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WP-CRM - Customer Relations Management for WordPress

Organize your business clients, improve user management.


  • Updated libraries.
  • Fixed permission issues.
  • Fixed conflict with wpMandrill plugin.


  • Updated plugin initialisation logic.
  • Removed unwanted libraries.


  • Added new column to messages list with Source association.
  • Fixed warnings and notices.


  • Fixed the bug when UsabilityDynamics Admin Notices could not be dismissed.
  • Fixed warnings and notices.
  • Fixed localizations.


  • Fixed incorrect behaviour on custom 'Install Plugins' page after depended plugins ( Add-ons ) activation.
  • Fixed the way of widgets initialization. Compatibility with WordPress 4.3 and higher.
  • Fixed issue for forms submissions.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.


  • Changed plugin initialization functionality.
  • Added Composer ( dependency manager ) modules and moved some functionality to composer modules ( vendors ).
  • Added doing WP-CRM Settings backup on upgrade to new version. Get information about backup: get_option('wp_crm_settings_backup');
  • Moved premium features to separate plugins.
  • Cleaned up functionality of plugin.
  • Refactored file structure of plugin.
  • Refactored 'View All' page.
  • Fixed performance issue.
  • Fixed user profile page UI.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.


  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • Fixed CSV export.
  • Localization updated.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.
  • General code cleanup.


  • Fixed showing logs data.
  • Fixed form submitting issue with empty dropdowns and checkboxes.
  • MultiSite support fix.
  • Style fixes.


  • Updated libraries.


  • Added back-end styles compatibility with WordPress 3.8 and higher.
  • Fixed default role on user creation.
  • Fixed general send notification functionality.
  • Fixed notification sending on 'User Registration' event.
  • Fixed text/textarea/date attributes values with predefined options.
  • Fixed some localization issues related to dynamic values.
  • Updated Portuguese (BR) Localization.
  • Updated Russian (RU) Localization.


  • Fixed Activity Stream metabox.
  • Fixed WP-Invoice connection ("From" notification field).
  • Fixed CSV User Export.


  • Added column sort functionality on overview ('All people') page
  • Fixed activity stream.
  • Improved notification's functionality.


  • Fixed fatal error on new user creation.
  • WordPress MU compatibility fixes.


  • Fixed profile page metaboxes.


  • Added WordPress MU compatibility.
  • Fixed JavaScript error on edit user page.
  • Fixed layout bug in contact form in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fixed bug with Activity Stream when all users see all activity items.
  • Fixed profile page metaboxes layout.
  • Fixed security issue with file with the name that contains 'cookie'.
  • Updated Portuguese Localization.
  • Updated Russian Localization.


  • Added WordPress 3.5 compatibility.
  • Added Detailed Activity log page which displayed when detailed activity tracking is enabled.
  • Updated Russian Localization.


  • Added ability to create user without email.
  • Added Russian localization.
  • Fixed prohibition of user updating without changing email.
  • Fixed BCC functionality on notification sending.
  • Added fix to hide blank user stream messages.
  • Added fix to Color Scheme: option to not be shown when there are no color schemes available.


  • Added WordPress 3.4-RC1 compatibility.
  • Added ability to set Capability Role on user's edit page
  • Added ability to view/remove uploaded files (File Uploader field).
  • Added "Email" field Ajax validation on user's edit page.
  • Fixed jQuery UI scripts and styles adding.
  • Fixed File Uploader: If a user does not have the necessary capabilities the field will not be displayed.
  • Fixed Quick Password Reset functionality.
  • Fixed Access for non-admin users to their profile if common User management was replaced by WP-CRM
  • Fixed All Peoples page Filter
  • Fixed toggling of filter options on All Peoples page.
  • Fixed selecting of active menu item when Profile user's page loaded.
  • Screen Options and Metabox functionality fixes.
  • Modified advanced actions.
  • Deprecated and removed "Add a general note" Button.
  • Standardize Display Names was fixed.
  • Replaced "From name" on sending Group messages from default 'WordPress' to sender e-mail address which is set on CRM Settings page.
  • Updated Contextual help.



  • BuddyPress profile integration. Now you have the ability to make WP-CRM data fields to be displayed in users' BuddyPress profiles.
  • User attribute grouping ability added. Grouped attributes will be separated between different metaboxes in the back-end.
  • Activity stream limits. You can limit users' activity streams to be showing a specific number of entities.
  • New Contextual Help. It became fully compatible with WordPress 3.3+. Every information block has it's tab now.
  • Other small improvements of functionality and UI.


  • Proper plugin PATH and URL determining.
  • Added capabilities: "Change Passwords", "Change Color Scheme".
  • Sender email address fixed in "CRM Group Messages" Premium Feature.
  • Major fix to messaging function of "CRM Group Messages" Premium Feature.
  • Fix for PDF report generating function of "CRM Group Messages" Premium Feature.
  • Fix for option "Allow user accounts to be created without an e-mail address".


  • Added Date Picker input option.
  • Updated Notifications to send checkbox and dropdown values correctly, concatenating multiple values with a comma when they exist.
  • Fixed issue with user activity messages not saving.
  • Fixed "Required" validation for text areas.


  • Fix for WP Network Compatibility.


