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WP-Members: Membership Framework

WP-Members™ is a free membership management framework for WordPress® that restricts content to registered users.

  • Fixes some invalid characters in the wordpress.org repo version of the plugin that seem to have crept in during the commit.
  • Applies some admin strings for translation.
  • Notes WordPress 4.7 compatibility.

  • Applies style properties for the remember me checkbox label to the default stylesheets. The label tag was added to this text in 3.1.6 (see below).

  • Fixes issue with displaying checkbox state on the admin user profile screen.
  • Fixes issue with auto excerpt when excerpts are displayed on single posts/pages.


  • Fixed [wpmem_field] display handling for multiple select and multiple checkbox field types.
  • Updates to always load fields from wpmem_fields() API function.
  • Updates to begin to utilize new fields settings array. Fields setting is still store in the same array format as before. However, it is loaded into the new settings format. Current object class keeps numeric keys in place for legacy purposes.
  • Updates to dropdown handling on main options tab to display proper preselected value when site is using ssl (https://) and no value is selected.
  • Added wpmem_loginout() API function, changed [wpmem_loginout] shortcode to use API function.
  • Added wpmem_array_insert() API function, allows for inserting array elements at any point in an array.
  • Added wp_destroy_current_session() to logout function.
  • Added WooCommerce support in native WP registration functions. Began adding WooCommerce classes to registration form elements.
  • Added to wpmem_user_has_role() function to check for a single role or if the user has a role that is in an array of roles.
  • Added wpmem_shortcodes_loaded, wpmem_hooks_loaded, and wpmem_dropins_loaded to fire after.
  • Added text input to set a default 'read more' link for auto excerpt.
  • Fixed issue with auto excerpt where an excerpt shorter than the excerpt setting would not display the more link.
  • Preliminary updates to include placeholder support in fields (this will be an option in a future release).
  • Localization fix of untranslated strings.
  • Wrap "Remember Me" checkbox label with label tag in login form.
  • Moved remaining initialization functions to class constructor.
  • Moved wpmem_load_shortcodes, wpmem_load_hooks, and wpmem_load_dropins to fire before.
  • reCAPTCHA version 1 is no longer supported by Google. It is now deprecated in the plugin. If you have reCAPTCHA v1 selected, it will remain so. But once this is changed to a different CAPTCHA setting or if this is a new install, reCAPTCHA version 1 will no longer be available as a selection.
  • Custom field term "Option Name" changed to "Meta Key" for clarity.
  • Marked required custom field properties as required in Add/Edit Field dialogs.
  • Changed redirect_to process to escape the url with esc_url_raw rather than esc_url, otherwise query string variables do not get handled correctly.


  • Addressed some security issues to prevent XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Updated [wpmem_show_count] shortcode to include count of total blog users and users by role. See: http://rkt.bz/xC
  • Updated [wpmem_field] shortcode to accept [wpmem_field meta_key] instead of [wpmem_field field="meta_key"] (although the latter will still work). See http://rkt.bz/ae
  • Updated [wpmem_loginout] shortcode with some improvements to function code and link text attributes. See: http://rkt.bz/29
  • Updated auto excerpt for improved functionality, uses wp_trim_words(), deprecated add_ellipsis, strip_tags, close_tags, parse_shortcodes, strip_shortcodes for filter (these were never documented so it is unlikely that anyone uses them).
  • Updated hidden field type, now allows adding hidden fields to the registration form.
  • Compartmentalized installation of initial settings.
  • Field loader now validates settings, if none exist due to install error it will run the default fields install.
  • Removed dialog setting downgrade on deactivation. Need to re-evaluate necessity of downgrading.
  • Fixed issue with slash handling in Emails tab.
  • Updated [wp-members] deprecated shortcode notice to include post/page information on where the shortcode is being used.


