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SSL Grins

SSL Grins provides smilies for your comment areas and is compatible with SSL Administration.

Why don't the smilies show up in my comments form?

Your theme must include the wp_head call and the comments field in your theme must have an id of comment. This version of the plugin does not support manual insertion, because, frankly, no decent WordPress theme is lacking wp_head anymore. If yours is, get a new theme. I'm not supporting bad code (unless it's mine).

I have wp_head and they still don't show up

If you're using Google Pagespeed, be careful how much you concatenate JS and CSS. It's complicated.

Some of my smilies look 'weird'

Are you on WordPress 4.2 or higher? You're probably using emoji. There are four smilies that (for some reason) don't have emoji and default to images. This isn't our fault, it's Twitter. See Twemoji issue #59 for more information, but eventually this will be fixed in WP core itself. At that time, this plugin should magically fix itself.

Why did this start with version 2?

Because the previous fork-source was 1.0, and this is really just an extension of all that work. Wanted to keep Ronafly's credits up in there!

Will you support BuddyPress?

Not at this time as I'm not using it enough to make it sustainable.

This isn't showing up on bbPress!

If you're using the bbPress Fancy Editor, it won't work. I have not yet debugged this.

Why are some smilies missing?

If you mean some of the 'new .com smilies,' then yes, they are. The following are 'hidden': "bear", "wordpress", "martini", "developer", "whiterussian", "burrito", "facepalm", "kitten", "uneasy"

And those aren't the codes. Try (w) or =^-^= and see what happens. These are easter eggs.

Does this support emoji?

Yes. Full WordPress 4.2 support. It's built to only show the default smilies, though otherwise the line would be too long.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 400+


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