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Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress site's content.

Version 1.84.1

  • NEW: New wp_postratings_google_structured_data filter to filter Google Structured Data.
  • FIXED: unnamed-file.numbers due to sanitize_file_name().
  • FIXED: Generate the full path to image to prevent Googlebot from 404.

Version 1.84

  • NEW: Added '%POST_THUMBNAIL%' Template variable.
  • NEW: Added 'wp_postratings_cookie_expiration' filter. Props @ramiy.
  • NEW: Added 'wp_postratings_ratings_image_alt' filter
  • NEW: Added more meta itemprops to pass Structured Data Testing Tool test
  • NEW: Remove po/mo files from the plugin. Props @ramiy.
  • NEW: Use translate.wordpress.org to translate the plugin. Props @ramiy.
  • NEW: Add phpDocs and update file headers. Props @ramiy.
  • NEW: Adds the ability to restrict voting rights to members of the blog. Props @stephenharris.
  • FIXED: Use the new admin headings hierarchy with H1, H2, H3 tags. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move *.js files to /js/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move *.css files to /css/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move the scripts to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move the widget to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move the shortcode to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move activation hooks to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move admin functions and hooks to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Move the i18n load to a separate file in /includes/ sub-folder. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Replace die() with wp_die() and add i18n to the strings. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Update translation strings to avoid using 'post' as the post type. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Minor translation string fix. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Update rating widget. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Security hardening. Props @stephenharris.

Version 1.83.2

  • FIXED: Unauthenticated blind SQL injection in ratings_most_orderby(). Props @Ben Bidner from Automattic.

Version 1.83.1

  • FIXED: Remove No Results template from the_ratings_results()

Version 1.83

  • NEW: Added 'wp_postratings_display_comment_author_ratings' filter. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Removing Loading ... because SERP will index the text if the ratings is at the top of the article
  • FIXED: Move 'wp_postratings_image_extension' filter to init()
  • FIXED: Show headline, datePublished and image despite there is no ratings
  • FIXED: Show post without ratings as well when sorting is done in URL. Props @talljosh.

Version 1.82

  • NEW: Added 'wp_postratings_image_extension' filter. Props @ramiy.
  • FIXED: Added headline, datePublished, image to Article Schema type
  • FIXED: Deprecated PHP4 constructor in WordPress 4.3
  • FIXED: Remove schema code when Rich Snippets is off

Version 1.81

  • NEW: Added worstRating of 1. Props @rafaellop
  • NEW: Checked for defined() for RATINGS_IMG_EXT to allow overwrite
  • FIXED: Integration with WP-Stats

Version 1.80

  • NEW: Suppor Custom Post Types in Widgets
  • NEW: Added 'wp_postratings_process_ratings_user', 'wp_postratings_process_ratings_userid' & 'wp_postratings_check_rated' filters
  • NEW: Supports WordPress Multisite Network Activate
  • NEW: Uses WordPress native uninstall.php

Version 1.79

  • NEW: Use POST for ratings instead
  • NEW: Add 'wp_postratings_schema_itemtype' filter so that you can change the Schema Type. See the FAQ for sample.
  • FIXED: Use 'is_rtl()' instead of $text_direction

Version 1.78

  • NEW: Uses Dash Icons
  • NEW: Option to turn off Google Rich Snippets
  • FIXED: Use SITECOOKIEPATH instead of COOKIEPATH. Props jbrule.
  • FIXED: If global $id is 0, use get_the_ID(). Props instruite.
  • FIXED: use esc_attr() and esc_js() to escape characters

Version 1.77

  • NEW: Add in %POST_ID% template variables
  • FIXED: Ensure Google Rich Snippet only displays in main loop and not in the widget
  • FIXED: Removed reviewCount from Google Rich Snippet
  • FIXED: Make the ratings widget more optimized
  • FIXED: Some widget templates are using postratings_template_mostrated instead of postratings_template_highestrated

Version 1.76

  • FIXED: No longer needing add_post_meta() if update_post_meta() fails
  • FIXED: Update 'Individual Rating Text/Value' Display no working due to missing nonce
  • FIXED: Added stripslashes() to remove slashes in the templates
  • FIXED: Check whether it is an array to prevent array_key_exists() from throwing a warning.

