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WP Pipes

RSS Feed to Post/bbPress, AutoBlogging, auto post to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, CSV importing for Posts/WooCommerce/bbPress, RSS Feed Creator.


  • Fix: solved bug lost input, output params of getFullText processor.
  • Fix: Check and use current using collation of database when installing new WP Pipes.
  • Change: add new layout for addons manager page.
  • Improve: Added [so] content which contains data of elements from RSS feeds with RSSReader Source.


  • Change: Parser Code function in Get Fulltext processor is disabled by default. To activate Parser Code function again you need install and acivate WP Pipes Addon HTML Parser Processor.
  • Fix: solved deprecated issue with iconv function in high version php.
  • Fix: solved bug when checking duplication with Post Destination.
  • Fix: solved the issue can not set feature image in Post Destination although the Get Image processor pulled images successfully into the server.
  • Fix: solved the issue which relates to slashes characters in Combine processor.
  • Improve: WPPipes can work interact with Amazon.


  • Fix: solved issue "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /wp-content/plugins/wp-pipes/grab.php on line 163" which appears with some version of PHP.


  • New: added filter options "minimum words" and "maximum words" in Get Fulltext processor
  • New: added more input field of Get Image processor, could get images from enclosures
  • Fix: get free position of menu only after Post menu
  • New: add 1 more method of using curl in both common file and psc file of Get Fulltext processor.
  • New: add 1 more option allow choosing use cache or not when running cronjob


  • New: checked free position of menu before activating
  • New: added 1 more case for Keyword Filter processor: the keywords are Latin
  • New: added option in Post Destination allow using custom fields or not
  • New: added sort by date with RSSReader source


  • Fix: Fixed some minor bugs in Get Fulltext, Get Image processor.
  • Fix: Removed some unnecessary Joomla code
  • Fix: Checked duplicate custom fields when creating the inputs of Post Destination.
  • New: Use other way in using curl_level3 instead of the old way.
  • New: Added 1 option allow choosing stop processing item without images or not


  • Fix: Fixed notice, minor bug.
  • Fix: Clear HTML comment.
  • Fix: Clear tag and parse code cho hr, link, br, img, meta, input.
  • Fix: Get image Processor.
  • New: Use other way in using curl instead of the old way.
  • New: Set input as the current time if leave blank in Change Time processor.


  • Fix: Repaired get full title with rssreader source.
  • Fix: Fixed bugs: pipes not run when turn off debug mode.
  • Fix: active and cron active in setting
  • New: Able to set separate schedule for each pipe.
  • New: Added quick_edit mode for pipes.
  • New: Check writable permission of "cache" folder and "upload" folder.
  • Improve: Possible to remove unnecessary templates.


  • Fix: Repaired write cache function in rssreader source.
  • Fix: Fixed errors when click Test this pipe button. It was caused by define.
  • Fix: Fixed bug when save image from redirect urls to server.
  • Fix: Not use cache in cronjob.
  • New: Able to set a Pipe as a Pipe template. Can be loaded later conveniently.
  • New: Added one requirement: turn on allow_url_fopen.
  • New: Auto fix html input data for Blogger Destination.
  • New: Saving the export pipe as a template; in edit view, could load that template.
  • Improve: Moved the templates folder to uploads > wppipes.
  • Improve: Rewrote ajax in post.js.
  • Improve: Added User Agent input for get fulltext processor.


  • New: Added line number to the Parser Code area in the Get Fulltext processor.
  • Improve: Pipes core tweaks to allow redirection to Pipes plugin after activating a Pipes add-ons plugin.


  • Fix: Fixed minor bugs.
  • Improve: Improved Pipes UI/UX.


  • New: Added drag & drop feature for fields matching area.
  • Improve: Improved fields matching UI/UX.
  • Improve: Improved Get Fulltext processor UX.
  • Improve: Improved Import feature UX.


  • Fix: Emergency fix for wrong condition to get addons (sources, engines and processors) for Pipes.


  • Improve: Moved extra addons to WordPress plugin structure, keepin the core addons at the current place.
  • New: Added Test button to HTML Parser feature inside Get Fulltext processor.
  • New: Added "Display the first output from Source to Source Output and Processors Output Fields".
  • Improve: Removed description from Processors drop down list.


  • Improve: Updated condition to check type of output data in default-item file.


  • Fix: Fixed missing slug processor.
  • Fix: Fixed missing combine processor.
  • Fix: Fixed minor issues with UI/UX.


  • Fix: Fixed error with Import feature.
  • Improve: Set "excerpt" as default view mode for the Pipes listing.


  • Improve: Improved slug processor.
  • Improve: Cleaned source code.
  • Improve: Added combine processor to combine fields together.
  • New: Added sample source output for rssreader source.
  • Msg: WordPress.com & Blogger destination addons will come up to public soon in the next release.


  • New: Added Import/Export feature in the "All Pipes" page.
  • New: Added Export feature in the "Add/Edit Pipe" page as a sub-menu of Save button.
  • New: Added Help box in the "All Pipes" page.
  • New: Added "Welcome" box in the "All Pipes" page as the Guideline for the first time usage.


  • Fix: Fixed error when choose only 1 category in Post destination.
  • Fix: Only display pipes with both source and destination selected.
  • Fix: Added missing jQuery in cronjob pages.


  • Improve: Improved PHP code to work with PHP 5.3. It used to requires PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • New: Allowed user to choose the number of pipes to be displayed on the Pipes Listing.
  • Fix: Fixed minor bugs on Pipe form.
  • Improve: Improved RSS Creator Destination addon.


  • Fix: Fixed RSS Destination to force create RSS in any file extension.


  • New: The first version

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


4 of 14 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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