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A great way to boost your customer confidence and increase SEO! You work hard for your 5 star business Google reviews, now you can easily display them on your WordPress site! Put your Google reviews in a slider (or responsive grid) in your widget areas or directly on the post! Google limits the number of reviews you can pull from them to 5, but unlike similar plugins, this one can automatically check for new Google reviews every day and add them!

Feature List:

  • Create a really cool slider. Sort of like an image slider, but with your Google Places reviews.
  • Not in to sliders? Then display Google reviews in a responsive grid or list.
  • Choose to display only high rating reviews.
  • Download your Google Places reviews and save them in your database.
  • Create multiple templates to use on your Posts, Pages, & Widget areas.
  • Display the Google reviews using a shortcode, template function, or use a widget.
  • Template display options like: show/hide star rating, show/hide date, border radius, background and text colors.
  • Choose how many Google Places reviews to display per a row and even have multiple rows.
  • Sort them by date or show them randomly.
  • Use custom CSS if you like.
  • Hide Google reviews that do not include text.

This plugin uses the Google Places API to get your reviews. The API only returns the 5 most helpful reviews. When Google changes the 5 most helpful the plugin will automatically add the new one to your database. Thus slowly building up a database of reviews. The Pro version allows you to manually add other Google reviews.

Check out our other free versions!

Upgrade to Pro for More Features:

  • Customer support via email and a forum.
  • Create a really cool summary badge of your reviews!
  • Front end submission form.
  • Get email notifications when new low reviews are found.
  • More Review Template styles!
  • Download your Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook reviews as well. Even add reviews manually.
  • Hide certain reviews from displaying. Sometimes even 5 star reviews should be hidden.
  • Create floating Summary Badges and Review Badges, that can display a slide-out of reviews when clicked.
  • Built in pagination support so you can load more reviews with a button click.
  • Trim long reviews and add a read more link.
  • Add the google icon and link to your Google Places page.
  • Download all your reviews in CSV format to your computer.
  • Advanced slider controls like: Autoplay, slide animation direction, hide navigation arrows and dots, adjust slider height for each slide.
  • Change the minimum rating of the reviews to display. Allows you to hide low rating reviews.
  • Hide short or long reviews based on word count.
  • Display reviews by a certain type or mix them all together on one slider (Facebook, Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, manually input).
  • Pick and choose only certain reviews to display in a template.
  • Display a summary of your review ratings in a Google Search Result. You can automatically create the correct review snippet markup!
  • More date display options (MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, DD Mmm YYYY, Time Since)
  • Access to all new features we add in the future!


  • Create a beautiful review slider on your posts or pages! More styles available in Pro version.
  • Lots of customizable options. Even input CSS if you want.
  • All your reviews show up in a list.
  • Even use it on your sidebar!
  • Create as many templates as you like.


  1. Upload wp-google-reviews folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Look for the WP FB Reviews menu item in your admin.


How do I request a new feature?

We are always looking for features to add. Just post on the support forum or contact us on the bottom of this page.


Works Great

Easy to install – easy to follow the clear-cut instructions on obtaining the API keys too. Thanks heaps!

Pro version is the best review plugin ever

As a designer/developer, I have been limping along with other review plugins that never really worked right, and I finally landed on the pro version of this one that is PERFECT. It gives you Google, Facebook, Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews all together. Downloads them so you don’t have that Yelp limit on reviews to display, lets you control what appears, automatically picks up any new reviews every 24 hours, and has really lovely formats. Love it – thank you Josh W for this!

Nice, useful, but only on default API

I had the same problem as a previous reviewer, javageek1212, when I was trying to use my own API. Kept getting error messages and almost gave up, then tried with the default API and it works just fine, looks nice, styled more like a paid for than a free plugin. Just hope that the default API doesn’t exceed the daily call limit!

Probably okay(based on reviews)

After spending over two hours looking into the documentation(including googles API faq’s) I decided to uninstall this plugin and try something else. Extremely difficult to figure out and setup. The fields under settings don’t makes sense.

It is most likely a fairly decent plugin, unfortunately the configuration is 10x difficulty(I have over five years experience working with both wordpress and Google API’s so this isn’t an experience issue)

After completing ALL steps spelled out by developer this plugin still failed to import my reviews.

I eventually found a reviews plugin that only required place ID and took less than ten minutes to find, install and setup. Honestly not sure why this had to be so difficult.

Easy Setup

Just what I was looking for. It functions exactly as it says. Setup instructions were concise and easy to follow. Video walkthrough was very helpful.
My only improvement would be the ability to add reviews from multiple Google Places for businesses like ours with multiple locations.
Thanks for this plugin!

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  • hidden date no longer gets added to page.


  • Updated instructions link.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix with error message.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Option to use your own api key.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • now uses default api key


  • place id look up url change.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix with Widget.


  • Fixed so it can be used along side facebook version.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small text change.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Alt text added to stars.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • WordPress V4.9 compatible fix of color picker.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Now will animate the height of the slider automatically.


  • Small bug fixes. CSS conflict with multiple slides on one page.


  • Small bug fixes. Another conflict with Fb version.


  • Small bug fixes. Conflict with Fb version.


  • Small bug fixes. Widget not displaying/


  • Small bug fixes.


  • Small bug fixes.


  • Added manual location entry option.


  • Small bug fixes.


  • Small bug fixes.


  • First Version