  • "Change Passwords" capability added. When WP-CRM is used as profile editor, users with this capability disabled cannot change passwords, even if they have rights to edit users. On update WP-CRM will add the Change Passwords to all roles that have the edit_users capability.
  • "Change Color Scheme" capability added, which if removed will not let a user change their, or any other user's, color scheme.
  • Added better BuddyPress integration - link to a user's BuddyPress profile can be enabled to display on the overview table for quick access.
  • Added Google Analytics Event tracking to shortcode forms.
  • Added Admin Bar and Color Scheme selection UI to CRM profiles.
  • Added option to standardize Display Names by using values from other user attributes.
  • Improvements to WP-Property integration to allow properties associated with an inquiry to be displayed on the Messages page.
  • Required input fields that also have dropdown options now require that a dropdown value is selected during validation, in addition to text.
  • Added "My Profile" link to WP-CRM navigation menu.
  • Added admin color picker to WP-CRM profile editor (located in Advanced User Settings)
  • Disabled changing role of own profile.
  • "Your Profile" link in header directs to CMR profile when "Replace default WordPress User page with WP-CRM." is enabled.
  • Added support for User Avatar plugin to display avatar uploading functions in Special Actions metabox on profile page.
  • Added new redirection rules for when default User management is set to be replaced by WP-CRM management
  • Added option to disable automatic line-break conversion in Notification Messages content.
  • Added actions: wp_crm_data_structure_attributes
  • Added actions: show_user_profile, edit_user_profile same as on standard users page for third-party plugin hooks. API-added functionality is organized under 'Personal Options' and 'Additional Settings' metaboxes.
  • Added WordPress 3.3 compatibility.
  • Developer Note: added conditional body classes to profile page: 'wp_crm_existing' if current profile is for existing user and 'wp_crm_new_user' if new user creation.


  • Ability to create user accounts without e-mail addresses.
  • Shortcode forms verify that a user with an e-mail address does not already exist before processing form.
  • Shortcode form notifications can be enabled even when no message has been filled out.
  • Fake users created via the plugin can be deleted in one click.
  • Bug fix with user fields not being able to be blanked out.
  • User search filter automatically removes white space.
  • Added visualization for incoming shortcode form messages.
  • Added extra classes to shortcode form on the front-end.
  • bbPress forum participation can be displayed on user overview.
  • WP-Invoice integration - invoices can be seen in CRM profile.


  • Added hook to add new user password reset link to user profile stream.
  • Associated objects, such as properties, are now associated with messages when the shortcode form shortcode is filled out from a property page.


  • Added graphs for displaying quantifiable attributes.
  • Fixes to avoid deletion of existing users when reviewing received messages.
  • Added default data that is installed on first run to include shortcode form messages and notifications.
  • Added filtering options to shortcode form tab.
  • Setup default UI settings for metabox layout.
  • Added a setting for default "system" e-mail address.
  • Added contextual help to user editing page.


  • Added check to prevent self-deletion.
  • Added hook to check if bbPress exists, and display user statistics in their CRM profile.
  • Improved connection with WPI where "Total Sales" can not be seen for users from overview screen.


  • Much improved capability management. New capabilities: View Profiles, View Overview, Manage Settings, Add User Messages, Send Group Message (premium)
  • Fixed issue with capabilities not being added automatically on plugin activation (a refresh was necessary before


  • When a user is deleted their posts and pages are kept by being reassigned to the user doing the deleting action, and then being trashed.
  • Invoices from WP-Invoice are displayed in a metabox in the CRM profile.


  • Added ability to force download premium features.
  • Styling fixes to Settings page "Plugin" tab.


  • User CSV Export.
  • WP-Invoice items can be viewed on the user's CRM profile page.
  • Minor UI Improvements.


  • Renamed jquery.cookies.js to jquery.smookie.js to avoid issues with certain hosts that blocks files with the word 'cookie' in the name.
  • Many updates to Contact Forms feature. Shortcode can now have use_current_user and success_message arguments. use_current_user argument pre-fills the form with currently logged in user's information, and success_message sets the message to display upon successful submittal of form.
  • Added ability to mark attributes as required.
  • If a Shortcode Form does not have a message, it is not displayed on the "Messages" screen after submitted. Shortcode Forms can effectively be used as front-end profile updating tools.
  • Fields can be set to be "uneditable". This can be used for adding a field such as "User Login" which is set by WordPress, and in most cases should not be directly editable.
  • Added "Description" field, which allows descriptions to be displayed next to input fields on profile screen.
  • Added function to delete log entries.
  • Added wp_crm_after_{$slug}_input filter which is ran after an input field is rendered.
  • Added wp_crm_render_input action which can be used for custom input types.
  • Fixed Entry Log date picker styles.
  • Minor UI Improvements on overview and settings pages.


  • UI fixes to overview screen (roles are now collapsed too)
  • Ability to build predefined attribute lists from taxonomies.
  • Ability to add JavaScript callback function to shortcode forms.
  • Ability to call shortcode forms via AJAX
  • Few fixes to DataTable sorting.
  • UI improvements to the way checkboxes are displayed.
  • Minor change to collapsible filters UI on overview page.


  • Added option to disable "All" users instead of paginating.
  • Added a wp_crm_add_to_user_log() function for easy user log modification.
  • Improved wp_crm_save_user_data() for better API.


  • Fixed some issues with contact form user creation.
  • Fixed issue with user deletion.
  • Added option to have WP-CRM replace default User Management menu.


  • Minor fix with message notifications.
  • Better screenshots included.


  • Added screenshots.


  • Minor release.
  • Adding tutorial videos to WordPress plugin page.
  • Few UI fixes.


  • Initial public release.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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