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wp-forecast is a highly customizable plugin for wordpress, showing weather-data from accuweather.com and/or weatherbug.com.

v5.5 (2015-08-25)

  • fixed deprecated constructor call for WP_Widget which leads to problems with some PHP Versions

v5.4 (2015-02-14)

  • error handling if no icon code found in weather data
  • updated french translation
  • switched to new accuweather server

v5.3 (2015-02-11)

  • error handling if no icon code found in weather data

v5.2 (2015-02-08)

  • updated italian translation Thanks to Peter P.
  • fixed some php warnings
  • fixed dutch translation

v5.1 (2014-10-24)

  • support for using shortcode in normal textwidget
  • update croatian translation Thanks to Stjepan

v5.0 (2014-07-29)

  • made the css a bit more responsive
  • added croatian language (Thanks to Lovrenco)

v4.9 (2014-05-04)

  • added contextual help and support email in admin dialog
  • removed unused code (was commented since v3.x)
  • removed old langauge files

v4.8 (2014-01-30)

  • add updated hebrew translation
  • optimized default icons with opt-gif and opt-png
  • added css sprites feature for accuweather icons (experimental)
  • fixed problem with dutch language and wind icons
  • adopted default css to Twenty Fourteen
  • added new accesspoint to access accuweather location search

v4.7 (2013-10-21)

  • add updated czech translation. Thanks to eldenroot
  • added update greek translation. Thanks to Nikos
  • added a wind direction indicator

v4.6 (2013-10-13)

  • fixed css output with wp_enqueue_script
  • disabled service for google weather because google closed the api
  • added uv-index to the accuweather data fields

v4.5 (2013-05-07)

  • added serbian language (Thanks to Amizda Idriz)
  • fixed langauge codes in language selection dialog

v4.4 (2013-02-03)

  • fixed some php warnings
  • added persian translation (Thanks to Ali Zemani)
  • fixed language code in iframe header

v4.3 (2012-12-24)

  • added new hebrew translation by Udi :-)
  • added new greek translation by Nikos :-)
  • added updated serbian translation by Zoran :-)
  • fixed search dialog for some special accuweather responses

v4.2 (2012-10-23)

  • changed global variable name for xml parsing to prevent collision
  • added width and height attributes to img tags for better performance
  • fixed HTML warning in admin dialog
  • fixed problem with plugin_locale filter
  • fixed problem with webservers which do not decompress automatically
  • added indonesian language thanks to Uli

v4.1 (2012-08-03)

  • fix admin dialog, it was not possible to save the WeatherBug Partner-ID
  • only include javascript for multi widget in frontend
  • changed translation loading from load_textdomain to load_plugin_textdomain
  • fixed a problem with search dialog and individual wp-content folder

v4.0 (2012-06-10)

  • support individual wp-content folder
  • added hebrew translation from Udi Burg

v3.9 (2012-05-26)

  • fixed a bug with new search dialog and multiwidgets
  • fixed some php notices
  • fixed weather provider switch in admin dialog
  • check for apikey in search dialog for weatherbug

v3.8 (2012-02-05)

  • fixed a special data constellation returned by accuweather for the pressure
  • changed js loading to load thickbox only in admin dialog
  • changed search dialog to an ajax like replacement
  • redesigned the admin dialog a bit more convenient
  • fixed an url problem in connection check

v3.7 (2011-12-21)

  • fixed include of wordpress specific vars (wp-config.php, wp-load.php) to support secure setting
  • various html5 validity fixes
  • calculate copyright year automatically

v3.6 (2011-07-06)

  • changed accuweather copyright notice to 2011
  • removed use of HttpExt class for transport, since it was removed from wordpress 3.2

v3.5 (2011-04-21)

  • added updated finish translation from Jaakko
  • selection widget now accepts language_override to set langauge different from default

v3.4 (2011-03-13)

  • added updated dansk translation (thanks to Michael S.R. Petersen)
  • fixed a problem with wp 3.1 in network mode, due to a different search path th e wrong setup.php was included

v3.3 (2010-11-02)

  • moved enqueue script to init hook where it should be to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • added bulgarian translation
  • if you return to a wp-forecast site which uses selection widget, your selected location will be remembered and automatically displayed when you return (uses cookies)

v3.2 (2010-10-01)