Version 1.75

  • Change htmlspecialchars to esc_attr(). Props Ryan Satterfield.
  • Change esc_attr() to wp_kses() For itemprop. Props oneTarek.

Version 1.74

  • check_rated_username() should be using $user_ID. Props Artem Gordinsky.

Version 1.73

Version 1.72 (11-07-2013)

  • Fixed not logging ratings
  • Fixed sorting of ratings logs

Version 1.71 (10-07-2013)

  • Fixed "unable to delete logs/data"

Version 1.70 (01-07-2013)

  • Add rate_post action for other plugins to use. Props paulgibbs.
  • Prevent direct access to PHP files to avoid PHP errors. Props paulgibbs.
  • Fixes for PHP Notices. Props paulgibbs.
  • Improvements. Props paulgibbs.
    • Better and safer handling of input variables
    • Removed some manual SQL in favour of WP's API.
    • Audited the rest of the SQL to make sure it was safe.
    • Removed unneeded switch() block, and decreased the line indentation for better readability :)
    • Use $wpdb->prepare() for SQL statements in wp-postratings.php
  • esc_attr(). Props felipedjinn.

Version 1.65 (19-04-2013)

  • Fixed "Creating default object from empty value"
  • Added Text Domain To Plugin
  • Added Tested To 3.5

Version 1.64 (17-12-2012)

  • Add "Ratings" Column To Manage Pages In WP-Admin
  • Add Sortable "Ratings" Column To Manage Posts/Pages In WP-Admin

Version 1.63 (21-05-2012)

  • NEW: Move AJAX Request to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
  • NEW: Added nonce To AJAX Calls And Admin Pages
  • NEW: Added Support For Google Rich Snippet

Version 1.62 (31-09-2011)

  • FIXED: Escaped Hostname
  • FIXED: Ensure Ratings Post ID In Shortcode Is An Integer

Version 1.61 (17-02-2011)

  • FIXED: XSS Vulnerability. Thanks Dion Hulse aka dd32
  • FIXED: Removed Global $post

Version 1.50 (15-06-2009)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.8 Only
  • NEW: Javascript Now Placed At The Footer
  • NEW: Uses jQuery Instead Of tw-sack
  • NEW: Minified Javascript Instead Of Packed Javascript
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-admin-js-packed.js To postratings-admin-js.js
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-admin-js.js To postratings-admin-js.dev.js
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-js-packed.js To postratings-js.js
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-js.js To postratings-js.dev.js
  • NEW: Translate Javascript Variables Using wp_localize_script()
  • NEW: Added In Most Rated & Highest Rated Pages To WP-Stats
  • NEW: Added get_highest_score(), get_highest_score_category(), get_highest_score_range(), get_highest_score_range_category()
  • NEW: Use _n() Instead Of __ngettext() And _n_noop() Instead Of __ngettext_noop()
  • NEW: Uses New Widget Class From WordPress
  • NEW: Merge Widget Code To wp-postratings.php And Remove wp-postratings-widget.php
  • NEW: get_highest_rated_tag() And get_lowest_rated_tag()
  • FIXED: Uses $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] With plugin_basename(FILE) Instead Of Just $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
  • FIXED: Ensure That Post Is Not A Revision
  • FIXED: Missing + Sign For Thumbs Up/Down Ratings If Score Is Positive
  • FIXED: Logged By Username Now Shows Ratings Results To Users Who Did Not Login
  • FIXED: Multiple Loops Filtered Not Cleared

