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WP-CMS Post Control

Hides metabox controls on the write/edit post & page admin screens for each user role. Also controls autosave, trash time and saved revisions.

How do I delete content and not use the trash?

In plugin version 2.9 a new control was created for setting the number of posts to keep in the trash - if you don't wish to use the trash functionality set this to 0 days.

I'm using version 2.8 and get a parse error on activation and can't activate the plugin?

Thanks for reporting - this is due to you having an older version of PHP on your server compared to what I'm testing on. I've made the code backwards compatible in version 2.81, so update and you should be fine!

I'm using WordPress 3.6 (or above) and revisions controls don't work?

Update to plugin version 2.7 or above, it has been updated to support new revisions controls.

I'm using WordPress 3.5x and revisions controls don't work?

The last version of this plugin to support WordPress 3.5x is v2.6, you should think about upgrading when you can - we are ready for you!

My Slug and Featured image controls don't do anything?

Your WordPress theme has to specifically support these features, if they are not enabled the controls won't enable the function. Ask your theme designer to update their theme if required!

I'm using v2.x - the automatic WordPress update isn't working!

Please use version 2.4 and above to fix this glitch.

I'm using v2.2x with WordPress 3.0 - post options work but the page options do nothing!

2.3 (and above) fixes this glitch in WordPress 3.0 - with the introduction of custom post types things have changed a bit and I have now amended the plugin to accommodate this.

I'm using v2.2x with WordPress 2.9 (or below) - post options and/or other things don't work!

2.22 was the last version with WordPRess 2.9 compatibility. If you are using an earlier version of WordPress you really should upgrade - you get lots of cool new stuff and a faster, smarter WordPress!

I'm using v2.x and I have some error messages appear at the top of the screen.

2.2 (and above) fixes this glitch - thanks for the feedback!

I used versions of this plugin prior to v2 and sometimes the controls wouldn't re-appear once deactivated.

2.0 and above is a complete re-write using a new method to remove the controls. Because of this, these issues are now completely resolved.

Can you change the options for any user role?

YES! Administrators, editors, authors and contributors can all have different settings.

Can devious users still reveal the controls if they are hidden using tools like Firebug?

NO! All of the core controls are removed in a completely different way now - not just hidden with CSS. They can't be revealed by hacking the browser rendered CSS, as they are not even rendered to the page anywhere!

What options get used if I hide a control - like pingbacks and trackbacks?

The global options you set in the main WordPress options are used.

How do I delete the option(s) out of my database permanently?

In v2.1 and above just deactivate the plugin and then delete it using the WordPress plugin page option (not just of your server via FTP!). When the plugin is deleted through WordPress, it also deletes the option(s) from the database options table that are created.

What happens if I activate/deactivate this plugin?

In v2.1 the options are set to be persistent - so if you deactivate the plugin and re-enable it, the settings will remain saved. Delete the plugin to delete the saved database options.

I installed v.2.0 and I dont have autosave and other options

These are now restored in v2.1 and above. Click on the core functions link at the top of the screen, or Post Control Core in the sidebar under Settings to turn off autosaves, revisions and the Flash uploader.

It's not working!

Make sure you are using the latest version! V2.0+ is designed for WordPress 2.9 and above. If you are using a version older than that, you will have to use an older version of the plugin - and really should think about upgrading, this plugin is ready for you!

Ensure you have the plugin installed in the correct directory - you should have a directory called wp-cms-post-control in your plugins directory. Inside there should be another directory called inc.

What you got planned?

I've got quite a few things I'd like to do with this plugin, but don't hold your breath waiting for them to happen... you may burst!

Wow, good work - I LOVE this plugin, and you did it all by yourself?

What began as inherited code has now been completely re-written in v2.0 to use new methods and best practices in WordPress plugin development by Jonny. The first codebase began as a plugin build by Brady J. Frey and I maintained this version for some time, but version 2 is a complete re-write from the ground up.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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