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WP Email Capture

Double opt-in form for building your email list. Define landing pages to distribute your ebooks & software.


  • Correction in the German translation (props Lars Kasper)
  • Added a wp_email_capture_extra_checks action, that will allow people to run checks on the name/email address.
  • Removed some legacy code that was commented out.
  • Fix an encoding issue for new installs, now the tables match the database's encoding.
  • Fixed a bug for new installs that had a "The plugin generated XXX characters of unexpected output during activation.".


  • Fixed a bug that caused an "Unexpected Output" on some database setups.
  • Used UNIQUE KEY rather than PRIMARY KEY, so activation and deactivation doesn't cause database errors.


  • Added wp_email_capture_complete_before_redirect action. Allowing data to be manipulated before the redirect.
  • Added Extensions area of dashboard.


  • Reward linkers with a voucher code.
  • Included the "Last Temporary Signup" date, so they get know the last attempted signup.
  • Tested up to 4.5.


  • Removed a redundant file that, if hacked in, could lead to an injection of content. This file was not called normally but in order to remove it upgrade to this version. ** Update strongly required **
  • Fixed a bug which saw a notice appear of a missing option on the upgrade and dashboard page.
  • Removed a double header in Dashboard widget (props Ove3rfly).
  • Correct textdomain used in some files (props Ov3rfly).
  • Removed all PHP closing tags through the site (props Ov3rfly).


  • Removed the default widget title should widget text be blank (props Hassan Raza).
  • Changed word from "Update" to "Upgrade" for large lists as it was confusing people.
  • Changed to new Text Domain as per WordPress' new internationalisation integration (wp-email-capture).


  • Fixed an error with "Error: " displaying on the free version.


  • Fixed a minor security issue in the display.php
  • Removed Tracking (for now)


  • Massive refactor of code, to help improve it.
  • Fixed a bug that the "Hide Notice" dismissive now works.
  • Updated French Translation (thanks Andrew)
  • Added Croatian Translation (thanks Lem Treursić)
  • Added Welcome Screen
  • Added P tag around text widget introduction.
  • Added better help documentation within the plugin.
  • Added signup & confirm actions, to allow users to remove/add their own actions.
  • Added a filter to the display form, so it can be changed.
  • Add a filter for other subscription plugins (props Dylan Kuhn)
  • Changed menu structure
  • Made compatible with WordPress 4.3, with new widget structure.
  • Made compatible with new language packs.


  • German Translation Updated (thanks Ove3rfly)
  • Added the filter wp_email_capture_dashboard_capability, which means you can choose the capability you wish users to access the dashboard widget (thanks Ove3rfly).
  • Added a few small fixes with the text (thanks Ove3rfly).


  • Italian Translation Done (thanks Guiseppe!)
  • Serbian Translation Done (thanks Borisa!)

2.9 (17/12/13)

  • Fixed a small bug that produced warnings should security fields not be passed.
  • Style buttons in a style for WordPress 3.8.
  • Remove a rogue mysql_real_escape_string() call making it compatible with WordPress 3.9.
  • Introduced stylings.

2.8 (10/11/13)

  • Introduced Spanish Translation (thanks David Bravo!)
  • Added a feature whereby you can select the delimiter you wish to use.

2.7.7 (08/07/13)

  • Fixed a few bug fixes that were spotted in Debug Mode (from forum member Ov3rfly).

2.7.6 (12/06/13)

  • You can now translate error messages.

2.7.5 (28/01/13)

  • Added an option "wp_email_capture_theme_affiliate_link", so theme designers can add this option on activation with their affiliate link to WP Email Capture.

2.7.4 (14/01/13)

  • Added "title" attributes to the form fields, allowing WP Email Capture to play better with themes.

2.7.3 (06/01/13)

  • Fixed the emails so that HTML characters (ampersands, speech marks, etc) in names/subjects/content are encoded properly.