Version 1.40 (12-12-2008)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.7 Only
  • NEW: Load Admin JS And CSS Only In WP-PostRatings Admin Pages
  • NEW: Added postratings-admin-css.css For WP-PostRatings Admin CSS Styles
  • NEW: Allow The Usage Of PNG Icons Or GIF Icons. See Usage Tab.*
  • NEW: Added get_lowest_rated_range() Function
  • NEW: Right To Left Language Support by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Added "postratings-css-rtl.css" by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Added 3 Functions For Creating HTML Code Of Rating Images by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Call postratings_textdomain() In create_ratinglogs_table() and process_ratings() by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Replaced Template Variable Calculations With expand_ratings_template() by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Added Filter expand_ratings_template For Localizing Digits by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • NEW: Uses wp_register_style(), wp_print_styles(), plugins_url() And site_url()
  • FIXED: SSL Support

Version 1.31 (16-07-2008)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.6
  • NEW: Renamed GET Variables sortby To r_sortby And orderby To r_orderby
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-admin-js.php To postratings-admin-js.js and Move The Dynamic Javascript Variables To The PHP Pages
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-js.php To postratings-js.js and Move The Dynamic Javascript Variables To The PHP Pages
  • NEW: Uses postratings-js-packed.js And postratings-admin-js-packed.js
  • NEW: When Displaying The Ratings Given By Comment Author, It Check Against Cookie As Well As IP
  • NEW: Better Translation Using __ngetext() by Anna Ozeritskaya
  • FIXED: MYSQL Charset Issue Should Be Solved
  • FIXED: Removed WP-Cache Compatibility As It Is Not Tested
  • FIXED: Able To Use r_sortby And r_orderby in query_posts()

Version 1.30 (01-06-2008)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.5 Only
  • NEW: Removed 'postratings-usage.php'
  • NEW: Uses ShortCode API
  • NEW: Splitted Templates From PostRating Options Into Its Own File, 'postratings-templates.php'
  • NEW: Able To Display The Ratings Given By Comment Author When Displaying Comments
  • NEW: WP-PostRatings Will Load 'postratings-css.css' Inside Your Theme Directory If It Exists. If Not, It Will Just Load The Default 'postratings-css.css' By WP-PostRatings
  • NEW: Use number_format_i18n() Instead Of number_format()
  • NEW: Added Get Most/Highest Rated Post Within A Given Time Range Function
  • NEW: Added Get Most/Highest Rated Post By Category ID Within A Given Time Range Function
  • NEW: Added get_lowest_rated() Function
  • NEW: Added get_lowest_rated_category() Function
  • NEW: Added get_most_rated_category() Function
  • NEW: Get Most Rated Is Now Under The Templates
  • NEW: Minimum Votes Options/Parameters Added To get_lowest_rated(), get_lowest_rated_category(), get_highest_rated(), get_highest_rated_category(), get_most_rated() and get_most_rated_category() Functions
  • NEW: Uses /wp-postratings/ Folder Instead Of /postratings/
  • NEW: Uses wp-postratings.php Instead Of postratings.php
  • NEW: Move WP-PostRatings Stats Out Of postratings.php Into postrating-stats.php
  • FIXED: Thumbs Up/Down Post Should Get Sorted By Score Instead Of Average
  • FIXED: Increased The Length Of The Input Box For Individual Rating Value
  • FIXED: Manage Ratings Does Not Display "Numbers" Style Rating
  • FIXED: %POST_EXCERPT% Variable Is Sometimes Empty

