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FREE Squeeze pages creator, landing pages builder plugin for WordPress. 💕 LOVED by thousands of webmasters. Create unlimited responsive, mobile friendly landing pages, squeeze pages with no coding experience required.

Landing pages, squeeze pages… are so easy to build with WP Lead Plus X!. Within less than 3 minutes, you can create a nice, attracting lead generation pages, ready to collect leads.

Another squeeze page, landing page builder?

There isn’t a shortage of plugins, themes that helps you create squeeze pages, landing pages, popups for your WordPress site. So, you may ask: why there is a need for a different plugin that does exactly the same thing?
The answer is simplicity and efficiency. WP Lead Plus X is the one software to create all types of pages (landing pages, squeeze pages, splash pages, sales pages, promo pages, thank you pages, lead pages…)

If you want to create a landing page, a splash page, a squeeze page, a popup, a widget, how many plugins do you need?

Currently, you may need three, even 4 or more plugins for all of those purposes. So, why don’t we make it simpler? WP Lead Plus X PRO helps you create all those pages in one plugin.
The simplicity of WP Lead Plus X is in its builder. We create deeply for the pleasure of users when they use our plugin to create squeeze pages, landing pages, splash pages or sale pages. That’s why the page builder is so simple to use.
You can get used to it right after you open it the first time. Simply drag and drop your elements on your page and your pages start to appear in front of your eyes. Building WordPress mobile landing page is never easier.

By using pages templates come with WP Lead Plus X PRO, creating squeeze pages has never been easier

Templates are so important in order to quickly generate squeeze pages. The good thing about templates is they are carefully designed to maximize the effectiveness of your offer. By using the right layout, color combination, images, we created
squeeze page templates, landing page templates and also short templates for popups that help you increase the conversion rate of your site significantly.
Currently in the PRO version, there are:

  1. Squeeze page templates
  2. Landing page templates
  3. Splash page templates
  4. Sales page templates
  5. Newsletter optin templates
  6. Thank you page templates
  • Let’s have a look at this squeeze page, landing page builder in action:

WP Lead Plus X Free Squeeze Page / Landing page builder features:

Super easy drag and drop page builder

WP Lead Plus X is a user-friendly-first landing page builder plugin. It doesn’t have an exhaustive list of elements. Currently, there are less than 10 elements. That’s why you will find this page builder plugin is so simple to use.
Yet, WP Lead Plus X is very powerful. You can create any elements out of the list of current elements.

Build WordPress pages for mobile first

WP Lead Plus X is built on top of the famous twitter’s bootstrap framework. Your landing pages thus work perfectly on all kind of devices. The layout system is greatly simplified to enable you to spend less time figuring out how to create a layout.
Instead, you will have more time to create great content for your squeeze page.

Integreate with all autoresponders services

Currently, there are many autoresponder services: Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp … just to name a few. WP Lead Plus X has a smart form parser lets you integrate all available autoresponder services to your landing page.

Support videos from various sites

WP Lead Plus X enables you to create squeeze pages, landing pages with video. It supports YouTube videos right out of the box. You can also put self-hosted videos to your pages thanks to the code element. You can paste HTML code directly to the page you build.

Extra features from WP Lead Plus X

  • Easy logo integration: Have a cool logo, banner? It can’t be easier to put them into your squeeze pages using WP Lead Plus
  • Flexible background options: You can use your custom colors for the background of your page. You can also set the background for each elements on your squeeze page, landing page
  • Add tracking code from Google Analytics , Facebook Pixel to your landing pages to track conversion rate
  • Beautiful buttons with fontawesome support: your landing pages will have awesome buttons. Also, your buttons can have icons (if you want to). The icons collection from fontawesome is massive
  • Use shortcode from other plugins: This feature enables a great deal of flexibility. You can include contact form shortcode, slider shortcode from other plugins to your landing page, splash page… Simply paste the shortcode in the drag and drop builder and your shortcode is ready to go.

= Opt-in form validation
All forms in your squeeze pages in WP Lead Plus X has basic validation features such as required field, email field. So, you can rest assured that the inputs that your subscribers enter are valid.

