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WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection uses aggressive techniques in protecting your online content (text/source/images/video/audio) from being stolen.


  • First release version
  • Fixed bug that disabled user input via contact form
  • Added function to disable Print via keyboard (CTRL+P)


  • Re-enabled text selection (giving users more "freedom"). However, users are still unable to copy any selected text
  • Fixed User input error (this error prevented users from text input via contact, search, and comment forms)
  • Fixed a bug in mobile text protection code (conflicted with Chrome specific user input)
  • Fixed Javascript drop down menu functionality
  • Revamped iFrame breaking code


  • Added function to automatically remove the image link URL and defaults the image upload settings to 'none' (deters image theft)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented text input (via forms) in Chrome browsers
  • Did some housekeeping


  • added settings page
  • Cleared ctrl + f5 (hard refresh) issue - no longer conflicts with other ctrl key functions
  • Cleared bug that caused dropdown and user input issues
  • Changed readme.txt and corrected typo errors
  • Removed included screenshots
  • General housekeeping

  • fixed callback error
  • fixed bug in mobile hold/copy function
  • changed settings page
  • edited readme.txt
  • added tester area links in pro.php
  • fixed user input bug for Chrome browsers
  • added notice to plugin settings page

  • fixed user input bug (for Chrome browsers)
  • changed settings page and added notice
  • fixed bug in mobile text select function
  • edited readme.txt
  • general housekeeping


  • fixed bug in mobile text selection function (hold to copy)
  • made changes to included pro page and fixed typo errors
  • made changes to readme file

  • changed settings page (added new text, removed some text, fixed typo error)
  • renamed pro.php page to settings.php (modified the fwpconsec.php accordingly)
  • added license URI to fwpconsec.php file header
  • decreased tag count in readme.txt file (best practice)
  • changed plugin description in fwpconsec.php file header
  • general housekeeping and cleaning

  • removed imagetoolbar meta from code due to conflict with head content
  • removed deprecated code and replaced with correct syntax
  • added padding to JS error message
  • modified readme file
  • general housekeeping


  • re-enabled text selection as users could bypass mouse/keyboard copy on selected text by using the browser copy function (text select disabled = nothing to copy even from browser copy option)
  • reconstructed and upgraded settings page
  • added donation link (settings file)
  • general housekeeping and code cleanup
  • upgraded from v1.0.5.2 - v1.0.6
  • updated and tested compatibility with WP v3.7.1
  • updated readme.txt file

  • removed duplicate javascript function from code
  • corrected author name (display issue)
  • upgraded from v1.0.6 - v1.0.6.1
  • updated settings.php page
  • updated readme.txt file
  • general housekeeping

  • tested compatibility with v3.8
  • changed version number
  • changed support email
  • corrected typo error

  • general housekeeping
  • fixed typos in readme.txt
  • updated settings.php page


  • updated compatibility (tested up to 3.9)
  • changes in readme.txt
  • changes in settings.php
  • changes in fwpconsec.php


  • addressed conflict with theme appearance/customization (fwpconsec and readme)
  • added missing feature in readme description
  • removed some unnecessary spacing in code
  • changed external URLs in settings
  • changed default (blank) index.php
  • added new question to readme faq
  • upgraded from v1.0.7-v1.0.8
  • fixed iFrame code comment

  • added new function (ctrl+s = document saving) to keyboard copy protection. Now prevents keyboard shortcut to saving documents/webpages.
  • fixed typo error in fwpconsec.php (caused code comments to display in UI)
  • renamed plugin name due to conflict with another plugin
  • renamed php files (fwpconsec.php to wpccpl.php)
  • made changes to settings/readme files
  • made changes to blank index.php
  • pushed from v1.0.8-v1.0.8.1
  • general housekeeping

  • disabled iframe breaking code due to conflict with theme customizer
  • added new function = disabled key command responsible for opening developer tools (another way of viewing source code)
  • renamed plugin name (previous plugin conflict resolved)
  • changed plugin version from v1.0.8.1-v1.0.8.2
  • tested all current functions with v3.9
  • made changes to readme

  • disabled bookmark feature (used as a bypass measure in viewing source code)
  • closed style tags in mobile copy disable function
  • tested plugin compatibility with v3.9.1
  • general housekeeping

  • removed js for iframe breaking function
  • added X-Frame-Options HTTP response header as iframe breaker alternative
  • made readme.txt changes to include workaround
  • general housekeeping

  • compressed javascript (increase execution times and reduce bandwidth/http requests)
  • cleaned up settings page
  • disabled ctrlv key
  • changed readme.txt

  • corrected typo errors
  • general housekeeping


  • minor code changes
  • enabled context menu on href tags
  • general housekeeping
  • upgraded v1.1.2


  • fixed img drag/drop bug

  • minified css
  • added settings link to plugin menu in dashboard
  • updated plugin from v1.1.3 - v1.1.3.2
  • tested compatibility on WordPress v4.0
  • general housekeeping

  • disabled quickfind option (can be used to bypass all other keyboard commands)
  • changed plugin and author URI along with support email
  • modified JavaScript validation error message
  • made changes to settings.php and readme.txt
  • general housekeeping
  • upgraded v1.1.3.3


  • tested compatibility with core v4.1.1
  • added rating link setting in plugin menu
  • changed version number
  • general housekeeping

  • tested context functions on default video and audio embeds
  • upgraded readme.txt

  • otimized JS validation (includes an idle redirect when disabled in user browser)
  • corrected upgrade notice version number
  • readme.txt and settings changes
  • general housekeeping

  • tested compatibility with core 4.1.2
  • changed support email
  • changed stable tag


  • added function to secure uploads dir from direct user access (without this function, all images and uploads can be accessed by default)
  • modified index.php file (this file will be copied to user's uploads dir)
  • changed stable tag (v1.1.5)


  • tested compatibility with core 4.2.2
  • extended uploads dir protection function to include subdirectories
  • general housekeeping


  • removed conflicting redeclare issue with another plugin
  • updated the readme file and settings page
  • general housekeeping

  • removed idle redirect in js disable function due to conflict with open graph protocol
  • tested functionality alongside social sharing (no issues present)
  • removed duplicated code
  • altered keywords

  • added pro link on plugin screen
  • tested compatibility on core 4.2.4
  • modified plugin description in plugin screen
  • modified keywords in readme file
  • minor housekeeping on wpccpl.php, settings.php and readme files

  • tested compatibility with core 4.3
  • minor link change in settings file
  • changed version number

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 40,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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