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WP Email Template

Add a beautiful HTML Template to all WordPress and plugin generated emails. Send email options - SMTP, Gmail, Mandrill, GoDaddy Hosting supported.

1.5.0 - 2015/09/14

  • Feature - Added 'WP Email Content Type' setting box with HTML and Multipart option. Multipart supports plain text fallback for email clients set to plain text instead of HTML.
  • Feature - Hook into 'phpmailer_init' action tag for make new Plain text version from original email content when content Type Multipart option is selected
  • Feature - Separate 'Send Email Test' feature with another button to send email instead of use 'Save Changes' button of settings panel
  • Fixed - Fix Border corner Round work on Image Container, Header Title Container , Content Container and Footer Container of email template
  • Credit - Thanks to Christopher for the Plain Text support feature suggestion
  • Credit - Thanks to Micah for the Send Now button feature suggestion
  • Credit - Thanks to NineSixOne for alerting us to the border corner round bug

1.4.2 - 2015/08/21

  • Tweak - include new CSSMin lib from https://github.com/tubalmartin/YUI-CSS-compressor-PHP-port into plugin framework instead of old CSSMin lib from http://code.google.com/p/cssmin/ , to avoid conflict with plugins or themes that have CSSMin lib
  • Tweak - make __construct() function for 'Compile_Less_Sass' class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
  • Tweak - change class name from 'lessc' to 'a3_lessc' so that it does not conflict with plugins or themes that have another Lessc lib
  • Tweak - Plugin Framework DB query optimization. Refactored settings_get_option call for dynamic style elements, example typography, border, border_styles, border_corner, box_shadow
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.4.5
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.3.0
  • Fix - Update the plugin framework for setup correct default settings on first installed
  • Fix - Update the plugin framework for reset to correct default settings when hit on 'Reset Settings' button on each settings tab

1.4.1 - 2015/06/21

  • Fix - Delete trailing space on the top of style-footer-settings.php file when upgrading to version 1.4.0

1.4.0 - 2015/06/20

  • Feature - Plugin framework Mobile First focus upgrade
  • Feature - Massive improvement in admin UI and UX in PC, tablet and mobile browsers
  • Feature - Introducing opening and closing Setting Boxes on admin panels.
  • Feature - Added Plugin Framework Customization settings. Control how the admin panel settings show when editing.
  • Feature - New interface has allowed us to do away with the 4 Tab menus on the admin panel
  • Feature - Includes a script to automatically combine removed tab settings into Tabs main table when upgrading
  • Feature - Added Option to set Google Fonts API key to directly access latest fonts and font updates from Google
  • Feature - Added full support for Right to Left RTL layout on plugins admin dashboard.
  • Feature - Added a 260px wide images to the right sidebar for support forum link, Documentation links.
  • Tweak - Send WP Emails now just 1 menu page - combined the STMP, Gmail and Mandrill tabs in the main page
  • Tweak - Template menu - moved Fonts tab settings to the Content tab in its own Settings Box
  • Tweak - Moved Clean up on Deletion setting to the new Plugin Framework Global Settings Box
  • Tweak - Updated some admin panel Description and Help text
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.11
  • Fix - Check 'request_filesystem_credentials' function, if it does not exists then require the core php lib file from WP where it is defined

1.3.6 - 2015/06/03

  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.10
  • Tweak - Security Hardening. Removed all php file_put_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API
  • Tweak - Security Hardening. Removed all php file_get_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API
  • Fix - Update dynamic stylesheet url in uploads folder to the format //domain.com/ so it's always is correct when loaded as http or https

1.3.5 - 2015/05/27

  • Tweak - called add_filter( 'frm_encode_subject') to disable encoding subject title from Formidable Forms plugin
  • Fix - correct the path of custom template for email_header.html and email_footer.html when checking to get custom template
  • Credit - Thanks to Brian Childers for reporting the Formidable Forms conflict and the access to his site to find and fix the issue.

1.3.4 - 2015/05/20

  • Fix - Don't change email content type if the Apply Template setting is switched to OFF

1.3.3 - 2015/05/14

  • Tweak - Created new admin panel Tab [ Exclude Emails ] with new Pro Version feature exclude template by subject title settings
  • Tweak - Moved the exclude template from emails by shortcode settings to the new Exclude Emails tab
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins docs with new features
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins a3rev product page with new features
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.2
  • Fix - Apply to WooCommerce emails OFF setting. Template was being applied to WooCommerce emails when option was switched OFF.

