WP GEO Website Protection (by SiteGuarding.com)


WP GEO Website Protection is the security plugin to limit access from unwanted counties or IP addresses.

The plugin allows you to restrict access to the content of your website. You can enable or disable visitors from certain countries (parts of) the content.

For example, your website’s content is intended for a specific range of visitors, limited to certain countries so you can customize it. Or if you want to block access from the countries or IP addresses, which are characterized by hack attempts, spamming of your comments and so on, you can do it in a one click.

Due to the fact that a huge popular attacks on the administrative panel site, using this plugin, you can prevent this problem.

You can easy filter front-end visitors and visitors who wants to login to WordPress backend.

Main features:

  • Ban visitors from the countries you don’t want to see.
  • Ban IP addresses which are characterized by hack attempts, spamming and etc.
  • Ban visitors to your backend login page.
  • Ban IP addresses which are bruteforcing your passwords.
  • Allow list (whitelist) you can block whole country, but allow some IP addresses from this country
  • Graphs by blocked countries (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days)
  • It’s easy to setup and free to use.
  • Free support.


  • Front-end / backend protection page
  • Graphs and Logs
  • Visitor is blocked page


  1. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



easiest to use and most effective out of all plugins I've tried.


I had trouble with max monthly visit. It saved me

Hard to test with only 15 countries

I think that if you did a 14 day free trial with unlimited access would be a better Idea. it would allow you to show the consumer what the plugin really does and how powerful it could be.

Works well but can have unintended effects

Still giving false positives even my own Facebook links get identified as the Russian Federation! So can't recommend at version 1.9 but with a bit of bug fixing could be very useful. Unfortunately as the page presented stops real customers I can't leave it active for further debugging by Siteguarding. ------------ As a further update - it appears the unintentional IP blocking of UK addresses was caused by a caching issue. Siteguarding logged in and fixed locally. Apparently it will be included in their next official release I was using ver 1.9 and W3 Total Cache. -------------- Ok I've revised my review. It appears that selecting the Russian Federation blocks some UK IP addresses though on an IP lookup and talk with Siteguarding confirmed they are Russian based which is confusing. Maybe it's a proxy somehow? The banner presented is a little unfriendly and would be nice to be able to put our own text. --------- I've been using Siteguarding antivirus plugin in conjuntion with WP Total Security plugin for some time. In the Wp Total Security failed user login logs I see constant probing attempts trying to gain access to admin. These seem to be adaptive and make three attempts before waiting a number of hours and trying again. Hence they don't always get automatically locked out. Using WP Total security WhoIs IP lookup tool they are almost always Ukranian based IPs and whilst I had been blacklisting individual ones as they keep changing a broader approach was needed. I realised that Siteguarding had this Geo Protection addon, and as a side effect of using their paid Antivirus it turns out I have a full version license. Having installed last night and blocked Ukrane based IPs I can see that 1) - I have no more probing failed login attempts in WP Total Security logs and 2) from the Geo logs I can see that certainly the Ukranian IP was attempting to access a library upload url. So for me it's worked perfectly. Looking at previous reviews the comments seem a little unfair - the free version allows up to 15 countries to be blocked based on user selection and the Siteguarding url logo can be removed by unchecking the display Siteguarding logo box in settings. I'm not paid by them, but surely for everyone web security has to be a priority and this seems to provide a simple and useful addition to block known hacking countries. Wp Total Security have a similar paid addon and I would have been willing to pay for that but as I already have Siteguarding I went for that option.

Max block 15 countries with free version

I hate how these "free" plugins make me waste time, so I figured I will save others people's time. If you want to charge for your plugin put it on codecanyin, period. If you want to make it free + an upsell, at least make the backend or front end blocking full, not this BS. Regards.
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ver. 1.7
+ whitelist
bug fix