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Backup & Restore WPBackItUp

Backup plugin to create a full backup (files + database) that can be used to easily restore, duplicate, clone, or migrate any WordPress website.


*Release Date - December 22, 2016

  • FEATURE : Add Download logs option to support page.
  • UPDATE : Display review button after 2 successful backup or restore
  • FIX : Database table filter value reset when any other "Save" button hits
  • FIX : Fix issue notification message not being removed on license update
  • FIX : Add backupset file to import processor


*Release Date - November 23, 2016

  • FIX : Fix issue with purge when support zips missing
  • FIX : Fix data issue with default date 1970-01-01 for mySQl 5.7 strict mode


*Release Date - November 17, 2016

  • UPDATE : Add plugin updater
  • UPDATE : Update translations
  • UPDATE : Add success check icon to the downloadable row
  • FEATURE : Add setting to cleanup supporting zip files
  • UPDATE : Set upload_path & upload_url_path to empty on restore
  • UPDATE : Minor updates to background processing engine
  • FIX : Fix schema issue with default date 0000 for mySQl 5.7 strict mode
  • FIX : Fix data issue with default date 0000 for mySQl 5.7 strict mode


*Release Date - October 14, 2016

  • FIX : Remove reference to phar file causing issues with some customers


*Release Date - October 13, 2016

  • UPDATE : Updates to plugin to make responsive
  • UPDATE : Add about page
  • UPDATE : Updates to support page to used tab interface
  • UPDATE : Add task timeout setting


*Release Date - September 19, 2016

  • NEW FEATURE : Add max zip size option to settings page
  • NEW FEATURE : Add multiple email addresses and enhanced interface
  • UPDATE : Add filter for files with invalid names
  • UPDATE : Add encryption to backup - turned off in general release
  • UPDATE : Remove 500 SQL file limitation from backup
  • UPDATE : Add support for tables that don't contain table prefix.
  • UPDATE : Use Amazon API gateway for license activation. Fallback to direct on error.
  • FIX : Fix issue with table prefix in column name
  • FIX : Fix manifest generation issue for php 5.2
  • FIX : Add function exists check on mb_regex_encoding
  • FIX : Fix form body issue with activation
  • FIX : Fix issue with missing table prefix on restore
  • FIX : Fix issue with user update in snapshot tables


*Release Date - August 14, 2016

  • UPDATE : WordPress 4.6 support
  • UPDATE : Minify style sheets and javascript files
  • NEW FEATURE : Restore to different table prefix
  • NEW FEATURE : Add backup notes so that users can annotate backups
  • NEW FEATURE : Add database(db) file to backup which contains complete database export in single SQL file.


*Release Date - June 25, 2016

  • FIX : Correct issue with backup tasks not running for customers requiring login on all pages
  • FIX : Correct wp_remote_get issue with backup task runner


*Release Date - June 14, 2016

  • UPDATE : Migrate database export to use wpdb query utility
  • UPDATE : add SQLi detection and error logging
  • UPDATE : Minor job updates to support wpbackitup-safe
  • UPDATE : Enhancements to scheduling engine
  • UPDATE : Add new background processing engine to minimize WPCron Dependency
  • UPDATE : Move options table restore to last pass to minimize migration issues
  • UPDATE : Significant performance improvements to scheduled backups
  • FIX : Fix issue with single file backup set settings and manifest


*Release Date - April 18, 2016

  • FIX : Fix issue with license activation


*Release Date - March 10, 2016

  • NEW FEATURE : Add Single backup file feature
  • NEW FEATURE : Add import uploaded backup files
  • UPDATE : Update job duration formatting to include hours for large sites and long jobs
  • UPDATE : Add backup type to available backups grid.
  • UPDATE : Change database export to only use one method after successful export of first table
  • UPDATE : Add WPBackItUp about page
  • UPDATE : Add WPBackItUp logo to notification email
  • UPDATE : Allow no uploads on restore
  • UPDATE : Refresh backup list on successful backup without page
  • UPDATE : Add review plugin button and logo to backup view
  • UPDATE : Add site migration link to useful links
  • UPDATE : Add background color enhancement to new backups
  • UPDATE : Add setting for single file backup set
  • UPDATE : Update product name to WPBackItUp
  • FIX : Invalid error message on delete backup


Release Date - December 17, 2015

  • NEW FEATURE : Add scan and import feature to files dropped in wpbackitup root backup folder
  • UPDATE : Add error notice on license activation error
  • UPDATE : Updated job control table to increase job_name column to accommodate large site names
  • UPDATE : Add check on file inventory for valid folder
  • FIX : Update job names to sanitize file name, removing special characters and accents
  • FIX : Move extension load to initialization so that all dependencies are loaded first
  • FIX : Update database upgrade routines and use initialization hook