WP Lead Plus X PRO Features:

Build your landing pages with pre-made templates

Pages building has never been easier with templates. With the vast collection of high converting lading pages templates ( which can be used to create splash pages, popups, landing pages) with responsive design (i.e. fit in any device desktop/laptop/table/smartphone)

Create widgets to display on your posts and sidebar

  • Having widgets on your posts (at different positions) increases your conversion rate greatly. Creating widgets and put them on your page is super easy with WP Lead Plus X.
  • You can use the widgets at the bottom of the posts, on the sidebar or begin at the posts

Create popups (modals) for your website to capture exiting traffic

  • More than 80% visitors to your site will never come back. That’s why having an offer for people when they are about to exit your page is vital to increase your conversion rate. Having exit popup has been proven to increase conversion rate of landing pages multiple times. Creating popups in WP Lead Plus X Pro is very simple.
  • There are many settings you can apply to the popup to make it appears on specific actions of your visitors (on page exit, on mouse scroll, a timer…)
  • Fully control popups’ behavior. Popup on exit intention or popup appears after a specific time (The ones you see big sites show when you move your mouse out of there page).
  • Capturing visitors attention is never easy. That’s why WP Lead Plus X popups can have background images and videos.
  • Multiple popups on a website. You can set a particular popup for the whole site or you can set different popups for different page/post

= Create landing pages with menus
* WP Lead Plus X PRO now support creating landing pages with menus. We support multi-level menus for all wordpress sites

Supercharge squeeze pages conversion rate with two steps opt-in

  • Two steps opt-in is the new standard of squeeze pages. By removing the barrier (hide the input boxes first), you can increase your landing page’s conversion significantly. It is very easy to implement two steps opt-in with the popups in WP Lead Plus X Pro

Build great landing pages, squeeze pages with extra features

  • Transparent background squeeze pages, landing pages templates
  • No limit on using background. You can use your own background image
  • Upgrade to the Pro Version Now!»

Impress first time visitors with splash pages

  • Splash page is the gateway to your website. The PRO version has the ability to create popups so setting up a splash page is truly simple. By setting a popup that cover full screen and appears right after page load, you will have a very nice, professional splash page.

Check out some great templates from WP Lead Plus X Pro:

If you want to create more templates for your landing pages you can do it very quickly in the editor.

Let’s get started with one of the best landing page software now!


  • WP Lead Plus X editor
  • WP Lead Plus X editor, initial state
  • Page created by WP Lead Plus X
  • WP Lead Plus X editor, with edit panel


  • Upload the extracted folder of the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard
  • Watch the tutorial on how to use the plugin Video tutorial


Installation Instructions
  • Upload the extracted folder of the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard
  • Watch the tutorial on how to use the plugin Video tutorial
What is this plugin?

WP Lead Plus X is the one plugin that helps you quickly create squeeze pages, landing pages for your WordPress website. It contains a simple yet
powerful drag and drop page builder. You can build literally any pages you want. The plugin is built upon the famous Twitter bootstrap CSS framework
so your site will work perfectly on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

Can it build a popup?

You need to upgrade to the pro version to use that feature. When you upgrade, all your pages are seamlessly transferred to the pro version without creating them again.
You can use the pages you created as plugin or widgets on your site.

How many sites I can install this plugin

The version hosted here on WordPress is totally free. You can install on as many sites as you own. If you are interested in the upgrade, please find out more about WP Lead Plus X Pro here

Do you provide support?

Yes, we do. In fact, we support all the issues that users ask us regardless such issues come from users of free or pro version. Please contact us here or send an email to dat.tm24 [@] (

Do you update the plugin frequently?

We are constantly adding features and improve the quality of the plugin. That means you can rest assured that the plugin will get regular updates.

What are the differences between the PRO and Free version

The pro version has all features of the free version. Here are the list that only available in the PRO version:

  1. Has image background for landing page
  2. Create splash page, popups, widgets
  3. Create notification bars
  4. Advanced elements such as HTML, shortcode …
  5. You will be able to embed shortcode from other plugins


A gem in the forest

I don’t usually leave reviews but this one deserves my time and effort to write this comment. First off, it’s very simple to use, everything is super intuitive. You can drag elements to build the page without consulting the tutorial.

Secondly, the pages are responsive. Many plugins claimed to build responsive pages but they don’t, so this one is the one that keeps the promise to build responsive landing pages.

Finally, the support is great. I’ve never had such amazing support from developer. I’m not using the premium version yet but surely I’ll upgrade very soon.

Better than paid options

Way too good for a free plugin! Thanks for making this
Edit Jul 2017: The recent update is just awesome, I love the new interface. Thanks for the great work

Thanks Luis for this amazing plugin

Dear Luis,

Thanks a lot for this amazing plugin. I had a customer asked me to make a landing page for him based on the JPEG image he sent me. I tried quite a lot of plugins but none of them helped. Your plugin did the job spectacularly. The client loved the page and send me more picture to convert. Needless to say that I can quickly convert the picture to actual landing pages without much effort thanks to the plugin.

The plugin is awesome! I wish you a happy new year.


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