  • Change to the way the PayPal extension is integrated with the main plugin. This allows for some necessary filename changes in the extension.
  • Added checks for PayPal extension function calls within the main plugin to avoid possible errors if it is deactivated.
  • New wpmem_is_tab() API function checks the current tab in the plugin's admin panel.
  • New wpmem_is_reg_page() API function checks if the page the user registered on is the registration page.
  • New wpmem_load_dropins() API function runs dropin load function.
  • Documentation updates, cleaned up and addressed several @todo tags.
  • Updated [wpmem_field] shortcode to display display values instead of stored values for select (dropdown), multiple select, multiple checkbox, and radio group field types.
  • Fixed bug in admin js file introduced when forgot username shortcode was added.
  • Updates to reCAPTCHA2. Trims keys on save to avoid possible copy/paste whitespace issues, displays API error code(s) if WP_DEBUG is turned on, change use of file_get_contents() to wp_remote_fopen() for broader acceptable use.


  • Fixed issue with display of [wp-members] field tag. Note: although this tag should remain operable, the tag is officially obsolete since 2.9.8 and should be used as [wpmem_field].
  • Fixed issue with calling PayPal extension functions if settings are enabled but the extension is disabled.
  • Updated some admin-side strings for translation.
  • Updated wpmem_redirect_to_login() to not check for wpmem_is_blocked(). Handling that outside the function will expand its usability.
  • Updated row_after logic in login form function so that it can be used for adding tags at the end of a row w/o adding a tag at the beginning.
  • Updated widget to check for wpmem_do_sidebar() instead of obsolete wpmem() function.
  • Updated email shortcodes used in new install.
  • Added new utility function wpmem_get() for checking posted variables and query strings with isset() and setting a default value.
  • Added a nonce to register redirect by shortcode parameter. This will lead to being able to display a success message on the redirected page.
  • Added redirect_to argument in wpmem_redirect_to_login().
  • Added generic registration error message.
  • Added [wpmem_form forgot_username] shortcode for displaying the forgot username form.


  • Minimum WordPress version increased to 3.6.
  • Added user counts to user screen links (set as transient).
  • Added redirect_to parameter to wpmem_login_url().
  • Added action parameter to wpmem_profile_url().
  • Added echo argument to wpmem_gettext().
  • Added api function wpmem_user_pages() to return an array of the login, register, and profile page urls.
  • Added shortcode [wpmem_tos] for Terms of Service page url (replaces [wp-members page=tos url=http://mysite.com/path/to/tos/]).
  • Added wpmem_write_log() function for writing notices to the WP error log.
  • Added hide registration form parameter to wpmem_profile shortcode: [wpmem_profile register=hide].
  • Added $defaults to wpmem_sidebar_status_args. Now can pass $user_login to be used in filters.
  • Moved wpmem_login_status() to api.php.
  • Deprecated [wp-members] shortcode, all other shortcodes no longer rely on wpmem_shortcode().
  • Fixed issue with pre-selected dropdown values to not select empty (separator) rows.
  • Fixed field and custom shortcodes in email not being parsed.


  • Added downgrade function (currently runs on deactivation) to allow for version rollbacks.
  • Added new dialogs functions to admin api, allows for custom dialogs to be added.
  • Added $user_id and $row to wpmem_admin_profile_field and wpmem_user_profile_field filters.
  • Added new api class and api functions.
  • Added [wpmem_loginout] shortcode.
  • Added support for new field types to native registration and users > add new (except file/image fields).
  • Updated users > add new so that user can be activated when added.
  • Updated [wpmem_logged_in] shortcode so that content is not shown on on a user profile page action.
  • Updated email settings to only save new from/name if changed.
  • Updated admin warning messges.
  • Updated multiselect and multicheckbox fields to allow user selected delimiter (defaults to pipe "|").
  • Fixes issue with profile update when file/image field is required.
  • Fixes image field edit in fields tab to include file type.
  • Fixes attribution setting for 3.0 settings array.
  • Fixes for PHP7.


This package contains several fixes, some new filters, new field types and other functional improvements.

