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WP Catalogue

WP Catalogue - the best way to display your digital product catalogue.

Can I sell products through this plugin?

No. There are already lots of good eCommerce plugins that you can use to sell things. WP Catalogue is different - it is used for people who want to show a catalogue of products ONLY, not for selling things online.

I'm getting a 404 error

Please go to Settings > Permalinks and resave your permalink structure.

How can I customise the design?

You can do some basic presentation adjustments via WP Catalogue > Settings. Beyond this, you can completely customise the design via your theme css. You can use !important attribute to override the plugin css if needed.

What are the Inner Page Header and Footer fields in Settings for?

In some themes the WP Catalogue does not know which page template to use for inner pages of the catalogue. You can fix this on the Settings screen by manually adding your Inner Template Header and Inner Template Footer. There are several threads in the support forum with specific examples so please run a search. Or check the documentation here.

My main catalogue page works fine but the inner pages are broken

Please see previous FAQ point.

The layout is broken

It's most likely just a matter of tweaking the css. In particular check the width of the right column that holds the catalogue items as this is the most common cause of layout issues. Remember, if you want to make changes to how the catalogue displays you need to do it in your theme css not in the plugin css. You can use the !important attribute to override the plugin css.

Can I use WP Catalogue in my Language?

Yes, the plugin is internationalized and ready for translation. If you would like to help with a translation please contact me You can also use it WPML. After installing and activating both plugins, go to WPML > Translation Management > Multilangual Content Setup > scroll all the way down > tick the checkbox 'custom posts' and 'custom taxanomies' for this post type, set to 'Translate'.

Can import/export my catalogue?

Yes. You can import/export catalogue data using the built in WordPress function via Tools. It may not import the images (although it will import the file paths) so you will need to copy across all your catalogue images from your old site to the new site uploads folder via FTP. If images still appear broken or missing then you might need to run a search and replace tool to correct the image filepaths for your new site.

Where can I get support for this plugin?

If you've tried all the obvious stuff and it's still not working please request support via the forum.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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