2.7.2 (11/12/12)

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5. Critical upgrade if you're using WP 3.5
  • Fixed an admin page error so if the news feed wasn't pulling from my site, then you will get an empty box, rather than an ugly error.

2.7.1 (24/11/12)

  • Fixed a small bug that appears that error messages weren't appearing when sites had the defeault permalink structure.
  • Fixed a redirection bug that users using the default URL structure were having, that caused a usability error.

2.7 (20/11/12)

  • Upgraded Hungarian Translation (thanks Surbma!)
  • Rewritten areas of the readme file as it was confusing people (sorry!)

2.6 (07/10/12)

  • Added a checkbox that allows site owners to specify if "Name" is a required field.

2.5.1 (12/08/12)

  • Recoded the RSS feed fetching code so it works on more servers and doesn't use a http based referrer.

2.5 (01/08/12)

  • A nag (which you can hide) should you not have the plugin set up correctly with a subscription or confirmation page.
  • More CSS classes on each individual elements of the form.

2.3.7 (23/07/12)

  • Improved wording of on page options, as well as documentation.

2.3.6 (08/07/12)

  • Better error handling, if the settings for the plugin aren't filled in then the plugin doesn't fail.

2.3.5 (01/06/12)

  • Added a "textwidget" class to the Widget Text Area so you can style it the same as all other text.
  • More things you are able to translate, including buttons and more!
  • Added Hungarian Translation.

2.3.1 (22/5/12)

  • Bug fixes so notices shouldn't appear in debug mode.
  • Added a for attribute to the form for accessibility.

2.3 (09/5/12)

  • Added support to multiple widgets.
  • Added language support for the Dutch language.

2.2 (17/4/12)

  • The Jemjabella update, after the individual who supplied most of the bug fixes, cheers!
  • Added language support for Brazilian Portugese & German.

2.1.1 (03/02/12)

  • Actually fixed the display bug talked about in 2.1
  • Edited the Dashboard widget so that it's only displayed to user admins.

2.1 (30/01/12)

  • Internationalisation Completed - with French Language Pack
  • Fixed a Small Display bug with the Plugin that occured in latest version of WordPress.

2.0.1 (28/10/10)

  • Fixed a small security bug which occurred in the previous version.

2.0 (3/10/10)

  • Switched functions to use the non depreciated functions
  • Compatible with Spam Free
  • Added a "Delete entire list" button in WordPress.

1.9 (20/01/10)

  • Fixed a small bug that resulted in the display for [The plugin does not have a valid header.]
  • Fixed a small phpmail bug

1.8.1 (13/01/10)

  • Included more information in sent mail including IP, Date & Referral Page

1.6 (18/10/09)

  • You can now delete people from the confirmed members list (requested update!)

1.5 (04/10/09)

  • Fixed small error on the error checking form.

1.4 (03/10/09)

  • Added a check for duplicate emails.

1.3 (30/09/09)

  • Added a new feature where you can mention the name of the recipient of the email within the email by using the %NAME% string.
  • Better default title & text for the WP Email Capture Widget.
  • Fixed a bug that dropped the last character of the "From" name.

1.2 (27/09/09)

  • Fixed errors with the programme when using non pretty permalinks (they now work now)
  • Compatible with windows based PHP configurations (1.1 introduced a function that didn't work on windows boxes).

1.1 revision 2 (24/09/09)

1.1 revision 1 (23/09/09)

  • Fixed small upgrade bug

1.1 (22/09/09)

  • Fixed short tag problem in tempdata.php
  • Emails that are not valid emails aren't processed

1.0 RC 1 (17/09/09)

  • First Release!
  • Dashboard Widget added.

0.4 (14/09/09)

  • Used more secure internal wp_mail class for sending out mail
  • Implemented [wp_email_form] class for implementing plugin on form

0.3 (12/09/09)

  • Switch to headers, rather than meta refreshes for updating the page

0.2 (09/09/09)

  • Fixed small error in the plugin when using permalinks
  • Implemented more security to the plugin

0.1 (07/09/09)

  • Plugin Launched

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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