WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter (MDTF)


The main idea of MDTF – make your WordPress site content is searchable by meta fields and taxonomies on the same time.

The plugin for searching and filtering WordPress content – posts and custom post types by taxonomies and meta data fields on the same time.

MDTF is ready to work as WooCommerce products filter. The plugin has very high flexibility!

With MDTF you will be able to filter posts/pages/custom types by the meta fields and/or taxonomies on the same time.

DOCUMENTATION: https://wp-filter.com/documentation/
DEMO: https://wp-filter.com/demo-sites/


The Plugin Features:

  • AJAX searching for: posts, custom post types, woocommerce products, jigoshop products, EasyDigitalDownloads products
  • Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Post Messenger
  • Filter posts and custom post types by meta fields
  • Filter posts and custom post types by taxonomies
  • Query multiple taxonomies and meta fields on the same time
  • Ready for WooCommerce! Work with WooCommerce: price, products attributes and with product categories!
  • Ready for Jigoshop! and EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Creating search-filter shortcodes by constructor
  • Meta values html-items combinations auto recount based on the current search (dynamic recount)
  • Taxonomies terms values auto recount based on the current search
  • Built-in the meta-fields data constructor (checkbox, drop-down, multi drop-down, range-slider, calendar, textinput, label)
  • AJAX recounting of the seacrh form html-items for hierarchical searching
  • Unlimited count of meta fields which can be created by built-in meta data constructor
  • Auto submit option
  • Step for range slider optionally. Integer or Decimal.
  • Size for any drop-down optionally
  • Searching by post title and its content (any post type)
  • Specify for each meta fields the display mode on front: drop-down, checkbox, range slider, calendar, textinput, label
  • Specify for each taxonomy the display mode on front: drop-down, checkbox, multi drop-down, label
  • Constructor of sort-panels
  • Nice tooltip for each html-element of the search form with description text
  • Unlimited instances of the MDTF widgets and MDTF shortcodes, and each of them has its own set of settings
  • Empty terms or meta fields can be hidden optionally in widgets and in shortcodes (premium)
  • Works with any kind of post, custom post type, woocommerce/jigoshop products, category or custom taxonomies, price
  • Dynamic recount for the search combinations
  • Reset button optionally
  • Toggles for the filter sections
  • And another magic features

Easy entry
Creating complex cars dealer site
Quick start with WooCommerce

WATCH MORE VIDEOS HERE: https://wp-filter.com/video-tutorials/

NOT INCLUDED IN THE FREE VERSION OF THE PLUGIN: https://wp-filter.com/difference-free-premium-versions-plugin/

Look more here: https://wp-filter.com/

LOOKING JUST ONLY FILTER FOR WOOCOMMERCE? LOOK HERE PLEASE: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-products-filter/

Important note: if you have troubles with empty result page, and you sure that it must be, do next please:
* open your theme header.php
* at the same bottom of the file drop this <?php do_shortcode(‘[mdf_force_searching]’) ?>
* save file


This plugin is copyright pluginus.net © 2012-2019 with GNU General Public License by realmag777.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


  • Settings - tab-1
  • Settings - tab-2
  • Settings - tab-3
  • Settings - tab-4
  • Settings - tab-5
  • Settings - tab-6
  • Settings - tab-7
  • Settings - tab-8
  • Settings - shortcodes
  • Settings - sort panels
  • Settings - constant links


  • Download to your plugin directory or simply install via WordPress admin interface.
  • Activate.
  • Use.


Q: Where can I see demos?
R: https://cars.wp-filter.com/ AND https://general.wp-filter.com/

Q: Where can see I WooCommerce demo?
R: https://woocommerce.wp-filter.com/

Q: Where can see I ajax search demo by title/content?
R: https://miscellaneous.wp-filter.com/

Q: Where can I read documentation?
R: https://wp-filter.com/documentation/

Q: Where can I watch video tutorials?
R: https://wp-filter.com/video-tutorials/


This plugin is your only option for detailed search

I am creating an event website in where I need tremendous amount of search options. I tried all possible event calendar plugins yet none of them was an answer for my complex search/sort need. It is a free plugin but I will pay for it to show my respect and gratitude. Plus: The author is very responsive and talented, he solved my problem with one sentence email. Good job !

Highly Configurable

I have used this plugin to solve a challenging case where I need to implement AJAX filters for different product categories. The tricky part where MDTF plugin helped is to show different filters and sort panels for each individual product categories. I truly appreciate @realmag777 effort for contributing this plugin.

Absolutely brilliant!

Saved me some work that is for sure. And, has TONS of options to configure to get the look/feel you want. This plugin is well written and bug free!


avoid, avoid, avoid. there's no way to turn it off once it's in the website - even though I've supposedly turned it off, it will not go away from the website. I consider this malware.

Интересное решение!

В плагине действительно заложен большой потенциал. Можно настроить его под практически любую задачу. Также признателен за хорошую поддержку.

Excellent solution & support

We have been using the plugin with great success for the past 18 months on 2 sites. I required some assistance recently and received excellent support
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter (MDTF)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • minor fixes and adaptation for woocommerce v.3.3.1
  • previous version: https://wp-filter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/wp-meta-data-filter-and-taxonomy-filter-1.2.3.zip


  • https://wp-filter.com/update-v-2-2-3-v-1-2-3/


  • https://wp-filter.com/update-v-2-2-2-v-1-2-2/
  • see previous version of the plugin here: https://wp-filter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/wp-meta-data-filter-and-taxonomy-filter-1.2.1.zip


  • Minor fixes
  • New filter item: Multiple checkbox select – in premium only for taxonomies
  • New option: Range slider skin
  • New option: Init plugin scripts on the next site pages only
  • New option: JavaScript code after AJAX is done
  • New option: Sort options by alphabetical order
  • New option: Custom CSS code
  • New feature: Cache terms
  • mdf_search_is_going – CSS class in tag body if searching is going
  • $args = apply_filters(‘mdf_custom_shortcode_query_args’, $args, $custom_id); – wp-filter for shortcode [mdf_custom]
  • //require plugin_dir_path(FILE) . ‘ext/utilities.php’; – not documented extension in index.php


  • WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • New shortcode mdf_select_title for drop-down in meta constructor
    Example: echo do_shortcode(‘[mdf_select_title post_id=117 meta_key=medafi_fashion]’);
    print_r(MetaDataFilterCore::get_val_as_select_title(139,’medafi_fashion’, ‘africa’));
  • Cron for cleaning dynamic recount cache
  • Different overlay skins in the plugin options for front of site
  • Sort options by alphabetical order for drop-down in meta constructor
  • Keys in drop-down in meta constructor can be with spaces, any customer wants


A lot of improvements. Attention for codecanyon customers – do not update to this version – it is the free one and have less functionality!!! Download your copy of the plugin you bought from codecanyon site only!


Search links became short


Some fixes and improvements


A lot of fixes and improvements


Fixed bug with empty result page. To resolve it added new shortcode
. It is just enough open in your theme header.php in wordpress editor and drop this shortcode on the same bottom of the file.


Added auto submit for meta fileds. Added ion.range-slider javascript for beauty range-sliders


Some php notices are removed. Reset button is added.


1 bug is fixed


Plugin is released. Operate all the basic functions.
If you want more functionality, look here: https://wp-filter.com/a/buy