  • Some general code cleanup, reviewing inline documentation and comments.
  • Fixed issue for sidebar with redirect_to parameter set in widget settings.
  • Fixed issue for custom error messages and email comparison error for profile update (so that errors show in form update state and not on links page).
  • Fixed main options tab where checkbox may not display correct setting if unchecked.
  • Fixed translation issue for required field error where all of the message except the field name was translated.
  • Fixed issue for register shortcode page where if a user has registered, and is logging in but the login fails, display the login error message.
  • Fixed register shortcode redirect parameter.
  • Fixed confirm_password to bypass sanitize_text_field (which breaks password comparison if certain characters are used).
  • Added logic so that user_pages are not blocked (login, register, user_profile).
  • Added after_wrapper array value for wpmem_{$page}_links_args filters
  • Added a new admin api class, utilities object class, and forms object class.
  • Added user facing strings as an array in the main $wpmem object class.
  • Added wpmem_default_text_strings filter for user facing text strings.
  • Added new wpmem_sidebar_status_args filter hook.
  • Added new container in main object for email from and from name settings.
  • Added file upload functions.
  • Added new field types: multiple checkbox, multiple select, radio, file, image, email, url.
  • Added "values" key to the register form rows array to hold possible values (i.e. select, multiple select, multiple checkbox, and radio group) and the actual value to be in the "value" key.
  • Added the ability for dropdown/select fields to have a default value other than the first value.
  • Added filter wpmem_user_upload_dir for filtering the location of user uploaded files.
  • Added wpmem_register_form_rows_admin and wpmem_register_form_rows_profile filter hooks.
  • Deprecated use of wpmem_chk_qstr() function, use add_query_arg() instead.
  • Deprecated use of get_currentuserinfo() (deprecated in WP 4.5), use wp_get_current_user() instead.
  • Email function updates, added 'footer' as an array value in the main wpmem_email_filter filter.
  • Changed install to set email/confirm_email and user_url as HTML5 field types "email" and "url" (now supported).
  • Changed get_action call from init action to template_redirect action.
  • Changed username in register form from log to user_login to match wp native registration form.
  • Changed [wp-members page="user-profile"] shortcode to [wpmem_profile] (old shortcode will still work).
  • Removed redirect parameter from register shortcode in shortcode menu.
  • Removed kubrick stylesheet from selector (still packaged with download, shows as custom url if used).
  • Changed all update functions in install package to upgrade.
  • Fixes an issue with PayPal extension where users may be set to pending if moderated registration is enabled after the user already has an expiration date.
  • Update wpmem_do_sidebar to use use add_query_arg() if on a search query.


  • Added Custom Post Type support.
  • Added wpmem_member_links_args and wpmem_register_links_args filters.
  • Added $link parameter to wpmem_forgot_link_str and wpmem_reg_link_str filters (gives just the link as an available parameter).
  • Added new wpmem_sb_reg_link_str and wpmem_sb_forgot_link_str filters (same format as above).
  • Added [email] and [user-profile] shortcodes to the new user registration email.
  • Added label_text key to wpmem_register_form_rows filter.
  • Added new auto excerpt settings, can now be set by post type.
  • Added new auto excerpt features including new wpmem_auto_excerpt_args filter.
  • Added forgot username retrieveal link (included on forgot password reset form).
  • Added wpmem_username_link and wpmem_username_link_str for filtering forgot username retrieval link.
  • Added new upgrade process to WP_Members object class.
  • Fixed handling of post bulk actions to keep current screen (if one is used).
  • Fixed handling of updates to the user pages in the options tab.
  • Fixed handling of empty post object in is_blocked() function.
  • Improved email functions to eliminate get_user_meta() calls when not needed.


  • Added process for forgotten username retrieval.
  • Removed last remaining instances of extract function.
  • Updated settings for special pages (login|register|user-profile) to store only the numeric primary key ID. This will eliminate the need to update these settings if the site is moved (from a dev to live site, for example). Legacy full URL settings will still be compatible without needing to be updated, but will be automatically updated when main options are saved.


  • Fix for use of display_name on profile update.
  • Fix for newer installs (post WP 4.0) where WPLANG is not defined and reCAPTCHA is used.
  • Fix in wpmem_form shortcode to skp if no additional tag exists.
  • Fix to plugin_basename.
  • Changes in core to use fields from WP_Members class (preparing for new form field process).
  • Reviews and updates to code standards and inline documentation.
  • Fix for password reset (typo in object name checking for moderated registration)
  • Fix for PayPal extension (http://rkt.bz/r3); added logic to avoid errors if the PayPal extension is disabled but the main option setting remained turned on.