Release Date - December 10, 2015

  • NEW FEATURE : Add Remove Data on Uninstall option to setting
  • NEW FEATURE : Add filter your Files option to settings.
  • NEW FEATURE : Add batch size to database export and add setting
  • NEW FEATURE : Manifest File Enhancements - Add zip size to manifest during backup
  • NEW FEATURE : Manifest File Enhancements - Check zip size on restore
  • NEW FEATURE : Add database table filters
  • UPDATE : Change available backups list to use retention settings
  • UPDATE : Change text domain to support WordPress Language Packs
  • UPDATE : Change MySql NOW to PHP date to support older versions of MySql
  • UPDATE : Change backup name to WordPress site name
  • UPDATE : Turn on logging for all restores, bypass user setting
  • UPDATE : Add UI notification on save settings
  • UPDATE : Add wp-congig.php file to main backup file for reference
  • UPDATE : Add download and delete icons to available backups
  • UPDATE : Add split database backup into multiple files based on user settings
  • UPDATE : Add restore to support multiple database files
  • UPDATE : Major updates to backup & restore engine
  • UPDATE : Add allow no uploads on validation
  • UPDATE : Fix issue with generating warnings on file sort
  • FIX : Add backwards compatibility on zip file validation
  • Fix : Default table size to 0 on inventory
  • FIX : Fix issue with global filters for other backup plugins
  • FIX : Add check on exec function disabled
  • FIX : Add check on zip file size
  • Fix : Remove job table from filter.
  • Fix : Update db batch size setting to 10,000
  • Fix : Add logging on zip close


Release Date - October 4, 2015

  • UPDATE : Change text domain to support WordPress Language Packs


Release Date - September 15, 2015

  • FIX : Add default collation value for WordPress version <= 3.4
  • FIX : Add try catch & set_time_limit(0) to manual database export
  • FEATURE : WPBackItUp now officially supports WordPress multisite - WPBackItUp will now only be available on network admin site.
  • UPDATE : Add translation link to useful links widget
  • UPDATE : Added php & MySQL version info to log email
  • UPDATE : Add new job class - jobs will now be stored in the database instead of file system
  • FEATURE : New availability grid - displays backup duration and active jobs
  • UPDATE : Updates to support WordPress 4.3.1
  • UPDATE : Enhancements to cleanup processes
  • FEATURE : New Languages Added: Bengali, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian
  • FEATURE : Add notification bar to top of WPBackItUp dashboard.
  • UPDATE : Use filter iterator for file inventory to improve performance
  • UPDATE : Add ajax call to fetch next message in stack on dismiss
  • UPDATE : Add additional filters to folder ignore list
  • UPDATE : Add wildcard search for to folder ignore list
  • UPDATE : Free resources on manual database export to reduce memory footprint
  • UPDATE : Add additional error handling and logging to manual database export
  • UPDATE : Add connection check on manual export
  • Fix : Cleanup was not purging all job control records properly
  • Fix : Correct job locking(flock) warning message
  • Fix : Fix issue with multi-site form post
  • Fix : Update multi-site database export to backup all tables in database
  • UPDATE : Add expiration information to email notifications
  • Fix : Update uninstall to remove job table


Release Date - August 14, 2015

  • NEW : New Feature - Cancel backup
  • NEW : New Feature - Batch Size settings for plugins, themes, uploads
  • UPDATE: Add additional logging to data access methods.
  • UPDATE: Add base localization
  • UPDATE: Add new static logging class
  • UPDATE: Add logging to verify timeout error
  • UPDATE: Change backup file validation to be performed in multiple steps
  • UPDATE: Update backup to no longer use using .tmp extensions
  • UPDATE: Add new logging to track file sizes and capture zip file status before close
  • UPDATE: Add permission checking to files being added to zip
  • UPDATE: Check archive state on close and file count check
  • UPDATE: Additional logging to detect error on archive creation
  • UPDATE: Add filter for plugin wp-backitup on backup
  • UPDATE: Separate validation into smaller batches to support large WordPress sites
  • UPDATE: Add check for safe mode and ini_set instead of set_time_limit.
  • FIX : Fix to hide cancel button on backup error
  • FIX : Fix get_portonly() method


  • UPDATE: Add database size logging
  • UPDATE: Add WordPress and WPBackItUp version info to support email
  • UPDATE: Add logging to verify work files exist
  • FIX: Add fix to handle special characters in file names
  • FIX: Add fix to handle datediff for php versions <=5.3
  • FIX: Add fix to version compare utility method
  • FIX: Add fix to recursive directory iterator for php versions < 5.3
  • FIX: Ignore backwpup folders during backup
  • FIX: Fix missing database port issue
  • FIX: Add logging and clearstatcache to backup files
  • FIX: Remove use of GLOB_BRACE


  • UPDATE: Add multi-site support for database backup
  • UPDATE: Add WordPress 4.2 support
  • UPDATE: Enhance backup file validation
  • UPDATE: Add job table to better handle large backup jobs
  • UPDATE: Add logging additional logging to database export.
  • UPDATE: Add logging for is_file to make sure filtering properly.
  • UPDATE: Add logging to backup view to list all files contained in root backup folder.
  • UPDATE: Add logging to plugin meta update
  • FIX: Modify manual db export to write flush file buffer more frequently.
  • FIX: Change backup to use default batch size.
  • FIX: Correct job check error when no jobs available to purge.


