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MailUp newsletter sign-up form

Easily add a newsletter sign-up form to your Web site or blog, then run email marketing and SMS campaigns with MailUp.

Do I have to be a paying MailUp customer to use this email marketing plugin?

Not to try it. You just need to sign up for a MailUp free trial account. You will be able to collect subscribers though the subscription form that the plugin allows you to easily add to the frontend of your WordPress blog or Web site, and see how they are added to MailUp. You can set up the system to use either the single or double opt-in subscription method. Double opt-in, which means that the subscription must be confirmed via email by the new subscriber, is an email marketing best practice.

In MailUp, you can then test features such as the ability to create and send an HTML email message from scratch or from a template, or by using an RSS feed from your very WordPress blog. You will also be able to test more advanced features such as dynamic tags, dynamic content, and triggered messages.

There will be no limitation with regard to how many subscribers can be collected via the plugin. The only limitation is that with a MailUp free trial account an email message can only be sent to 25 recipients.

How can I configure the MailUp plugin?

Go to your WordPress admin panel, click on on "Settings", and then select "WP MailUp". Connect the plugin to your MailUp account and configure the rest of the settings to best match your needs, using the documentation if something is not clear.

How can I check if the plugin is working?

Add the widget (subscription form) to the frontend of your WordPress-powered Web site or blog as indicated in the documentation. Fill out and submit the form as a visitor to the Web site would do. Now log into your MailUp account: the new subscriber should appear in the List specified in the plugin settings. Note that the subscriber will be 'Pending' if you have configured the system to send a subscription confirmation request message (double opt-in, recommended), until the subscription has been confirmed.

How often do I have to change configuration?

In many cases you will only need to configure the MailUp plugin for WordPress once. During the initial configuration you may find yourself trying different options to see how everything works. Once you find an optimal configuration, you will not change it very frequently.

How can I change the appereance of the subscription form

You can select one of four available styles, including a blank style that should simply inherit any styling used by the rest of your WordPress Web site. Users familiar with Cascading Style Sheets may also decide to tweak the default CSS styles to further personalize the look of the subscription form. The documentation contains detailed instructions on editing the available CSS documents. Please note that editing is allowed only for users who have read/write access to those files.

Can I allow a one-click newsletter sign-up using a social account (e.g. Facebook)?

Yes, MailUp provides a simple integration with the most popular social networks. To provide this option you will need to insert into your Web site a simple banner or text link that says something like "Click here to subscribe to our newsletter using your Facebook account". This features is standard with your MailUp account (i.e. no plugin is required).

Can I translate the text used by the plugin in the subscription form?

Yes, you just need to edit each text string in the settings panel. No need to edit any file.

Why should I use this plugin and not a service like Feedburner?

MailUp is a full-featured email marketing system. It goes way beyond simply being able to send subscribers a list of recent blog posts. MailUp gives you full control on your subscribers (view, edit, import, export, remove, unsubscribe, etc.), provides detailed campaign statistics (opens, clicks, bounces, spam compliants, unsubscribes, etc.), and includes advanced message editing and sending features (recipients targeting, message scheduling, message triggering, etc.). It also allows you to manage integrated, social media campaigns from the same system.

Can I disable the plugin?

Yes, simply remove the widget from the Web site's frontend. For example, if you had added the MailUp plugin widget to the right column, you will need to remove it from that column.

The configuration seems to be correct, but the plugin returns a "Generic Error" message

Make sure that the IP address of the WordPress-powered Web site or blog has been registered in your MailUp account. This is a security restriction that exists in MailUp to prevent unauthorized calls to the MailUp API. Please refer to the plugin documentation for detailed instructions on adding and editing the authorized IP addresses.

"Submit" button seems not to work

Make sure that text strings in "Messages" section of admin page do not contain a single quote character. If you need to add a single quote in your messages you shall put a backslash before them (e.g. write "You\'ll receive a confirmation email" if you want to display "You\'ll receive a confirmation email").

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


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