  • fixed duplicate id in selection widget

v3.1 (2010-08-02)

  • fixed several bugs when using presettings in multiusermode
  • added support for GoogleWeather API
  • added serbian latin translation (thanks to Zoran)
  • fixed year in copyright notice
  • update accuweather servicelink to new server
  • fixed translation for superadmin dialog on multisites
  • added colored checkboxes to superadmin dialog
  • removed examples folder from package

v3.0 (2010-05-15)

  • timeoffset is now considered for current time too
  • added support for wpmu (maintain settings on a per blog base, support for wpmu admin plugin)
  • updated dansk translation
  • fixed handling of country specific characters in accuweather data
  • added "Less..." link at the top (pull down widget)
  • updated swedish translation
  • added css class for iframe tag for shortcodes

v2.9 (2010-02-19)

  • fixed an javascript, jquery incompatibility with ie6, ie7, ie8 concerning the selection dialog widget

v2.8 (2010-01-30)

  • prevent wp-forecast-nowp.css from being deleted during automatic plugin update
  • added beaufort to set of windunits
  • updated dutch translation, thanks to Wim :-)
  • fixed warning during autoupdate with wordpress >Version 2.8.6
  • rounded pressure to get rid of long values

v2.7 (2010-01-22)

  • added unit label to timeoffset field in admindialog
  • added selection dialog widget to let user choose which location to view
  • extended pulldown widget to use more than one pulldown widget per page
  • prevent wp-forecast.css from being deleted during automatic plugin update

v2.6 (2009-12-17)

  • fixed wrong urlencoded link to weather forecast at accuweather
  • fixed undefined variable warning for $wp_forecast_pre_transport in wp-forecast.php
  • fixed uncompress bug in wordpress 2.9 with workaround in fetch_url
  • fixed invalid xhtml/javascript in admin dialog once more
  • added open in new window feature for weather provider link
  • added time offset to correct wrong calculated accuweather times

v2.5 (2009-10-17)

  • fixed wrong html in widget dialog with wordpress v2.8, that leads to problems with placing widgets in internet explorer
  • set default for widget call via v2.8.1 widgetdialog
  • replaced "Copyright" with ©
  • added parameters width and height to shortcode
  • added feature to show/hide forecast data with javascript
  • added transport check to admin dialog

v2.4 (2009-07-04)

  • changed readme to support new changelog feature at wordpress.org
  • fixed faq section in readme, resized icon
  • added default css file which is used when no user specific one is available
  • fixed div container when date/time is disabled
  • fixed widget title to be display correct

v2.4beta (2009-06-18)

  • fixed translation of winddirection in api
  • added translation for romanian
  • fixed russian and italian translation
  • modified show function to use data api
  • avoid to store new cache when http fetch results in failure notice from acuweather
  • add support for weatherbug
  • reduced the number of database reads and writes and raise performance
  • changed the xhtml using only div and not table or others
  • added shortcode wpforecast
  • catch error when weather bug does not deliver a shorttext
  • since it leads to problems with some installations
  • added menu icon
  • moved settings to main menu
  • switched the widget dialog to new oo-progamming for versions after 2.7.1
  • added a preselection of the transfer method to be used with wp-forecast

v2.3 (2009-01-30)

  • fixed some wrong italian translations
  • added shorttext for api daily forecast
  • fixed translation in api
  • process failure notice from accuweather if it occures
  • added lat and lon to data api
  • switched to wordpress default function to get remote data from accuweather
  • changed default value of cache refresh to 1800 seconds
  • added translation to russian

v2.2 (2008-12-29)

  • fixed some mistakes in finish translation (thanks to Jaska)
  • added hungarian translation
  • added parameter to avoid option deletion when deactivating the plugin
  • added parameter for direct call to add a html-header
  • added multi-checkbox-switch in admin-dialog (for convenience only)
  • added translation for winddirections
  • added data api for wordpress-pro's to design layouts individually

v2.1 (2008-11-09)

  • added language support for spanish (thanks to Castmir) and
  • polish (thanks to Lukasz)
  • fixed minor css bug

v2.0 (2008-11-02)

  • added finish translation (thanks to Jaska)
  • fixed a problem with overloaded textdomains (translations)
  • since wordpress does not a sanity check if a loaded domain is reloaded, we have to do it

v1.9 (2008-10-04)

