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mb.miniAudioPlayer - an HTML5 audio player for your mp3 files

Transform your mp3 audio files into a nice, small light HTML5 player.


  • Bug fix: In map_download.php removed space from audio file path.


  • Add the text-domain declaration for the translate.wordpress.org.


  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing the correct behavior if used to replace the default WordPress media player.


  • Bug fix: Solved a bug introduced with the last 1.7.0 release that was preventing the TinyMCE editor to work properly.


  • New option: You can now choose if the speaker icon in the player should mute/unmute or just play the audio.


  • New option: If the "Replace the default WP media player" is checked you can now choose to show or hide the filename inside the player.


  • Feature: On mobile devices clicking on the mute button just play the audio (on mobile devices you can't mute other than from the hardware control).


  • Bug fix: if the file url contain parameters the download failed.
  • Bug fix: if used to replace the default WP player with a playlist the Author and the title where not updated.


  • Bug fix: if the component was replacing the default WordPress embed player the settings defined in the settings page were not applied.


  • Feature: Now you can specify if miniAudioPlayer should work also with the default WordPress short-code. If this option (Replace the default WordPress embed media player) is checked the player will work also when the audio file is inserted using the "embed media player" option in the "add media" window. It will work also for play-lists as the default WordPress media player does.


  • bugfix: The "Apply to any .mp3 file link" option were not correctly applied.


  • feature: Added a new option that let choose if apply the component to all the links to audio files or if activate the player manually from the page/post editor component window.


  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that affected the correct customization behavior in certain cases.
  • feature: The customization window now adapt its size to the window size.


  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that was preventing the download on IE.


  • Updated to jPlayer 2.9.2.
  • fixed a css bug.
  • fixed a bug on the TinyMCE customize window.
  • fixed a security issue within the map_download.php page; now you can't call that page other than from the download button.


  • Bug fix: Solved a Chrome issue where if many player where instanced in a single page it stops working after an arbitrary numbers of playing players.


  • MAJOR UPDATES: You can now generate a custom skin from the skinMaker tool, save it as CSS file and upload it from the settings window.
  • The from the skinMaker tool you can now manage also the size of the player.
  • added the uninstall.php to clean uo the database when the plug-in is removed.


  • MAJOR UPDATES: From this version the player is built only using DIV elements. The CSS has been changed and if you customized your skin you need to regenerate it!.
  • Feature: better responsiveness on devices.
  • Feature: Customizing the skin you can now increase the size of the player appearance.


  • Update: Updated the miniAudioPlayer-admin.php using the WordPress "Settings API".


  • New feature: Added support for Google Analytic Universal event tracking; before this update the "play" and the "map_download" events were tracked only if the standard version of GA was present on the page; now they work also if the latest Universal GA is installed.


  • Bug fix: if the "animate" option was set to false, the editor customizer window throw an error preventing the correct behavior.


  • New feature: the plug-in customizer editor will open even if the URL is not explicitally pointing to an MP3 file.


  • Major update: Updated to solve issue compatibilities with WP 3.9 - Needed if you are updating your WordPress to the latest 3.9 release.


  • Feature: Updated jPlayer to the latest version.
  • Feature: Added the GA track event also for downloads.
  • Feature: Updated to the latest jquery.mb.CSSAnimate component.


  • bugFix: if the WordPress instance was running jQuery 1.8-- mobile devices where not detected.


  • bugFix: Fixed (Again) a bug introduced in the 1.4.8 update that prevent the player to work on IE browser.



  • First release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


2 of 6 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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