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WP Church Center


WP Church Center enables churches to set up a central hub of next steps for their members.
Unlimited cards to inform your members and make it easy for them to get involved, signup, or find out more.

NEW in Version 1.3:

  • Change or remove the /card/ slug in URLs
  • Group Cards into categories
  • Insert cards using the new [wpcc] shortcode.
  • Set cards to be unlisted/hidden in the Center
  • Have a separate Favicon for your Center
  • Control SEO settings for your Center

Features include:

  • 4 layout options (grid, small card, list, and card views)
  • Colour customization options
  • Header and footer customization options
  • Cards utilise and display any kind of WordPress content
  • Mobile first and fully responsive
  • Works as standalone site, or as part of your existing WordPress site

Check out a demo at


  • Editing Settings in the Customizer
  • Editing a card
  • An example card


1). Download the plugin

2). Install the plugin by either:
extracting the .zip file and uploading the entire wp-church-center folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of our web server.
go to Plugins > Add New in the WordPress Admin and upload the .zip file.

3). Activate the Plugin. You should see a ‘Cards’ menu item.
You’ll need to set up some settings for your centre in the ‘Church Center’ section of the Customizer (Appearance > Customizer). These will allow you to alter the appearance of your hub – editing the header, footer and other details of how things look.

4). If you’re having ‘page not found’ issues when trying to view single cards – try saving your permalinks under Settings > Permalinks.

5). Add/Edit Cards in the same way you would with any other content

6). You can add your ‘Center’ to any page using the [wpcc] shortcode. It supports the following attributes to adjust the display: `[wpcc count=10 card_group=’your_card_group_slug’ layout=”small_card”]



August 11, 2017
I’ve been using this plugin for about 2 months and in that short time, I have been able to see how great the developers are. For a free product, they provide the premier support that you would expect from a paid product. The Facebook group is also great as they are very active there as well as the subscribers. The interface is clean and straightforward. Highly recommended/
August 11, 2017
I’ve been working with this plugin now for a bit and it is amazing that this thing is free! They even have fantastic support for a free plugin. So far I’ve not encountered any issues with it.
August 9, 2017
This plugin does a great job of creating a ‘hub’ that can be used as a simplified site for church members, or as a kiosk within a church building. I love it!
June 23, 2017
This plugin elegantly handles adding ‘Next Steps’ to a church website in a flexible and comprehensive way. Developers are super responsive and helpful.
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– FEATURE: Allow custom ‘back’ link on cards
– FEATURE: Set up default view for ‘Card Group’ taxonomy pages
– BUG: No PHP notice when cards are empty

– Fix bug with card links

– Checks for compatability with WordPress 5.4

– FEATURE: You can use a custom slug in the URL instead of “/card/”
– FEATURE: Cards can now be grouped in a ‘Card Group’ taxonomy
– FEATURE: Cards can now be ‘unlisted’ so they don’t show in card lists or grids
– FEATURE: You can now add a Favicon for your center
– UPDATED: Update bundled ACF version to 5.7.9
– UPDATED: Moved Customizer settings and Added SEO area
– UPDATED: Ensure social icons work with FontAwesome 5
– BUG: Fix Vertical scroll for cards on small screens
– BUG: Tidy up styles for list view
– BUG: Fix incorrect display of footer on Card view.

– UPDATED: updated bundled version of ACF to support WordPress 5.0

– UPDATED: More robust styles for the mobile menu
– UPDATED: Tidy up php files to remove additional headers

– BUG: Make sure admin bar can be hidden
– BUG: Make sure the_content() never displays within cards
– BUG: Ensure that iframes and images with captions are contained by the card
– UPDATED: Set up card title and single titles to be filtered by plugins
– UPDATED: Better title styles for Small Cards
– UPDATED: Change the filtering of content and titles on the single-card views
– UPDATED: Add filters to OG:tags and Twitter tags

– UPDATED: Higher priority for our custom ‘single’ template so it overides some themes with ‘builder’ templates
– UPDATED: Introduce new style for selecting Card Type.
– UPDATED: Add filters to the single card so we can change it with addons?
– UPDATED: Change the way we output content within the cards.
– UPDATED: Allow Cards to be Password Protected
– BUG: Stop changing the order on all taxonomies in the site
– BUG: Don’t disable stylesheets in admin

– BUG: make addon scripts exempt from being disabled

– Add extra actions and filters to allow addons to change card behaviours
– Manually include WordPress’ Media management scripts

– Add filter for Card Link

– UPDATED: Tested up to WP 4.9
– UPDATED: Add filter to allow for new PCO giving plugin
– UPDATED: Update to v5.x of Advanced Custom Fields

– UPDATED: Updated Advanced Custom Fields to v4.4.12
– BUG FIX: Return footer to desktop view of Card home page
– BUG FIX: Only include


p> tag for Subtitle if there is one
– BUG FIX: Fix permalink refresh on activation
– FEATURE: Add FitVids.js to make sure videos maintain aspect ratio

– BUG FIX: Logos no longer stretch out of shape in header (thanks @maco)
– BUG FIX: Remove anonymous functions that choke old PHP versions
– BUG FIX: specific list styles to allow for DIVI
– BUG FIX: Add class and styling to for when weird styles are applied in some themes
– BUG FIX: Now an option to set a title on the ‘church website’ link in the menu
– BUG FIX: More robust styling for ‘cards’ view on small screens

– CHANGED: Start using a version number on our stylesheet and scripts to get around aggressive caching
– BUG FIX: Make sure stylesheet for MediaElement isn’t disabled

– FEATURE: Added option to have a custom URL on the site logo
– CHANGED: More specific classes on header (.wpccHeader) & footer (.wpccFooter) for more robust styling
– BUG: External links now open in new tab if option is selected
– BUG: Disappearing toolbar buttons now show correctly

– FEATURE: Add architecture to allow for WPCC Addons
– FEATURE: Add new ‘External Link’ card type
– FEATURE: More robust menu button for small screens

– FEATURE/BUG FIX: Use CDN version of icons
– FEATURE: Add option for maximum number of columns on Small Card view
– FEATURE: More robust type styles on cards

– BUG FIX: Fix error on Twitter card image

– FEATURE: Add drag-and-drop sorting
– FEATURE: Add option for scroll direction on small screens
– FEATURE: Add new ‘Small Card’ layout
– FEATURE: Add a whole suite of new design/layout options for more variety
– FEATURE: Add link to “Center home” in admin menu
– BUG FIX: Fix undefined_constant error that sometimes appears
– BUG FIX: More robust styles to override custom themes
– BUG FIX: Escape all the html (and urls) so things are secure
– BUG FIX: Use a variable for our image field – so it works on older PHP versions
– BUG FIX: Lots of small tweaks and bug fixes

– BUG FIX: remove hover background behind menu items
– BUG FIX: Use a variable for our image field – so it works on older PHP versions
– BUG FIX: Make body BG more specific so it overrides installed theme
– BUG FIX: Simplify permalinks so they always work.

– FEATURE: Flush rewrite rules on plugin activation/deactivation
– FEATURE: Add styles for card view when ‘swiping’ isn’t used.
– BUG FIX: Fix Instagram link
– BUG FIX: Default colours for social icons
– BUG FIX: More robust menu styles to allow for longer text
– BUG FIX: tidy up theme switcher
– BUG FIX: WPCC javascript not loading when scripts disabled

– BUG FIX: Include ACF later to avoid conflict with themes using ACF Pro
– BUG FIX: More robust OG & Twitter meta tags
– Tweaks to logo & header styling
– Make card header shorter on mobile screens
– Tidy up ReadMe.txt

v1.0 First release of core plugin