  • surpress fsockopen warning messages in case of connection problems and output the error as html comment

v1.8 (2008-09-17)

  • added css class wpf-icon to make it easier formating the weather icons
  • added autodetection for icon filetype
  • gif, png and jpg are supported
  • corrected some translations

v1.7 (2008-07-20)

  • removed a bit of redundant html when widget title is empty
  • fixed bug in output of current conditions
  • added option to show a link to the accuweather forecast
  • added dansk translation

v1.6 (2008-07-11)

  • removed some hardcoded css
  • it is now possible to call the widget directly outside from wp
  • fixed a problem with wp >2.5 and the widget dialog
  • removed some redundant html
  • when showing no current weather information
  • placed forecast header into own table with own css class
  • added timeout parameter for the accuweather connections
  • rounded humidity to integer values
  • fixed some typos in swedish translation and added norwegian selection (thanks to RAM_OS)

v1.5 (2008-05-12)

  • fixed two dutch phrases in dutch translation
  • added norwegian translation (thanks to Eilif)

v1.4 (2008-01-26)

  • fix loading the wright textdomain when called from outside wordpress
  • added a bit debug code
  • work around for a bug in k2rc3 theme
  • added italian translation
  • added english lanuage file
  • a bit of code cleanup
  • extend function wp-forecast to select language per widget
  • added functions to display a set and a range of widgets at once

v1.3 (2007-12-26)

  • added french translation
  • added german icon 11 (fog, 11_de.gif)
  • extended css classes to support horizontal view via css
  • removed repeating section title

v1.2 (2007-11-05)

  • extend error handling for serverloss
  • added iso8859-1 coded german translation
  • fixed bug with german winddirections
  • added a widget title
  • removed standard location label (this can be handled via alternate location)

v1.1 (2007-10-01)

  • fixed: setting the current time could not be disabled
  • fixed: on some servers the current date was converted to 0
  • switched translations to gettext as recommended by wp codex

v1.0 (2007-09-09)

  • fixed accuweather call for us locations
  • now works with wordpress mu

v1.0b4 (2007-09-01)

  • fixed humidity / pressure checkbox
  • removed hard coded formatting, added css class
  • added support to show current time

v1.0b3 (2007-07-29)

  • fixed output of before/after widget stuff for empty forecast
  • fixed different parameters for calling wp_forecast as widget and from sidebar.php
  • added swedish translation (thx to Håkan Carlström)

v1.0b2 (2007-07-25)

  • work around for bug 4275 in wordpress 2.2
  • removed widget id from output

v1.0b (2007-07-17)

  • added support for up to 20 widgets with different locations and settings
  • added portugese language support
  • weather data is now cached in the database
  • no cookies needed anymore
  • default value of missing translations is now english
  • removed configuration dialog from widgets page to avoid misunderstanding about setup
  • fixed some minor errors

v0.9.1 (2007-07-01)

  • added new field windgusts
  • fixed some incompatibility with complex themes

v0.9 (2007-06-23)

  • added copyright notice
  • added date for current conditions
  • added alternative location name

v0.8 (2007-06-18)

  • added dutch language support
  • show time in wordpress format (option: time_format)

v0.7 (2007-06-11)

  • Fixed an incompatibility with wpSEO (used same global variable language which should never happen)

v0.6 (2007-06-07)

  • Fixed a lot of incorrect XHTML
  • added translation for winddirection
  • changed display of low- and hightemperature in forecast
  • no decimals for windspeed
  • fixed two phrases in translation
  • added hint for dealing with german umlaute and search location dialog
  • added a bit error handling to surpress long error messages when receiving no or invalid xml from accuweather

v0.5 (2007-06-03)

  • added support for wp widgets
  • Fixed some incorrect XHTML code
  • added selection of the fields to show
  • added windspeed unit support (hope you like it Barbara :-))
  • added german language support for admin page

v0.4 (2007-05-31)

  • never published, only code cleaning done

v0.3 (2007-05-18)

  • Integrate forecast

v0.2 (2007-05-17)

  • Fixed some incorrect XHTML code
  • Fixed path settings for icons and css
  • Tested with various browsers

v0.1 (2007-01-15)

  • Initial beta release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.8
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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