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WP Bouncer

Only allow one device to be logged into WordPress for each user.


  • Added a user action link (hover over a user on the users.php page in the dashboard) to reset all sessions for a user.
  • Added wp_bouncer_session_ids hook to filter session ids when saving them. Passes $session_ids, $old_session_ids (before any were removed/bounced), and the current user's ID as parameters.
  • Added wp_bouncer_session_length hook to filter how long the session ids transients are set. This way, you can time the transients to expire at a specific time of day. Note that the transient is saved on every page load, so if you set it to 5 minutes, it's going to push it out 5 minutes on every page load. You should try to set it to (the number of seconds until midnight) or something like that.


  • Fixed some typos in the variables used to generate the session ids.
  • The fakesessid_{user_login} transients are now storing arrays of session ids. This allowed for multiple (but limited) sessions per user if wanted.
  • Added wp_bouncer_ignore_admins filter, if returning false even admins will be bounced.
  • Added wp_bouncer_redirect_url filter, which can be used to change the URL redirected to after being bounced.
  • Added wp_bouncer_number_simultaneous_logins filter, which can be set to limit logins to a number other than 1. 0 means unlimited logins.
  • Added wp_bouncer_login_flag in case you want to hook in and do something right before bouncing (or potentially stop the bouncing).


  • Admin accounts (specifically users with "manage_options" capability) are excluded from bounces. This will eventually be a setting once we setup a settings page.
  • Readme changes.


  • Fixed bug with how transients were being set and get.
  • Removed code in track_login that made sure you were logging in from login page. This will allow wp bouncer to kick in when logging in via wp_signon, etc.
  • Moved redirect url to a class property. Will eventually add a settings page for this and any other setting/configuration value.


  • First release!

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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