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PhotoContest Plugin

This plugin automatically turns a WordPress-page into a photo contest.

1.5.6 - 16.03.2011

  • (added) Added a previous and next entry link when viewing a entry
  • (fixed) The pagination on the homepage / post links gave a 404-error.

1.5.5 - 11.03.2011

  • (added) The upload and intro text now can have the tags br, h1, h2 and h3 with classes
  • (changed) When viewing photodetails, by default the full emailaddress is replaced by the part before the @-sign.
  • (added) An administrator can change the status of the votes in the wp-admin panel.
  • (added) Option to return the contest in the polariod theme or in plain HTML.
  • (added) Integration of translation to Bulgarian
  • (added) Integration of translation to German
  • (added) Integration of translation to Russia
  • (added) Automatic removal of any ! in the contest name, so the frontend is logical
  • (fixed) The scrolling of the different pages (chrono, recent) are wrong.
  • (added) If the sending of a confirm vote-mail failed, the plugin tries to send it to the administrator
  • (fixed) In some configurations, different people reported that after the first upload everyone else saw the error "You already uploaded a ...."
  • (added) The variable voted is returned in view.php. So we can check if you already voted on that image
  • (added) You can now sort the pictures in any way within the widget

1.5.4 - 23.09.2010

  • (fixed) After returning to a photo on which you voted, you didn't see the picture only an error.
  • (added) Javascript alert when no div with class content_wppc exits

1.5.3 - 22.09.2010

  • (fixed) Check for the setting VISIBLE_VOTING was wrong. Reason why you alway had a confirm you vite by email
  • (added) Mail sent for confirm vote now uses the Site Title and E-mail address details from General Settings

1.5.2 - 13.09.2010

  • (fixed) Voting failed when chosing a dropdown as vote mechanism
  • (added) Setting REDIRECT_AFTER_VOTE. Setting this to true, a link back to the contest is provided after voting

1.5.1 - 05.09.2010

  • Support for WP3+
  • You can edit the intro and the upload text after creating the contest
  • Fix for "Photo uploading fails if user enters an email with one or more dots in the name (aka frank.from.the.city@bla.com) [Partial fix by -rilana-]
  • Added an setting VISIBLE_VOTING. It is now possible to moderate photo votes by sending out email to confirm emailaddress.
  • Fix for checking the file types (only png, jpg or gif are allowed)
  • Sending registering mail with the correct url to the contest
  • Small bugfixes.

1.5.0 - 05.09.2010

  • Skipped version

1.4.4 - 14.03.2010

  • Fix for "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page" error. (Open settingspage and click on the link)
  • Fix a can't vote twice error
  • Visible upload not working. Fix a saving to database error.
  • Added option to skip the captha
  • Fixed a saving setting bug after upgrading
  • Fixed a strange thing, that after activating the plugin php-errors are shown on your site
  • Fixed translation erro in the flash (x vote/votes)
  • Now you can use HTML again in the intro/upload text

1.4.3 - 06.03.2010

  • Skipped version - 12.01.2010

  • Fix for "There is no object with id upload_email" error.
  • Fix a array_reduce error
  • Integration of translation to Polish

1.4.2 - 11.01.2010

  • Fix for wordpress 2.7.1 and "There is no object with id upload_email" error

1.4.1 - 11.01.2010

  • Accedentaily release an unfinished version (really hate the fact you can't simulate a auto-upgrade).

1.4 - 11.01.2010

  • Fixed a translation error (with relative to skins)
  • Fix with creating thumbnails if gif-gd is not installed
  • Fix msgid "The vote must be a number between 1 and 10." This message appears even if rating is set to 1-5.
  • Provided a msgid msgid_plural for "%d votes".
  • Added a translation option for all "No %s provided" messages.
  • Added a translation option for 'Cancel Rating', jquery.rating.js line 322
  • Added an setting VISIBLE_UPLOAD. It is now possible to moderate photo submissions in the backend.
  • Added a 'already voted' check when viewing an image.
  • Added an setting ROLE_VOTING. It is now possible to assign a role for allowing voting.
  • Added an setting ROLE_UPLOAD. It is now possible to assign a role for allowing uploading.
  • Added an setting N_PHOTO_X_PAGE. Defines the number of picutes per page.
  • Exception thrown in IE 8 in swfobject.js [Fixed by -gnom-]
  • Add a widget for you sidebar [Created by -gnom-]
  • Fixed a problem with compatibility with wp-polls (Invalid Poll ID. Poll ID #0)
  • Add lightbox rel to the photo in the photo details
  • Fixed showing all the photos, instead of only 10 photos in admin panel 'View Photocontest'
  • Fixed showing some photos twice in the frontend