1.3.2 - 2015/04/21

  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.0
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.8
  • Tweak - Update style of plugin framework. Removed the [data-icon] selector to prevent conflict with other plugins that have font awesome icons

1.3.1 - 2015/04/02

  • Fix - Removed <!--email_container_width--> on header image. Was causing code to show instead of the image on some email clients

1.3.0 - 2015/03/25

  • Feature - Added Option to turn the Template ON | OFF. Can now just use the plugin use to set up wp email sender without using the template.
  • Feature - Added Dynamic Template Width - admin can edit the 600px default width of the Template.
  • Fix - Bug that email was not being sent when user did a Password recover when Mandrill API is set as the email sender.

1.2.2 - 2015/03/19

  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.7
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.1.1

1.2.1 - 2015/02/14

  • Tweak - Changed WP_CONTENT_DIR to WP_PLUGIN_DIR. When an admin sets a custom WordPress file structure then it can get the correct path of plugin
  • Fix - Internal container padding not being applied in Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007
  • Fix - Social share icon alignment in Safari Browser and iOS Safari.
  • Credit - Thanks to Christopher for bringing the Outlook padding issue to our attention on the a3rev support forum

1.2.0 - 2015/02/05

  • Feature - Massive upgrade the dynamic Email Template creator and Email Client render - 60+ hours dev work.
  • Feature - Setting broken up on admin panel to clearly define the 4 container structure of the template.
  • Feature - Old [Style] tab is gone replaced by 5 new tabs [Header Image] [Email Title] [Body] [Footer] [Fonts]
  • Feature - [Header Image] added image vertical alignment in Header image container.
  • Feature - [Header Image] added Header image container border external margin dynamic settings
  • Feature - [Header Image] added Header image container border internal padding dynamic settings
  • Feature - [Header Image] added Header image container Border style dynamic settings
  • Feature - [Header Image] added Header image container Border corner settings
  • Feature - Added ON | OFF setting for template background pattern
  • Feature - Added Outlook Boxed Border ON | OFF setting
  • Tweak - Audit, test and tweak for 100% compatibility with WordPress Version 4.1
  • Tweak - Default template style on first install - all 4 Containers have white background.
  • Tweak - Default template style on first install - Email Title font changed to Arial #999999 Bold and 26px.
  • Tweak - Default template style on first install - Email Content font changed to Arial #999999 Normal and 14px.
  • Tweak - Added links to new a3 Lazy Load and a3 Portfolio plugins on wordpress.org to the Yellow sidebar
  • Fix - Padding on social share icons in Outlook.

1.1.4 - 2014/09/13

  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.2
  • Fix - Changed __DIR__ to dirname( __FILE__ ) for Sass script so that on some server __DIR__ is not defined

1.1.3 - 2014/09/05

  • Feature - Convert all back end CSS to Sass.
  • Tweak - Updated google font face in plugin framework.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.2
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WordPress Version 4.0 - 2014/06/30

  • Feature - Mandrill API -Convert email list from BCC field to email TO field to allow multiple recipients because Mandrill API only supports send to a single email address in BCC field. Important! On Mandrill Sending Options uncheck 'Expose the list of recipients when sending to multiple addresses' and BCC recipients cannot see or reply to the other emails in the TO field of the email.
  • Fix - Mandrill API - Auto Convert email CC field to Email TO field so that CC address can receive email. Mandrill API only supports 1 CC email address.
  • Fix - Mandrill API - Detect and remove 2 special characters "<" and ">" used for Email TO field for example detect and convert name@domain.com to name@domain.com - 2014/06/27

  • Tweak - Add filter for the 'From' Email address meta that is set in SMTP or Gmail SMTP sender. This allows 3 party plugins to change the default 'From' Email address to another email, example noreply@domain.com - 2014/06/19

  • Tweak - Updated chosen js script to latest version 1.0.1 on the a3rev Plugin Framework
  • Tweak - Added support for placeholder feature for input, email , password , text area types
  • Tweak - Checked and updated for full compatibility with WooCommerce version 2.1.11 - 2014/05/25

  • Tweak - Changed add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 2 ); to add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 3 );
  • Tweak - Update change_button_text() function from ( $original == 'Insert into Post' ) to ( is_admin() && $original === 'Insert into Post' )
  • Tweak - Checked and updated for full compatibility with WordPress version 3.9.1
  • Tweak - Checked and updated for full compatibility with WooCommerce version 2.1.9
  • Tweak - Checked and updated for full compatibility with WP e-Commerce version
  • Tweak - Converted the plugin to the new a3rev Free Evaluation Trail License feature.
  • Fix - Code tweaks to fix a3 Plugins Framework conflict with WP e-Commerce tax rates.