Version 1.20 (01-10-2007)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.3 Only
  • NEW: Ability To Embed [ratings=1] Into Post/Excerpt, Where 1 Is The ID Of The Post/Page Ratings You Want To Display
  • NEW: Ability To Embed [ratings_results=1] Into Post/Excerpt, Where 1 Is The ID Of The Post/Page Ratings Results You Want To Display
  • NEW: Ability To Support Mutiple Categories For get_highest_rated_category(). By: Dirceu P. Junior
  • NEW: Ability To Embed [ratings] Into Excerpt
  • NEW: Added Template For No Permission To Rate
  • NEW: Ability To Filter Logs By Post ID, User and Rating
  • NEW: Added heart, heart_crystal, plusminus, plusminus_crystal, stars_crystal, thumbs, tickcross, tickcross_crystal and updown_crystal Rating Styles
  • NEW: Supports Up/Down Or Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Rating
  • NEW: Supports Custom Image For Individual Rating Scale
  • NEW: WP-Cache Compatible By Nir Aides
  • NEW: Highest Rated Widge And Most Rated Widget Added
  • NEW: Ability To Uninstall WP-PostRatings
  • NEW: Uses WP-Stats Filter To Add Stats Into WP-Stats Page
  • FIXED: Some Translation Bug In postrating-usage.php

Version 1.11 (01-06-2007)

  • NEW: Ratings Custom Fields Will Automatically Be Created With The Creation Of Each New Post/Page
  • NEW: Added AJAX Style Option: "Show Loading Image With Text"
  • NEW: Added AJAX Style Option: "Show Fading In And Fading Out Of Ratings"
  • NEW: Removed Ratings From Feed If Ratings Is Embedded Into The Post Using [ratings]
  • FIXED: Wrong URL For Page Under Top Rated/Highest Posts Listing
  • FIXED: Next/Previous Paging Bug In WP-Admin -> Manage Ratings
  • FIXED: Sort Most Rated Posts By Number Of Voters Followed By Post Average Ratings

Version 1.10 (01-02-2007)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.1 Only
  • NEW: Renamed postratings-js.js To postratings-js.php To Enable PHP Parsing
  • NEW: Added Function To Get Highest Rated Post By Category ID

Version 1.05 (02-01-2007)

  • NEW: Added The Ability For Each Rating Star To Have Its Own Text
  • NEW: Highest Rated Post Is Now In The Templates For Easy Modification
  • NEW: Usage Instructions Is Also Included Within The Plugin Itself
  • NEW: Able To Delete Ratings Logs And Data By Post IDs
  • NEW: Able To Uninstall WP-PostRatings
  • NEW: Localization WP-PostRatings
  • FIXED: snippet_text() Function Missing
  • FIXED: AJAX Not Working On Servers Running On PHP CGI
  • FIXED: Highest Rated Post Is Now Based On The Ratings Followed By The Number Of Votes
  • FIXED: Added Some Default Styles To postratings-css.css To Ensure That WP-PostRatings Does Not Break

Version 1.04 (01-10-2006)

  • NEW: Ability To Logged By UserName
  • NEW: get_highest_rated_sidebar(); To Display The Highest Rated Post On The Sidebar
  • NEW: Added CSS Class 'post-ratings-image' To All IMG Tags
  • FIXED: If Site URL Doesn't Match WP Option's Site URL, WP-PostRatings Will Not Work

Version 1.03 (01-07-2006)

  • NEW: Total Rating Votes Stats And Total Rating Users Stats Function Added
  • FIXED: Ratings Not Working On Physical Pages That Is Integrated Into WordPress
  • FIXED: Modified Get Most/Highest Rated Post Function
  • FIXED: Search Bots Unable To Index Site

Version 1.02a (07-06-2006)

  • FIXED: AJAX Not Working In Opera Browser

Version 1.02 (01-06-2006)

  • NEW: Fading In/Put Effect After You Rate A Post
  • NEW: Rating Voting And Rating Results Are On The Same Image
  • NEW: Added Rating Option For Logging Method
  • NEW: Added Rating Option For Who Can Rate
  • NEW: Added Rating Results Image To Get Highest Rated Stats
  • NEW: Rating Administration Panel And The Code That WP-PostRatings Generated Is XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Version 1.01 (01-04-2006)

  • NEW: AJAX Voting
  • FIXED: Block Search Bots From Voting
  • FIXED: Hard Coded Table Name In Ratings Stats

Version 1.00 (01-03-2006)

  • NEW: Initial Release

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 90,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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