This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

WordPress Form Creator


The UltimateIDX Presents, WP Form Creator for WordPress Form Management at its best. Developed originally for the theme developer, new features make this release a little more friendly for casual users. This plugin provides blog website owners with a truly easy to manage easy to configure forms solution for WordPress or WordPress CMS sites. In this release you can drag and drop the form elements to the generator page to create your forms.

Tested with version 2.8.4 and WordPress MU, the form manager can support literally dozens of forms on your blog with countless design possibilities. The forms are placed in pages or posts by the use of template tags which are generated with each new form.

Look at the FAQ tab above to answer some common questions we encounter.

For Theme Developers, please visit for details on how to distribute this plugin with your WordPress themes FREELY and Without Additional License Requirements. We can provide you easy to include PHP code to make your distribution of the plugin exceptionally easy.

Important Recent Updates This Release

  1. JDOM library now included.
  2. Theme modified to simple clean gray and white.

Features In Next Release

  1. More CSS examples and Config Tutorials
  2. PayPal Form Support.
  3. Saving of form data to the database.
  4. CSV export of the saved form data.
  5. Multi Stage Form Examples.
  6. Support captcha in addition to session token.

Additional Configuration Notes

Visiting the project site and forum would be best at this early stage.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create the page or post you wish to have the form display on.
  2. Create the field elements by dragging them into the generator window and setting the attributes for each.
  3. Add the list of emails separated by comma in the email receive window.
  4. Once created, save the form and place the template tag for the form in the page or post you created.
  5. Test it and if you find errors we will fix them.
  6. As always additional and more detailed information is available on the website.

What Kind Of Forms Can I Create

  • Any form that can fit in a single form element can be created with the exception of multi processing types such as login and registration. This Form Creator was built to create a variant of contact type forms.
  • PayPal form generation will be added in the next few releases.

Example layouts and css can be found on the project(s) site located at or by contacting us for technical support.


  • /tags/0.9.8/screenshot-1.jpg
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  1. Extract the to your local system prior to upload.
  2. Upload wp-form-creator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugin Panel’ in WordPress
  4. While in the WordPress admin panel, simply navigate to the Form Creator by clicking on the tab for “Settings”.
  5. Once you create a Form, you want to take the template tag generated and past it into your page or post where it will render.
  6. Add CSS for the markup


  1. It doesnt work with my theme. Now what?
    *This has happened in some instances where the designer did not account for forms. Our Form Creator does NOT include CSS for styling the form because our intention was to make it inherit the design characteristics of the theme. This obviously will not work if the designer did not account for forms.
  2. Why doesnt your form creator provide actual css markup for the forms?
    The output is fully XHTML compliant and rather than try to design a form with a generic output someone would have to edit, we opted instead to provide basic CSS on the project site to demonstrate the flexibility to the designer and blog owner.
  3. Will this work PayPal or other types of forms like Multi Page Forms?
    This version will not support PayPal or multi page forms, our subsequent releases however will!
  4. You mention that it saves data to the database, how can I see the saved data?
    This form generator is loosely based on the Form Kit that does have this support and we did not make it into this release but we promise it is being added.
  5. Will this work in WordPress Multi User?
    Yes, tested briefly during development we encountered no major issues.
  6. Are there any special settings I should be aware of?
    Yes the forms output although XHTML will not have any styling to it by default unless the theme supports this but the way around this is to view the examples on our blog for more details
  7. Are there any linkback requirements?
    There is one linkback in the actual rendered form and you are free to remove it by simply donating to the project. It will help fund all the features we have pending now.
  8. Can I distribute this plugin with my themes (commercial or gpl)?
    Yes, I have some code that will assist you in doing this so distribution will be much easier for your projects.

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