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A powerful, yet simple, CSV importer and exporter for WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.

  • Fixed custom field/json bug.

  • Fix PHP notices in strict mode.
  • Fix layout bug on export page.
  • Remove CSV Export Vulnerability.
  • Improve handling of blank custom fields.
  • Fixed exclude none bug.

  • Adding tabbing and split the settings screen into two tabs
  • Improved the type and status filtering to give users full control over what is exported

  • Shortcode added to optionally allow download by visitors, with date range selection on modified field.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect interpretation of '0' in custom fields.
  • Improved code that tests for the new field naming convention.
  • Moved menus and reworked all screens
  • Added file cleanup function (remove files after 1 day)
  • Added export id to files and throughout code to handle concurrency
  • Replaced download code with new class

  • Post type filtering bug fixed.

  • Fixed mark_done bug.
  • Added option to export/import attachment post types
  • Added check to make sure the uploaded file is smaller than post_max and upload_max PHP ini settings
  • Added modified_date and post_mime_type to exported field list
  • Fixed a small bug with future posts incorrectly being marked as 'Missed Schedule'
  • Improved AJAX error reporting

  • Fixed bug causing hidden fields to always export.
  • Errors generated during AJAX calls will now be displayed

  • Fixed bug causing fields to not line up correctly sometimes.

  • Fixed bug with hidden custom fields not exporting.
  • Added errors for when an old style import/export file is used.

  • New version to prevent the 'invalid header' error that some users were getting on install/upgrade

  • Added a debug setting to trace export operations (import to be added in future)
  • Overhaul of export code to improve handling of fields with the same name (ie a custom field called 'post_title')
  • All fields will now be exported with prefixes (ie wp_ID, wp_post_title, cf_this_is_custom_field, tx_post_tag)
  • Modified import to allow import of the new prefixed field names
  • Added code to prevent deprecated warning for inconv_set_encoding call in PHP > 5.6
  • By request, posts in 'trash' can now be exported

  • Minor bug fixes related to the 'no posts found' problem. (Thank you napcok and mcdorf!)

  • Fixed bug in download_view
  • Eliminated several more error notices
  • mysqli_real_escape_string warnings addressed

  • Fixed bug with permissions setting
  • Changed function name in download_view to prevent a reported conflict.
  • Added a PHP version check before calling of the deprecated iconv_set_encoding function
  • Fixed various PHP Notice errors
  • Changed mysql to mysqli

  • Export should now work for those who have specified a db port in wp-config.php

  • Empty exports will hopefully no longer happen. Bug affecting users with more recent versions of PHP.

  • Improved logic for finding/creating a usable CSV folder, and also now provide better feedback when there are problems.

  • Added fix for security vulnerability

  • Added post status filter (sponsored feature addition)
  • Fixed an incompatibility bug reported for WP 3.9
  • Protocol independent urls for better compatibility when served over HTTPS

  • Enhancement: URL decode taxonomy items before import/export.

  • Fixed bug with taxonomy import causing duplicates under some circumstances
  • Added dropdown to settings to make it possible for non-administrators to access

  • Fixed bug relating to new posts always being 'published'. Now you can set to 'draft' etc for newly created posts if you wish.

  • Fixed bug relating to export of custom post types.

  • Fixed bug with import and export when the separator characters are different to defaults.
  • Fixed bug that was causing settings to be wiped under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed small javascript error that was preventing import and export working for some users

  • Testing of 50000+ records has been done, with some small optimizations.
  • Added report messages to give feedback about memory usage, etc.
  • Plugin now ready to be internationalized (POT file in 'lang' sub-folder, please send me MO files in your language).
  • Several more minor enhancements and bug fixes, based on feedback.

  • Will now export posts with 'pending' status
  • Misc bugfixes and tidy up.

  • Compatible with WP 3.8
  • Improved look and feel
  • Improved memory management greatly, should now be able to process much larger numbers of posts and adapt better to available resources
  • More helpful error reporting

  • Improved error handling and user feedback for badly formatted taxonomy terms.

  • Added row limit and row offset as a work around for when memory limit/timeouts are being hit
  • Added post and page to the post type filter, for greater control over what exports

  • Enabled export of 'hidden' post meta fields
  • Added include/exclude filtering for fields
  • Convert complex (serialized) custom fields to JSON and back

  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed post_author bug (non-existant user ids will now export blank)

  • Fixed minor export bug

  • Added support for custom taxonomies (NOTE: Old export files are not compatible since the column heading names have changed)
  • Added a check for iconv support
  • Tweak to reduce memory footprint (experimental)

  • Added a custom post type filter for export (thanks to Phillip Temple for the idea and for submitting the code)

  • Added error checking and helpful messages when the wrong data is put into the Author field.
  • Improved validation of comma separated category lists

  • Added support for post_author field.

  • Fixed: Error 'creating default object from empty value'.

  • Enhancement: Plugin will now automatically create a backup folder in one of 4 locations (in order of preference) and add an .htaccess file to prevent unauthorized download.

  • Fixed: Another session bug

  • Fixed: Session bug preventing download of CSVs
  • Fixed: Version string not being updated
  • Added: Automatic search and/or creation of a safe download folder

  • Fixed: mysqli_real_escape_string issue

  • Fixed: minor incompatibility with WP 3.5

  • Fixed: minor incompatibility with PHP 5.4
  • Fixed: small improvement to the download mechanism

  • Made csv file path configurable

  • Initial upload

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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