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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP e-Customers Beta

WP e-Customers Alpha/Beta (test only)


  • From The Developer
    • Released TBC
  • Fixes
    • None
  • Feature Changes
    • Added the WordPress admin Help tab (the help content is built from values in the main menu array for minimum administration)
    • Improve CSS for boxes aka panels
    • New Affiliate Banners screen
    • New Affiliate Products screen (products from affiliate point of view)
    • New Affiliate Leads screen
    • New Affiliate Tools screen
    • New database table added for affiliate leads
    • Section Switches now do more to avoid loading files related to a section
    • New installation class with a different installation procedure, uses WordPress core to create database tables
    • Development Insight must now be activated and will also show to Subscribers
    • All Sections are now displayed in the menu by default (trying to raise awarness of the size of the project and get pledges)
    • Setting the $wpecus_dev variable to true also activates Development Insight
    • Incomplete sections are now hidden automatically (display using Development Insight activation)
    • Custom Post Type Downloads renamed to Products (products post type will also be used in Affiliate section)
    • Moved custom post type menus below everything (position 100)
    • Products post type now has an Affiliate Ready field for disabling a product from being available to affiliates
    • Beta Warning and Development Insight will no longer be displayed at the same time (one or the other)
    • Maximum width (max-width:500px) added to styling for multiple column boxes
    • Blog Account Activated changed to Customer Account Activated (if anyone wants a setting for this just let me know)
    • Removed tick/cross, seemed like a good idea the time but I think the progress bars are enough for indicating development progress
    • New Users Delete screen, admin can use it to delete a users account or refuse deletion i.e. user could have outstanding invoice.
    • Users Least Active and Most Active tabs merged into one
    • Log screen table replaced with WordPress table class
    • New Subjects taxonomy added to Email Templates, create a subject to create a new newsletter
    • Renamed Communication section to Communication (intended group management features will go in a new Permissions section, possibly in premium edition only though)
    • Added Newsletter Subjects settings panel on Communication Settings screen, enable/disable newsletter ability per subject
    • Added My Subscriptions settings for users to switch subscriptions on or off per subject
    • Communication Overview screen now has a working graph showing us email correspondence per month
    • Removed the Special Offers tab on Downloads: the plugin will handle offers and ads in multiple other ways that will work better
    • Monetize section has option to active Author AdSense, the ability for authors (strict by WordPress publish_post capability) to add their own AdSense ad to a post
    • New widget for displaying Author AdSense (needs more work including setting for a default adsense if post author did not ad adsense)
  • Technical Notes
    • Custom Post Types are now disabled when their associated section is disabled
    • wpecus_config.php file removed, most contents were installation related
    • Variable $wpecus_isbeingactivated removed from all files
    • Removed ['menu'] from the menu array, about 500 change resulted
    • selectwherearray() method new parameter for object added


  • From The Developer
    • Released 12th December 2013
    • Warning: I will be adding some hacked phpBB functions as a temporary measure due to problems with the bridge (phpBB loaded into WordPress)
    • Massive changes have been made to file structure and most functions have been moved to classes
  • Fixes
    • Download issues caused by the new approach to processing form requests has been fixed
    • delete_users_waiting() had no limit which caused hanging on any tab at anytime if there are too many users to be deleted
  • Feature Changes
    • Added development insight using HTML 5 progress bars
    • New box on About screen for listing the plugins translators
    • Ticket section added
    • Buy Now buttons disabled on More Downloads screen, temporary rollback while security procedures are checked
    • Now collecting Download statistics
    • Downloads Overview screen added and offers graphs with download statistics
    • Profile tab now triggers creation of phpBB forum account and displays forum profile (requires phpBB and the installation steps laid out to make this work properly)
    • Automatic creation of phpBB forum profile now happens during activation of account
    • Mailing System: new database table for controlling bulk email/newsletter using schedule system
    • Mail Templates: custom post type for creating and managing a range of mailing templates
  • Technical Notes
    • Procedure and methods for processing $_POST and $_GET requests have been changed
    • WPeCus_Notice::notice_depreciated() and wpecus_n() has begun to be phased out using class WPeCus_Notice::notice_depreciated()
    • Moved all custom post types to their own files, later they will become classes
    • class WPeCus_core merged into class WPeCustomers
    • class WPeCustomers now extends class WPeCus_web_core and not class WPeCus_core


  • From The Developer
    • Released 15th September 2013 (beta)
  • Feature Changes
    • New in Web->Tools - ability to ban domains from being used in registration form
    • phpBB forum integration has begun (currently loading phpBB)
    • Will no longer display "Welcome To WebTechGlobal", instead uses blog name
    • Schedule system has been setup for free edition (previously planned for premium only)
    • User registrations per month bar chart added to the Users Overview screen
    • WP e-Store ID field added to Downloads post type (enter a product ID so that purchase can be verified and download access granted)
  • Fixes
    • Administrators (those with activate_plugins capability) will no longer be shown the activation screen
    • Subscriber/Customer account activation fixed
    • Saving a flag post no longer causes error or fails to update the post
    • Main Settings page submission now saves
    • Error on log screen
    • Corrected issue with Your Downloads screen layout
    • Premium file download failure has been fixed
  • Technical Notes
    • All use of add_action() moved from main file moved to main_classes.php as part of our steps towards a class built plugin
    • Key changes to wpecus_WP_SETTINGS_get_tab_capability() and wpecus_WP_SETTINGS_get_page_capability() which must be noted as these are related to security

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.0
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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