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WP FullCalendar

Uses the jQuery FullCalendar plugin to create a stunning calendar view of events, posts and other custom post types


  • updated to FullCalendar 2.6.1 library
  • added wpfc_calendar_displayed action when a calendar has been displayed
  • added wpfc_calendar_header_vars filter which enables overriding FC properties via PHP only
  • fixed double loading of calendars (FC library doesn't support it anyway atm),
  • fixed loading of multiple calendar html showing multiple search filters in one calendar,
  • fixed redundant JS to show the loading spinner
  • updated link to time formatting options which correspond to FC 2.x


  • fixed EM 5.6.2 conflict,
  • fixed "undefined 'type'" PHP warning
  • partial fix for arabic not showing events (item times will still show roman numerals)
  • fixed languages with long locales (Chinese Dialects, Portuguese Brazilian) not translating properly
  • updated to FullCalendar library 2.5.0


  • switched to FullCalendar 2.x library
  • changed plugin textdomain so it adheres to upcoming wordpress.org plugin translation features
  • moved previously hard-coded translations of calendar out of php code and now included via JS files shipped (and maintained better) via FullCalendar library
  • updated to FullCalendar 2.4.0
  • changed jquery style enqueue ID to jquery-ui so that EM won't override it
  • fixed double-inclusion bug for wpfc-languages.php
  • added some extra actions before WP_Query and also in admin setttings page
  • fixed 'more' link appearing at top rather than bottom


  • fixed privacy/security vulnerability where post types of any status can be retrieved via AJAX request (Thanks to Fran├žois Harvey for reporting this responsably)
  • fixed ui-lightness theme stylesheet not being loaded (due to inconsistent file naming in jQuery UI bundle)
  • fixed "No Theme" selection attempting to load non-existent CSS files (requires settings resave)
  • fixed attachment post type tooltip not outputting a thumbnail image


  • fixed E_STRICT warning for calling non-static functions
  • moved hard-coded translations out of wp-fullcalendar.php into wpfc-languages.php to prevent encoding issues when editing/committing
  • fixed HTTP(S) schema issues when only admin area forces SSL, AJAX only uses SSL if page is SSL
  • fixed wpfc_js_vars hook passing on filtered values to wp_localize_script()
  • moved PHP out of footer JS for calendar initiation
  • moved footer JS out of wp-fullcalendar.php and into external JS file which is then included
  • added 'settings saved' confirmation
  • fixed not being able to uncheck all taxonomies in settings page
  • fixed events spanning over a month not showing when going forward a month
  • updated jQuery UI CSS theme files to 1.11.4 including backwards compatibility for 1.10.x,
  • moved jQuery UI CSS loading out of JS and directly via wp_enqueue_style(),
  • changed theme CSS storage value to contain jQuery theme name or custom stylesheet name without paths (to allow backwards compatibility)
  • updated FullCalendar library to 1.6.6 (next update will use FC 2.x)
  • removed old selectmenu script/css and using native jQuery UI selectmenu instead
  • added Italian translation, thanks to Jeremy Wright!


  • moved Events Manager integration code out of WPFC into the EM plugin and added warning to notify EM users to update to latest plugin version
  • added Finnish, updated French
  • fixed post types with exclude_from_search = false not showing up
  • fixed media attachment post types not showing in the calendar
  • changed first function to be executed on plugins_loaded instead of init


  • added some translations to calendars,
  • added wpfc_js_vars filter
  • updated selectmenu lib to support WP 3.6 jQuery version
  • prevented countries from showing up when wpfc_search_events hook is fired until they're added to options page,
  • renamed EM_Categories_Walker to WPFC_EM_Categories_Walker
  • fixed some php warnings
  • added Finish translation - Jan-Erik Finlander
  • added Russian calendar translation - Andrey Borisov
  • fixed mistaken use of add_action and add_filter instead of do_ and apply_
  • fixed all taxonomy dropdowns showing when no taxonomies are supplied to arguments


  • fixed non-all-day events being considered as all day
  • added option for conditional loading of css and js, fixed French typo
  • fixed more... links using & and having trailing slashes for event day links
  • fixed translation issues for FC items - props @Christian
  • added Italian for day names
  • added filter wpfc_ajax_post for non-EM post type queries
  • fixed non-2013 normal posts not showing up
  • fixed first day of week not matching wp settings if localized


  • fixed all-day EM events ending a day early


  • added localization for calendar text (hardcoded, see WP_FullCalendar::localize_script())
  • added POT file and ability to translate, files located in included/langs
  • updated FC core code to 1.5.4, WP 3.5 Compatible
  • improved handling of white categories, now has a darker text/border for clarity
  • fixed events manager breaking tip content if no format is entered into EM settings
  • fixed qtips not being disabled if set to in settings page
  • fixed more... showing a time of 11:59pm
  • fixed more... not showing for other CPTs
  • added option to format times
  • added option to choose available views
  • added option to choose default view
  • fixed categories not correctly filtering if shortcode is passed a category attribute
  • fixed times being stripped when switching categories


  • fixed issues with EM outputting converted html entities
  • fixed problem with ignoring CONTENTS on EM page when overriding calendars
  • fixed time problem when users turn calendar into agenda view


  • jQuery/js - tiggered wpfc_fullcalendar_args event to document, passes on fullcalendar options object
  • fixed limit and more text options being ignored (requires resave of settings)


  • added taxonomy shortcode attributes
  • added localization
  • year/month shortcode arguments load the initial month shown on calendar

0.1 - 0.5

  • first version, ported from Events Manager Fullcalendar 1.4

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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