing a single page of a paged post.
  • Correct error in link generation for page-specific print links.
  • Increase compatibility with View All Post's Pages plugin.

  • Resolve PHP notice in options retrieval.
  • Add compatibility with View All Post's Pages plugin (release forthcoming).

  • Fix bug in options retrieval that caused print links to be added to default post types if no post types were selected.
  • Resolve PHP notice when using default permalinks.


  • Fix bug in page number function.
  • Rewrite endnote link processing, including a refined regex pattern.
  • Introduce class property for print slug.
  • Correct minor bug in print link generation.
  • Add canonical link attribute and nofollow declaration to default template.

  • Correct generation of custom post type rewrite rules.

  • Version 0.4.2 omitted the default template.


  • Correct page rewrite rules to accomodate situations necessitating verbose rules, such as when the permalink structure starts with %postname%. Thanks to Wes Herzik at ikonic for discovering and reporting this issue.


  • Fix bug that displayed post links automatically on the wrong post types.


  • Child pages now fully supported.
  • Generates and registers rewrite rules more efficiently.
  • Rewrite setting for all post types and taxonomies are now considered when adding print support.
  • Add option to disable endnotes representing links found in content.
  • Move copyright and other static elements from content filters to default template.
  • Add function to display page numbers when printing single page of post.
  • Options page is now fully translation-ready.
  • Notices are translation-ready.
  • Correct various other bugs, including many related to non-standard permalink structures, custom post types, and custom taxonomies.


  • Add option to open print-friendly views in a new window.


  • Correct PHP error in is_print().


  • Initial version.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


2 out of 5 stars


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