  • Updates to localization function - documented plugin_locale filter, wpmem_localization_file filter, and improved load_textdomain logic.
  • Added /lang domain path to plugin header.
  • Fixed a bug in the user export function that broke CSV columns when moderated registration was turned on.
  • Improved current page retrieval in wpmem_redirect_to_login() function.
  • Fixed admin enqueued scripts (post/page screen hook did not load from new location).


  • Updated wpmem_pwd_change and wpmem_pwd_reset action hooks to include password as a parameter.
  • Stylesheet updates for 2015, 2014, and generic (both float and no float).
  • Fix to TinyMCE shortcode button, should now load button on new post/page editor.
  • Added [WP-Members] to the TinyMCE shortcode button for clarity as to what it is.
  • Moved admin js and css files to /admin/js/ and /admin/css/
  • Moved admin class files to /admin/includes/
  • Updated and verified all directories contain an index.php file to prevent directory browsing.


  • Reintroduced the global action variable $wpmem_a for backward compatibility with certain add-ons, most notably the WP-Members MailChimp extension ( see http://rkt.bz/3b ). Users of this extension should upgrade. This variable had been replaced with the new WP-Members object class introduced in 3.0. However, users of older extensions and those that may have customziations with logic may be using this variable, so rather than force updating and upgrading, it is being added back in.
  • Change to the priority of functions hooked to the the_content filter. Lowering the priority should better integrate the plugin with various builder plugins and other processes that currently filter the_content after WP-Members since the content will now be filtered later in the process. This also should improve situations where in the past the on-the-fly texturization shortcode for the WP-Members forms might remain unparsed.


  • Bug fix recaptcha v2 decode json response on validation.
  • Bug fix typo in $wpmem object name in admin/user-profile.php.
  • Bug fix message string variable in wpmem_msg_dialog_arr filter.
  • Fix register form shortcode redirect_to parameter.
  • Admin forms now use submit_button() function to generate submit button.
  • Changed localization to load on init action which will allow for more flexibility with filtering custom language files.
  • Added wpmem_localization_file and wpmem_localization_dir filters.
  • Localization checks for file in /wp-content/ language directory first, then loads plugin default.


  • Added reCAPTCHA version 2 as an option. v1 will remain available for now, to be fully deprecated later.
  • Fixed widget to use __construct for WP 4.3 compatibility.
  • Added error checking for WP reserved names when adding new custom fields.
  • Added wpmem_wp_reserved_terms filter for overriding reserved terms list.
  • Added trim whitespace to password reset and password change form validation.


  • Fixed use of wp_signon() for ssl.
  • Fixed [wpmem_msurl] email shortcode.
  • Fixed admin js and css load (removed unnecessary slash).
  • Fixed autoexcerpt to use setting from object and not wpmemembers_autoex option.
  • Added filter to remove comments array if content is blocked.


This release makes significant changes to the plugin's main options in the way they are stored. While care has been taken to make sure that you can roll back to a previous version, you may need to resave settings in the plugin's main options tab when attempting to roll back. It is advised that you test this update prior upgrading an existing install on a production site.

If you have any custom functions hooked to filters and actions that call any file includes directly from the plugin, please note that several file names have changed.

  • New settings and new plugin class WP_Members.
  • New settings now natively support Custom Post Types, both setting defaults and individual post blocking.
  • Settings constants removed in favor of using the $wpmem object class.
  • Added new|edit toggle to wpmem-register_data filter hook.
  • wpmem_settings_loaded action added.
  • Securify comments changed to use comments_open instead of comments_template (with a blank template).
  • New wpmem_securify_comments filter hook to customize whether comments load or not.
  • Registration clear form button defaults to false.
  • Removed wp_set_auth_cookie from login function; it is already done as part of wp_signon.
  • Post meta box title filter is now for all post types wpmem_admin_{post type}_meta_title.
  • New filter for Really Simple Captcha folder location: wpmem_rs_captcha_folder.
  • New shortcodes [wpmem_form] added.
  • Shortcode dropdown selector added to tinymce toolbar in Post/Page editor.
  • Added redirect_to as a function argument if calling wpmem_logout() directly.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 70,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


33 of 49 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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