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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Bulletin Board

WP Bulletin Board (WPBB) is an easy to use forum for your WordPress site with Facebook and Twitter features.


  • Fixes missing private message delete file


  • Update to fix missing files required by plugin without users needing to modify plugin manually.


  • Fixes issue with theme integration
  • Anything you can display or create in the WP dashboard editor will now be available in the WPBB editor, e.g. shortcodes, etc.
  • Fixes some strings not setup for translation correctly
  • If a guest cannot access a forum, displays a login / register message instead of insufficient permissions error.


  • Fixes bug where topic/post last reply is not updating after editing or deleting a post or topic and incorrect last post author name on the forum view.
  • Fixes bug with incorrect username when editing a post/topic when not an administrator
  • Fixes guest compatibility with last post feature


  • Role permissions added which allow you to set whether a role can edit, lock, delete or sticky only their own topics or posts or everyones.
  • Now compatible with wordpress versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.5
  • Fixes error in topic post editor
  • (un)read topics are now used per user instead of globally as it should be
  • Removed unneccessary forum prefix setting as you can include 'forum' in your own title
  • Fixed post count not changing when deleting topics and/or posts and when editing topics and posts.
  • Fixes a number of bugs translators encountered when trying to translate wpbb
  • Clicking the search box now clears the textbox, more javascript will be added in the future for those that use it
  • Added useful descriptions next to all the settings in the wpbb settings.
  • New tool added which allows you to recreate your forums page if it was accidentally deleted or didn't create for some reason
  • Last post/reply will now take you to that topic or post
  • You can no longer create empty topics, posts or messages or give them empty titles
  • You can now go straight to your newly created topic or post when creating a topic or reply.
  • Updated FAQ
  • Minor bug fixes and typos fixed.


  • Fixes permission bug.
  • Fixes language loading.
  • Removes twitter error message for now until I've found a better solution as it occasionally failed regardless of whether username exists.
  • Updated .POT file to v1.0.4 (1 difference from v1.0.3) for translators


  • Fixed duplicate go back link when replying to a topic
  • Fixed being able to reply to a locked topic, now only excludes admins and lock permission granted users
  • Users now have the option to lock or sticky a topic when creating a reply (if they have required permissions)
  • Fixed being able to choose topic status regardless of permission when creating a topic
  • Fixed being able to edit another users signature from the view profile page
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't delete a forum or subforum via the admin area
  • Permissions bug should now be fixed.
  • Now when deleting a category it affects everything inside it so if deleting a category you delete all forums/subforums/topics/posts within that category, if a subforum only that subforum, topics and posts etc.
  • Creating a topic and posting a reply now correctly checks the user has waited the required delay between posting
  • If enabled you will be able to set permissions for guests for forums and the posting delay works for guests as well
  • Moderator links e.g. edit, lock, delete etc are now only displayed if you have the required permissions.
  • Other, minor bug fixes


  • Fixed pagination from displaying when there is only 1 page
  • Fixed being able to view or post to non-existent forums/subforums/topics
  • View message layout now resembles view topic / post layout with some adjustments
  • Ability to reply to a message from the view message page
  • Fixed smilies from not displaying correctly in topic, post, profile and messages signature
  • Signature textarea is now more consistent across different themes
  • Fixed topics status from displaying incorrectly when editing a topic
  • Facebook and Twitter are disabled by default to prevent error messages
  • Fixed compose message link under default permalinks
  • Fixed delete message link
  • Fixed inability to use ID when editing topic, post author and when composing a message.
  • Improved maintenance message and reminder styling.
  • Updated links on FAQ & Support
  • You can now choose the default role a new facebook registration has in your settings
  • Fixed registering facebook accounts if registration is disabled


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed broken view message link
  • Fixed table layout when a category doesn't have any forums
  • Fixed broken link in message which is displayed to logged out users
  • Fixed some layout issues due to CSS files not loading early enough, also added some css options for links and changed default visited link colour to blue
  • Added pagination to unread topics, unanswered topics and messages
  • Rewrote wpbb_goback() function - now correctly takes you to the previous page or forum index depending on current location (should be implemented on all pages)
  • Fixed images not displaying in topics/posts
  • Added the plugin url to the script which is used in the footer if enabled
  • Fixed image links which were 404ing
  • Fixed custom permalinks issue when viewing sub forum or topic
  • Fixed CSS file paths, updated readme
  • Fixed incorrect folder issue
  • Updated readme
  • Fixed screenshots from not appearing on plugin page
  • Removed error_reporting() function from generating errors about other plugins


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 800+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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