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The Wp My Admin Bar Plugin expands on the default WordPress Admin Bar, adding 3 new custom menus, the ability to show / hide every feature on the Admi



  • Moved the activation, deactivation, uninstall hooks to wp-my-admin-bar.php
  • Moved all option get/set methods to \WPMyAdminBar\Options
  • Adjusted Admin, Hooks, MyCache, MySites, & My Tools to new Options location & methods
  • Set a Network message in \WPMyAdminBar\Admin\Templates\content.php
  • Moved Site & Network notices and plugin links from AdminBar.php to Admin.php
  • Created new updateNewSite() method in \WPMyAdminBar\Admin\Templates\Admin
  • Modified method name get_option to getOption, adjusted in radios.php template
  • Improved the PSR1-4 Standards within everything


  • Added in PHP Version Compare
  • Modified compare statements


Alpha Release


  • Added delete_site_transient when new Websites are created via the Network Admin.
  • Readme file updated.


  • Modified prepare() statements.
  • Corrected missing menu ID's.
  • Modified add_options statements.
  • Removed Add Links Link under My Sites Menu.
  • Added View Comments Link under My Sites Menu.
  • Improved current_user_can for lower Admins.
  • PHP Debug and WP Debug checked.


  • Created new option wp_myadminbar_nw to allow site id 1 and network admin to use different settings.
  • Created new option wp_cache_nw to allow site id 1 and network admin to use different settings.
  • settings_sites.php template, corrected php debug index errors.
  • settings_network.php template, corrected php debug index errors.
  • settings_sites.class.php corrected php debug index errors.
  • settings_network.class.php adjusted $my_menus to use new wp_myadminbar_nw option.
  • settings_network.class.php adjusted $my_cache to use new wp_cache_nw option.
  • settings_network.class.php corrected php debug index errors.
  • my_tools.class.php adjusted to allow menu to display for non-super admins.
  • my_sites.class.php adjusted sitename in dropdown to use get_bloginfo('name').
  • my_sites.class.php adjusted to allow non-super admins to manage options.
  • my_cache.class.php adjusted sitename in dropdown to use get_bloginfo('name').
  • my_cache.class.php adjusted to allow non-super admins to manage options.
  • Added new calls for wp_myadminbar_nw and wp_myadminbar_nw_status in my_admin_bar.class.php.
  • Added new calls for wp_cache_nw and wp_cache_nw_status in my_admin_bar.class.php.
  • functions.class.php settingsPage class to allow non-super admins to manage settings page.
  • New functions_wp_myadminbar_nw and wp_myadminbar_nw_status added to function.class.php.
  • New functions_wp_cache_nw and wp_cache_nw_status added to function.class.php.
  • Adjusted uninstall.php and activate.php to contain new wp_myadminbar_nw and wp_cache_nw options.


  • Corrected menu link: My Sites > Visit This Site > View Posts - Now opens the proper edit.php page.
  • Corrected issue with admin bar menu options displaying to logged in users.
  • Removed ob_gzhandler


  • Files missing in repository.
  • Corrected deleted files.


  • Added wp_nonce_field and check_admin_referer to setting pages & templates.
  • Corrected Network Menu var that made the Network Dashboard link not appear.
  • Added is_admin and is_network_admin rather than parsing the urls.
  • Made sure setting pages & links only load within admins, for proper users.
  • Cleaned my_sites, cache & tools menus, made menu calls simpler.
  • Removed default Site Menu and replaced with Visit This Website in main My Sites menu.
  • Adjusted My Sites menu name on non-multisite Installs.
  • Cleaned gettext calls for various menu text options.
  • Added new SEO Tool
  • Sidebar: Added newly used functions and some new text.
  • Added tabs to Network Admin, creating a Custom Settings tab.
  • Made settings tab display for Network active, multisite per-site active and standalone wp installs.
  • Expanded settings_network.php & settings_sites.php to include new tab.
  • New custom settings: hide/show the WordPress Logo, Howdy, Handle, WP Icon in Menus and display Site ID's next to Sites.
  • Added new 'Visit this Website' menu with extended 'This Site' menu options.
    • Note: The Visit This Website menu does not display within the Network Admin or Standalone WP installs.
  • Created log-out links within: My Network Admin menu, the Visit this Website menu, and on Standalone WP installs.
  • Made several variable names and calls more descriptive, added more comments.
  • Modified my_admin_bar.classes.php to become my_admin_bar.class.php - adding a new class call the my_sites, cache and tools menu.
  • Corrected issue with uninstall and deactivation not working on multisite standalone site activations.
  • Better functionality for standalone wordpress installs.
  • Created new file: function.class.php which contains repeat used functions and standalone classes.
  • Adjusted repeat calls in the code to use the repeat functions in the new function.class.php file.
  • Created upgrade.php: Auto upgrades old option value names to the new names, only runs once.


  • Screenshot correction, again.
  • Added release tag to main file.


  • Added root Site Name display back to Admin Bar.
  • Generated POT file and set domain for gettext calls.
  • Added link to Plugin in settings_sidebar template.
  • Screenshot added, I think.


  • Testing how the svn works.
  • Corrected display of New Post Option under My Sites menu.
  • Corrected wp_blogs to use $wpdb->blogs
  • Updates to: Spelling, readme.txt layout, plugin url added.


  • Created: Feb 12, 2012

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.9
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Active Installs: 40+


1 out of 5 stars


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