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WP Post to PDF Enhanced

WP Post to PDF Enhanced renders posts & pages as downloadable PDFs for archiving and/or printing.

I've been using the original WP Post to PDF plugin. How do I migrate my settings to WP Post to PDF Enhanced?

Presently, there is no automated way of migrating optioins from one plugin to the other.

If you have database access, before installing WP Post to PDF Enhanced, create a new row in the wp_options table. Assign a unique option_id value, set the option_name to wpptopdfenh, and copy the contents of the wpptopdf option_value field to the new wpptopdfenh option_value field. You may need to edit any path references referencing /wp-post-to-pdf to /wp-post-to-pdf-enhanced.

If you do not have database access, note all of the options you have set for WP Post to PDF before disabling/uninstalling it, so that you may re-enter them upon activating WP Post to PDF Enhanced.

Be sure to copy any custom images from the /wp-post-to-pdf paths to /wp-post-to-pdf-enhanced paths (e.g., wp-content/uploads/wp-post-to-pdf-logo.png -> wp-content/uploads/wp-post-to-pdf-enhanced-logo.png).

Finally, if you have used any manual placement tags for the PDF icon in your theme(s), you'll need to edit these manually (e.g., <?php if (function_exists("wpptopdf_display_icon")) echo wpptopdfenh_display_icon();?> needs to be edited to read <?php if (function_exists("wpptopdfenh_display_icon")) echo wpptopdfenh_display_icon();?>).

Okay, I've tried WP Post to PDF Enhanced, but now I want to go back to WP Post to PDF. How do I do that?

None of your previous option settings in your WordPress database have been altered or removed. If you have moved any files from the original locations (instead of copying them), you'll need to move them back, and as per the last item above, if you have used any manual placement tags in your theme(s), you'll need to revert those changes.

I use the XYZ plugin, and I see that my content is not rendering as expected in the PDF. What's wrong?

WP Post to PDF Enhanced is a wrapper for the TCPDF library, which does all the heavy lifting. TCPDF does an admirable job of converting HTML to PDF, but it is very particular about the quality of the HTML being handed to it. Likely, there is a missing HTML tag which may be acceptable to most browsers (i.e., does not generate an error, and renders fine on-screen), but which is not entirely according to spec. The first suggestion is to check your code in the raw HTML editor in WordPress (not the visual editor). Look for odd things such as paragraph tags in the middle of table cells (common issue), missing alignment tags, etc.

My PDF is truncated/broken/missing pieces! What did you do?!

See the previous entry. Missing graphics and such are common symptoms of non-standard HTML preceding the image, causing TCPDF to simply stop processing the input data.

When I try to download my PDF, I get a 0-length file. What could be causing this?

Other plugins can cause difficulty for WP Post to PDF Enhanced. This is particularly true for plugins which filter output to the browser. A known conflict is with NextGen Gallery. Try adding add_filter( 'run_ngg_resource_manager', '__return_false' ); to your theme's functions.php as a workaround. The same technique may be useful for other plugins (though some detective work will be necessary to determine which function needs to be filtered).

Non-English characters (Cyrillic, etc.) are shown as "?" in the PDF. What's wrong?

The default fonts used are Helvetica, which is a core (built into most PDF viewers) font, but not a Unicode font. This avoids downloading the entire font package. However, if you find that your text is not rendering, try a DejaVu font first, before reporting this as a bug. You may set this in the options panel.

Where do I go to report a problem?

You may either use the WordPress Plugin page for WP Post to PDF Enhanced, or the official support page on my blog: http://www.2rosenthals.net/wordpress/help/general-help/wp-post-to-pdf-enhanced/ .

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


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