1.1.2 - 2014-02-19

  • Feature - Added WordPress Email sending settings and configurations.
  • Feature - Added auto config for GoDaddy Hosting when using default via web host as the Email Sending Options
  • Feature - Added activate and configure send mail via SMTP option.
  • Feature - Added activate and auto configure send mail by Gmail option.
  • Feature - Added activate and configure send mail by Mandrill option. Connect via Mandrill API Key or SMTP.
  • Feature - Added Send Test Email function.
  • Feature - Added detailed Connection Error DEBUGGING.
  • Tweak - Moved plugin dashboard from the WordPress Settings menu to its own WP Email sidebar menu.
  • Tweak - Added 2 sub menus. Template | Send WP Emails, each with admin settings broken up into tabs. - 2014/02/12

  • Tweak - Added remove_all_filters('mce_external_plugins'); before call to wp_editor to remove extension scripts from other plugins.
  • Tweak - Updated Framework help text font for consistency.
  • Fix - Conflict with wpMandrill plugin. Rewrote emplate preview URL security require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-includes/pluggable.php' ); with sanitiser that does not call wp_mail.
  • Credit - Thanks to Jeremy Summers Tangy Tangerine CA. for alerting us about the wpMandrill conflict and access to find and fix.

1.1.1 - 2014/01/27

  • Tweak - Upgraded for 100% compatibility with soon to be released WooCommerce Version 2.1 with backward compatibility to Version 2.0
  • Tweak - Added all required code so plugin can work with WooCommerce Version 2.1 refactored code.
  • Tweak - Tested for compatibility with WordPress version 3.8.1
  • Tweak - Added description text to the top of each Pro Version yellow border section
  • Tweak - Minor update to some admin panel text.
  • Tweak - Full WP_DEBUG ran, all uncaught exceptions, errors, warnings, notices and php strict standard notices fixed.

1.1.0 - 2013/12/21

  • Feature - a3rev Plugin Framework admin interface upgraded to 100% Compatibility with WordPress v3.8.0 with backward compatibility.
  • Feature - a3rev framework 100% mobile and tablet responsive, portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Tweak - Upgraded dashboard switches and sliders to Vector based display that shows when WordPress version 3.8.0 is activated.
  • Tweak - Upgraded all plugin .jpg icons and images to Vector based display for full compatibility with new WordPress version.
  • Tweak - Yellow sidebar on Pro Version Menus does not show in Mobile screens to optimize admin panel screen space.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WP 3.8.0
  • Fix - Upgraded array_textareas type for Padding, Margin settings on the a3rev plugin framework

1.0.9 - 2013/10/10

  • Feature - Admin panel intuitive app interface feature. Show slider to set corner radius when select Round, hide when select Square on Border Corner Style Switch. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Tweak - a3rev logo image now resizes to the size of the yellow sidebar in tablets and mobiles.
  • Fix - Intuitive Radio Switch settings not saving. Input with disabled attribute could not parse when form is submitted, replace disabled with custom attribute: checkbox-disabled
  • Fix - App interface Radio switches not working properly on Android platform, replace removeProp() with removeAttr() function script

1.0.8 - 2013/10/04

  • Feature - Upgraded the plugin to the newly developed a3rev admin panel app interface.
  • Feature - New admin UI features check boxes replaced by switches.
  • Feature - Replaced colour picker with new WordPress 3.6.0 colour picker.
  • Feature - Added choice of 350 Google fonts to the existing 17 websafe fonts in all new single row font editor. (Pro Version feature)
  • Feature - New Font Editor has instant preview feature. (Pro Version feature)
  • Feature - Upload Custom Social Media icons feature added.(Pro Version feature)
  • Feature - Added House keeping function. On deletion set if you want the plugin to 'Clean Up After Itself' leaving not trace it was ever installed.
  • Tweak - Admin Panel now has 3 tabs with setting broken up into - General, Style and Social Media.
  • Tweak - Compatibility with WordPress 3.6.0 done when released. Checked again with WP 3.6.1
  • Tweak - Ran full WP_DEBUG All Uncaught exceptions errors and warnings fixed.
  • Fix - Plugins admin script and style not loading in Firefox with SSL on admin. Stripped http// and https// protocols so browser will use the protocol that the page was loaded with.

