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WP Overview (lite) MU Footer Memory Usage

Show Overview and memory usage on WordPress Dashboard, with less load consumption. Full compatible with WordPress 2.9.2 MU.


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    • There is some legal grey area regarding what is considered a derivative work, but we feel strongly that plugins and themes are derivative work and thus inherit the GPL license.

WP3 exceed 256 memory limit?

RESOLVED WP3 exceed 256 memory limit WordPress 3.0 Multi-site: 256 MB Memory Requirements? WordPress Multi-site unofficially needs 256 Megabyte of Memory, but only for admin backend panel, not for the user frontend! This is a very high value, and is not announced in the minimum WordPress requirements since the 2.7 version. See also: Technical WordPress Installation Checklist Because raising the memory limit over your servers allowance can crash your blog on some servers, or shared hosting, (Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted) it’s adviseable, previous to upgrade, increase your WordPress Memory Limit with third part plugins like Memory Bump, and check how much PHP or WP Memory your server allows with WP Overview or similar. If it’s below 256 Megabytes this could render your blog useless after upgrade, and it means you need to increase your WordPress Memory Limit. Related Ticket: Ticket #13847 For this bug #13847 WP Overview (lite) and WP Overview (lite) MU need another upgrade to work fine on WP 3.0 environment. The fix is already online on my reposytory lite and mu and it official released after WP 3.0.1 launch. I tested my plugin, on various scenario, and 48MB is a good chance for somes WP and MU~LTI-SITE installations to work fine.

Cannot Redeclare Class: wp_overview_lite

Fatal error on reload after upgrade with WPMU Sitewide Plugins Mode: cannot redeclare class wp_overview_lite in /home/your-installation-of-wp-/wp-content/plugins/wp-overview-lite/wp-overview-lite.php on line ... This issue is only for WPMU users: WP users are not affected! This error is not fatal for the plugin or WordPress: all it work correctly also after upgrading, but is needed re-activate WP Overview (lite) manually. No problem exist for WPMU users with the plugin on directory /mu-plugins/.

Network Activate Failed after Upgrading Plugin.

After upgrading the plugin, it is not plus Network re-Activate but local. Cause of this issue is one WP conflict with W3 Total Cache. All plugins have this issue not only WP Overview (lite). The solution is deactivate W3 Total Cache before any plugin update and reactivate W3 Total Cache it after updating is terminated.

Standard Release of WP Overview (lite)

The final release of this plugin is splitted on two separated versions to improved stability and security. Want you to standard version now? Download it from here!

Show Overview and memory usage on Dashboard, with less load consumption. Work under GPLv2 License.

Written for WPMU work with Shared and VPS Hosting. Support all WPMU version from 2.7.0 to 2.9.2 but if you are still using an older one, put latest release on WPMU 2.9.2 instead.

Nothing is written into your space disk or VPS
Nothing is written into your database!
Nothing is written into wp_option database table!
Nothing is added into database during activation!
Nothing is added into wp_option database table during activation!
No need to delete anything from your space disk or VPS when deactivate
No need to delete anything from the database when deactivate!
No need to delete anything from the wp_option when deactivate!
No need to delete anything from your space disk or VPS when removed!
No need to delete anything from the database when removed!
No need to delete anything from the wp_option when removed!
Not need other actions except installing or uninstall it!
Work with Shared and VPS Hosting
Zero Bug Certified Plugin

Todo List

Menus and Custom Menu Widget Identification ...


sLa NGjI's Team do not provide support on wordpress.org forum!

Dear user of plugins or themes:

sLa NGjI’s Team has started adventure on
wordpress.org forum since 2007: 7 years ago!

Everything was very different from today: the plugins and themes developed by us were much less, and also the users who used it.

The traffic generated by users of the wordpress.org forum has increased exponentially, and in the same way also the requests for assistance have increased exponentially.

In the near future this increase will be even more pronounced, as a result of the great success of WordPress.

By contrast, both the posts and threads definable "requests" and those definable "trash" are very difficult to finding and follow: the time necessary for this purpose, now, longer a nightmare that one added value service, real.

With the passage of time, the problems of this type of assistance have been deemed ineffective by more and more developers excellent, while the tools available for this workload considered insufficient or inadequate to many of them.

Many of these developers have already abandoned this platform of assistance by providing other methods of customer care.

Our team has tried to respond to all for seven long years, and maintained the support forums for plugins and themes developed always clean, neat, and clear.

Failing to provide a service that gives us satisfaction, through the instruments of wordpress.org forum, as of today August 15, 2014 we abandon the active support with this type of structure, started since August 7, 2007 to try to give one type of service more personalized, and targeted, to requests of users.

  1. For bug's please refer to sLa NGjI's GitHub bug's report support
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    • We are not interested in reviews on our plugins and themes.
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Generally we're not interested to be informed if you like our plugins and themes, or if you use them successfully through the instruments of the wordpress.org forums!

Remember to keep proper behavior on the wordpress.org forum, under the rules, respect all their moderators, and its users: this team do not supporting anymore wordpress.org forum, and the possibility that some of us then reply or write on wordpress.org forum, will be very low!

... to be continued ? ...

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-16
Active Installs: 2,000+


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