1.3.6 - 20.11.2009

  • Added functionality so after register you get redirected to contest page
  • Fix a problem with wordpress 2.7 (Call to undefined function wp_lostpassword_url())
  • Fix a problem with other conflicting plugins (calls to jQuery)
  • Fix a php-notice in viewimg.php
  • Fix a translation render error (charset changed to italian fix)

1.3.5 - 13.11.2009

  • From this version on, the auto-upgrading should work. If the restore fails, copy the upgrade/wp-photocontest_[date]/* to the plugins/wp-photocontest. Note: The following directories need write permission for the updater AND the user apache runs under:
    • /wp-content/upgrade
    • /wp-content/plugins
    • /wp-content/plugins/wp-photocontest
    • /wp-content/plugins/wp-photocontest/*

1.3.4 - 13.11.2009

  • Changed the way contests are restored.

1.3.3 - 11.11.2009

  • Fixed a bug where the settingspage didn't have any values prefilled.
  • Changed the way contest are deleted. Contest get deleted even when de checks fail. Warning are still printed.

1.3.2 - 11.11.2009

  • Fixed a upgrade problem

1.3.1- 11.11.2009

  • Added different options for registering the votes. Option list, star rating or hidden. [Requested by Ted]
  • Changed default permissions for directories to 0755 and files to 0644 [Requested by Ovidiu]
  • Added a parent page option, so contest can be grouped under one page [Requested by Ovidiu]
  • When voting for a photo, the logged in user details (email) is allready filled in [Requested by Ovidiu]
  • Added a settings page, where all the config will be editable (so when upgrading you keep your settings).
  • Added a page details section when creating a photocontest (with defaults from the settings page).
  • Added an extra content entry for the upload page (contest rules, disclaimers and/or what ever you do with the uploaded pictures).
  • Added a cropped version of the uploaded picture so the center is shown in the view pages.
  • Removed some unneccesery classes in view.php. Fixes a height problem with some themes.
  • All error messages can be translated using the pot files.
  • Relocated the screenshots for the readme file.

1.3- 01.11.2009

  • Accedentaily release an unfinished version. 29.10.2009

  • Fixed an other typo in the functions file (sorry)

1.2.3- 29.10.2009

  • Changed the view url (changed prid to post_id) in polariod.swf so it won't conflit with wp-polls
  • Fixed a typo in the functions file

1.2.2- 29.10.2009

  • Prefixed all the functions with wppc_ so there are no conflicts with other plugins [Thanks to Ken @ Prodesk for reporting]

1.2.1- 27.10.2009

  • Auto upgrade fix, and uninstall checks. While upgrading the plugin tries to keep the contest_folder.
  • In 1.2 the database changed, but when using auto-upgrade, this change didn't got executed. If you still have problems, run the follwing sql command: ALTER TABLE wp_photocontest_votes CHANGE voter_id voter_id VARCHAR( 36 ) NOT NULL

1.2 - 26.10.2009

  • Applied security checks to solve the SQL injection leaks and at least one XSS leak [Thanks to Rene Schmidt for reporting]
  • Uses a template file for the generation of the pages created by WP-PhotoContest.
  • Fixed captcha-bug introduced in version 1.1

1.1 - 19.10.2009

  • Applied security checks to solve the SQL injection leaks and at least one XSS leak [Thanks to Rene Schmidt for reporting]
  • Removed all functionality from login.php. Now uses the wp-login.php file for handling login/logut requests
  • Fixed a problem with users uploading photo's and had unsufficient rights to update the post. (Subscribers can't post -tags, which is used by the plugin)
  • Added a function that notifies (by sending a mail to the 'admin_email') if there is a new upload. (As alternative for the automatich post updating)

1.0.1 - 17.10.2009

  • Fixed a 'Fatal error' if PHP was compiled without mbstring

1.0 - 15.10.2009

  • initial release


Special chars problems: * When you create a contest with stressed characters in it's name than the plug-in fails to display thumbnails.

Login problems: * Why do you do check for the version in login.php. I use WP Security Scan and my wp version is changed to abc. Could you please remove it? * Login --> Register --> back to contest (already logged in)

Adding permalinks: * problems accessing contest I just created (permalinks)

Feature requests: * Move the CONTEST_HOLDER and skins-directory to the wp-content folder * Documentation in the sources * photocontest-add.php: 188 Add rollback of directory and page if db insert fails * How to completely remove all traces of this plugin (create a uninstall option) * Create non-flash support * Add email check before voting * Is it possible to not display the number of votes under the images? Vote total showed up when Hidden Voting was selected. * Also should the Admin receive an email when someone votes using Hidden Voting? * Create "Terug naar overzicht" link * Add Limited size for upload files

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0.5
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: 300+


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