1.0.7 - 2013/06/13

  • Tweak - Added PHP Public Static to functions in Class. Done so that Public Static warnings don't show in DE_BUG mode.

1.0.6 - 2013/06/11

  • Tweak - Updated support URL to the plugins wordpress.org support forum
  • Fix - Email template header image not showing in outbound email template and preview. Header image was uploading and showing correctly in the admin panel under upload input but not showing in template applied to outbound emails and preview.

1.0.5 - 2013/04/16

  • Feature - Added when install and activate plugin link redirects to WP Email Template admin panel instead of the wp-plugins dashboard
  • Fix - Yahoo Mail does not support p tag - space between paragraphs. Coded in line CSS fix to auto add space between paragraphs for Yahoo Mail.
  • Fix - Yahoo Mail auto removes body tag and hence would not show the background colour. Coded in-line CSS fix to force Yahoo Mail to show background colour.
  • Fix - Updated all JavaScript functions so that the plugin is compatible with jQuery Version1.9 and backwards to version 1.6. WordPress still uses jQuery version 1.8.3. In themes that use Google js Library instead of the WordPress jQuery then there was trouble because Google uses the latest jQuery version 1.9. There are a number of functions in jQuery Version 1.9 that have been depreciated and hence this was causing errors with the jQuery function in the plugin.

1.0.4 - 2013/04/01

  • Feature - Upgraded plugins admin to use Chosen script for dropdowns and options.
  • Tweak - Replaced add template header image via URL with image uploader.
  • Tweak - Added option to set Text link colour in email body. Previously this was auto set to be the same as the header background colour - but caused problems with links not visible when header background and email body background both use the same colour. ( PRO version only)
  • Tweak - Update the plugins wiki docs to show new admin style, image upload feature and colour link text colour options.
  • Fix - Max wide layout issues with template display in iPhone 5.
  • Fix - Bug for users who have https: (SSL) on their sites wp-admin but have http on sites front end. This was causing the email template preview to show a -1 instead of the Template because wp-admin with SSL applied only allows https:, but the url of admin-ajax.php?action=preview_wp_email_template is http: and it is denied hence was returning the ajax -1 error. Fixed by writing a filter to recognize when https is configured on wp-admin and parsing correctly. If you do not have this configuration nothing changes for you, if you do have https on your wp-admin (or install it in the future) and http on the front end then Email Template Preview action now automatically detects that and works as it should.

1.0.3 - 2013/03/05

  • Feature - (PRO Version feature) - Added the ability to deactivate the Email Template background pattern. (much requested feature).
  • Tweak - Updated all plugin code to be 100% compatible with new WooCommerce V2.0 with backwards compatibility. - 2013/02/16

  • Tweak - Added a Settings link to the plugins wp-admin plugins dashboard listing and updated the Support URL
  • Tweak - Updated Support URL on the wordpress.org description
  • Localization - German Translation by Marko Geisler added to langauge folder

1.0.2 - 2013/01/11

  • Fix - WP Email Template apply to WooCommerce Email template when user had selected do not apply for that option.
  • Credit - Thank you to Roger Amstell for reporting and helping us to locate and fix these bugs.

1.0.1 - 2013/01/09

  • Tweak - Updated Support and Pro Version link URL's on wordpress.org description, plugins and plugins dashboard. Links were returning 404 errors since the launch of the all new a3rev.com mobile responsive site as the base e-commerce permalinks is changed.
  • Fix - When user server does not support file_get_contents function changes made to the template were not applying to the WooCommerce Email template. We had added a get file from get_stylesheet_directory_uri constant as a work around but had missed the () at the end of the function so it wasn't working

1.0.0 - 2012/09/03

  • First Release.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


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