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Fully functional Live Chat plugin. Chat with your visitors for free! No need for third party connections or monthly payments.

4.3.0 2015-04-13 - Low Priority

  • Enhancement: Animations settings have been moved to the 'Styling' tab.
  • New Feature: Blocked User functionality has been moved to the Free version
  • Enhancement: All descriptions have been put into tooltips for a cleaner page
  • New Feature: Functionality added in to handle Chat Experience Ratings (Premium Add-on)

4.2.12 2015-03-24 - Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Warning to update showing erroneously

4.2.11 2015-03-23 - Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Bug in the banned user functionality
  • Enhancement: Stying improvement on the Live Chat dashboard
  • Enhancement: Strings are handled better for localization plugins (Pro)
  • Updated Translation Files:
  • Spanish (Thank you Ana Ayelen Martinez)

4.2.10 2015-03-16 - Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Mobile Detect class caused Fatal error on some websites
  • Bug Fix: PHP Errors when editing user page
  • Bug Fix: Including and Excluding the chat window caused issues on some websites
  • Bug Fix: Online/Offline Toggle Switch did not work in some browsers (Pro)
  • New Feature: You can now Ban visitors from chatting with you based on IP Address (Pro)
  • New Feature: You can now choose if you want users to make themselves an agent (Pro)
  • Bug Fix: Chat window would not hide when selecting the option to not accept offline messages (Pro)
  • Enhancement: Support page added
  • Updated Translations:
  • French (Thank you Marcello Cavallucci)
  • New Translations added:
  • Norwegian (Thank you Robert Nilsen)
  • Hungarian (Thank you GInception)
  • Indonesian (Thank you Andrie Willyanta)

4.2.9 2015-02-18 - Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now choose to record your visitors IP address or not
  • New Feature: You can now send an offline message to more than one email address (Pro)
  • New Feature: You can now specify if you want to be online or not (Pro)

4.2.8 2015-02-12 - Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now apply an animation to the chat window on page load
  • New Feature: You can now choose from 5 colour schemes for the chat window
  • Enhancement: Aesthetic Improvement to list of agents (Pro)
  • Code Improvement: PHP error fixed
  • Updated Translations:
  • German (Thank you Dennis Klinger)

4.2.7 2015-02-10 - Low Priority

  • New Live Chat Translation added:
  • Greek (Thank you Peter Stavropoulos)

4.2.6 2015-01-29 - Low Priority

  • New feature: Live Chat dashboard has a new layout and design
  • Code Improvement: jQuery Cookie updated to the latest version
  • Code Improvement: More Live Chat strings are now translatable
  • New Live Chat Translation added:
  • Spanish (Thank you Ana Ayelen Martinez)

4.2.5 2015-01-21 - Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now view any live chats you have missed
  • New Pro Feature: You can record offline messages when live chat is not online
  • Code Improvements: Labels added to buttons on live chat window
  • Code Improvements: PHP Errors fixed
  • Updated Translations:
  • Italian (Thank You Angelo Giammarresi)

4.2.4 2014-12-17 - Low Priority

  • New feature: The live chat window can be hidden when offline (Pro only)
  • New feature: Desktop notifications added
  • Bug fix: Email address gave false validation error when not it was required.
  • Translations Added:
  • Dutch (Thank you Elsy Aelvoet)

4.2.3 2014-12-11 - Low Priority

  • Updated Translations:
  • French (Thank you Marcello Cavallucci)
  • Italian (Thank You Angelo Giammarresi)

4.2.2 2014-12-10 - Low Priority

  • You can now toggle between displaying or hiding the users name in your Live Chat messages
  • You can now choose to display the Live Chat window to all or only registered users
  • A user image will now display in the Live Chat message
  • jQuery UI CSS is loaded from a local source
  • Bug Fix: Only Admin users can make users Live Chat agents
  • Translations added:
  • Mongolian (Thank you Monica Batuskh)
  • Romanian (Thank you Sergiu Balaes)
  • Czech (Thank you Pavel Cvejn)
  • Danish (Thank you Mikkel Jeppesen Juhl)
  • Updated Translations:
  • German (Thank you Dennis Klinger)

4.2.1 2014-11-24 - High priority

  • Bug Fix: PHP error on agent side in live chat window

4.2.0 2014-11-20 - Medium priority

  • Chat UI Improvements
  • Small bug fixes

4.1.10 2014-10-29 - Low priority

  • Code Improvements: (Checks for DONOTCACHE)
  • New Pro Feature: You can now include or exclude the live chat window on certain pages

4.1.9 2014-10-10 - Low priority

  • Bug fix: Mobile Detect class caused an error if it existed in another plugin or theme. A check has been put in place.

4.1.8 2014-10-08 - Low priority

  • New feature: There is now an option if you do not require the user to input their name and email address before sending a chat request
  • New feature: Logged in users do not have to enter their details prior to sending the chat request.
  • New feature: Turn the chat on/off on a mobile device (smart phone and tablets)

4.1.7 2014-10-06 - Low priority

  • Bug fix: sound was not played when user received a live chat message from the admin
  • Internationalization update
  • New WP Live Chat Support Translation added: Swedish (Thank You Tobias Sernhede)

4.1.6 2014-09-25 - Low priority

  • Live chat translations added: Hebrew, German, Slovakian

4.1.5 2014-08-22 - Low priority

  • Code improvements (PHP warnings - set_time_limit caused warnings on some hosts)

4.1.4 2014-07-31

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Brazilian translation added - thank you Gustavo Silva

4.1.3 2014-07-30

  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)

4.1.2 2014-07-29

  • DB bug fix

4.1.1 2014-07-29

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Live chat window will now only show in one window (if user has multiple tabs open on your site)
  • You can now see the browser of the live chat user
  • Improved the UI of the backend
  • Bug fixes

4.1.0 2014-07-20

  • New feature: You can now show the live chat box on the left or right
  • Vulnerability fix (JS injections). Thank you Patrik @ http://www.it-securityguard.com
  • Fixed 403 bug when saving settings
  • Fixed Ajax Time out error (Lowered From 90 to 28)
  • Fixed IE8 bug
  • Added option to auto pop up live chat window
  • Added Italian language files. Thanks to Davide


  • Table creation bug fix
  • Small bug fix (warning message)


  • Fixed a bug (missing function)


  • Overhauled the live chat Ajax calls to be less resource intensive
  • Fixed many localization strings
  • Added Feedback Page
  • Added Welcome Page
  • Fixed Visitor pending forever - Now Shown a message that admin is away
  • Fixed many small bugs
  • Added Multiple Live Chat Agents support (Add On)

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.5
Last Updated: 2015-4-13
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


12 of 16 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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