WP e-Commerce Shop Styling


WPSC Shop Styling is the perfect improvement for your WP E-Commerce store. Make your WPEC shop more professional with branded HTML mails, custom email text, PDF invoices and individual transaction results pages.
Apply your corporate identity to all outgoing mails and invoice documents! Includes ready to use templates for every custom content.
vailable in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian and French.

HTML mail templates

All WordPress and WP Ecommerce mails are converted to HTML mails and formatted with a custom template. You can add your company logo, contact details or even some additional informations to all your mails. Also supports WP HTML Mail for even better responsive email templates without any coding.

Custom wpecommerce email messages

Change the content of all your shop mails with your wordpress editor like a page. Add values from checkout form or cart content with placeholders.

Custom products table

Change the values listed in the products table in your mails and invoice.

Generate PDF invoice documents*

Generate a PDF invoice and attach it to the customer information mail. The invoice can be customized like a wordpress page with standard wordpress editor.

Custom transaction results page*

Change the message on the transaction results page.

Find more informations, screenshots and examples on the plugin page http://wpshopstyling.com

*additional features upgrades

> Hey, I’m looking for translators

Have you ever translated a wordpress plugin? It’s simple and it could help other users a lot.

Read this article to see how it works.

If you speak any language except German, Italian, Hungarian,French and English, please think about sending me a translation file for the next release.

You’ll receive a free set of serials for all upgrade features and of course a backlink to your website.
* Great Thanks for the translations to
* Luca for the Italian,
* Endre for the Hungarian,
* Benjamin Duriez for the French AND Spanish version
* Christian Widlund for the Swedish translation
* André Arends for the Dutch translation
* and Kamadeva for the Czech translation

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  • Customize the content of your product listing
  • send your own personalized emails
  • Create email template in HTML or simply use free WP HTML Mail plugin to create responsive mails
  • automatically generate PDF invoice


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


please have a look at the forums here

Contributors & Developers

“WP e-Commerce Shop Styling” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • 2.9.1: Changed translation text domain
  • 2.9: Fixed PDF problem with some payment gateways, updated german translation, added another placeholder
  • 2.8: Improved PDF support for Windows servers, fixed a bug in placeholder toolbar
  • 2.7: added a filter for custom placeholders Article: Add custom placeholder to WP eCommerce Emails
  • 2.6: fixed security bug
  • 2.5: fixed a bug with formatting of shipping costs and sending invoice only on successful payment
  • 2.3: added Czech translation and fixed a compatibility issue with qtranslate.
  • 2.2: added option to disable HTML for non wpsc mails,

added Shipping option placeholder – thanks to Matej Rokos

fixed “duplicate entry…” SQL error ->Forum

added filter for custom placeholders read more

  • 2.1: fixed a SQL error and added Dutch translation
  • 2.0: fixed a bug in mail template with hotmail

changed licensing

introduced new website wpshopstyling.com

added support for displaying US states

added SKU to products table

  • 1.10: new footer for pdf invoice and multilanguage integration with qtranslate
  • 1.9.2: added Swedish translation, added personalization to products table, modified products table to avoid the 990 char line limit (thanks to Mark Costlow)
  • 1.9.1: transaction report can be customized now. added placeholder for numeric values of tax and price without tax
  • 1.8: Security Update (thanks to Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP) and also fixed a dompdf error and improved french translation
  • 1.7: Added french translation, a new placeholder for numeric price and improved the handling of tax exclusive payments
  • 1.6: Fixed a bug with payment gateways and added an Italian and Hungarian translation
  • 1.5: new option to send a copy of the invoice to the administrator, improved mails
  • 1.4: added option to disable custom sender & added some functions for wp e-commerce qtranslate support
  • 1.3: define senders for shop mails and other wordpress mails and fixed problem with track&trace mail
  • 1.2: added a new {#mailsubject#} placeholder and qtranslate functions
  • 1.0: initial release