  • FEATURE:Add job data to cleanup routine
  • FIX: Add wp-cron task on schedule check to fix issue with scheduled backups not running.
  • FIX: Write response file before status update.
  • UPDATE: Cancel all scheduled jobs on plugin activation & deactivation.
  • UPDATE: Add additional logging to job scheduler.
  • UPDATE: Add additional logging to manifest creation.
  • UPDATE: Add additional logging to add files to backup.


  • UPDATE: Change support request to forward to new support email address.
  • UPDATE: Leave copy of log in logs folder so when included when support logs are sent
  • UPDATE: Add additional logging on site info backup & DB export


  • Updates: Make registration section easier to use and add more status information
  • Updates: Add backups section with tips and backup count
  • Fix: Restore - fix to static folder property reference


  • Update: Add ticket id to support view.
  • Fix: Add UTF Encoding on file names being backed up and restored
  • Fix: Multiple new backup success messages after backup
  • Fix: Add wp_slash function to support WordPress versions 3.6 and lower


  • Update: Display backup file set name instead of date
  • Fix: Backup plugins error when no files on last folder
  • Fix: Extend activation request timeout
  • Fix: Correct issue with restore version checking
  • Fix: Correct issue with restore current user capabilities
  • Fix: Correct sorting and display of available backups
  • Fix: Correct issues with files named using German character set
  • Fix: Correct issues with file downloads


  • Update: Display backup set name in available backup lists.
  • Update: Remove backup retention limitations for WPBackItUp lite.
  • Fix: Downloads for large files was running into buffer errors when other plugins turn on output buffers incorrectly. Added logic to flush and turn off buffering for all WPBackItUp downloads.
  • Fix: Backup lists were not being ordered properly under available backups.
  • Fix: Backup cleanup routines were not purging backups in correct order.


  • New Feature: Add support request to plugin
  • New Feature: Add large backup support
  • New Feature: Add drag and drop uploads
  • New Feature: Split backup into separate archives(database,plugins,themes,uploads)
  • New Feature: Add download popup to allow user to selectively download backup archives
  • Updates: Security Enhancements
  • Updates: Miscellaneous User Experience Improvements
  • Updates: Significant Performance Improvements


  • New Features: Added WordPress 4.0.1 support
  • New Features: Major Security Enhancements
  • New Features: Added log attachment to backup notification email
  • Update: Moved zip threshold to constant.
  • Update: Added additional logging to archive process


  • New Features: Long running backups are now supported.
  • Update: Extensive Performance improvements
  • Update: User experience improvements to backup.
  • Update: Extensive updates to error handling and messaging
  • Update: Enhancements to backup email notification.
  • Update: Logging enhancements.
  • Update: Automated cleanup uses file retention limits for all logs.
  • Update: Security enhancements to prevent unwanted access to backup, restore and log folders.
  • Fix: IFrame css definition changed to use wp-backitup namespace.


  • New Features: Scheduled backups are now available.
  • New Feature: Allow only a single backup to be run at a time.
  • New feature: Automated cleanup feature will perform work file and log cleanup once per day.
  • Update: User experience improvements to backup.
  • Update: Logging enhancements.
  • Fix: Add support for windows MySql database exports. Windows backups always worked but did not take advantage of MySql export tools like other platforms.


  • Updates: WordPress 4.0 support
  • Feature: Add support for large database restore.
  • Feature: Add database checkpoint recovery for database restore failures
  • Feature: Add restore logging on all restores
  • Fix: Correct bug on restore when table prefix doesn't match.

  • This is a minor release with some small UI fixes.
  • Feature: Add lite registration
  • Fix: correct license expiration month
  • Fix: added namespace prefix to all ajax actions


  • Feature: Add exclusion of non-WPBackItUp backups to increase performance
  • Fix: correct date issue for php 5.2 users
  • Fix: correct issue with backup log listing in backup view
  • Fix: correct issue with delete file when no log exists


  • Fix to backup folder create & checks
  • Security Enhancements
  • Add logging to file-system create folder


  • Fix 1.7.2 deployment issue


  • User Interface improvements
  • Add backup and restore folder check
  • Add log viewer
  • Add utm enhancements


  • Fix to log file cleanup error


  • Security enhancements
  • Major user interface improvements
  • Improvements to upload functionality
  • Add Feature: Backup Email Notifications
  • Add Feature: Backup Retention
  • Bug fix: Create Backup & Restore folders on activation
  • Updates to license activation


  • WordPress 3.9.1 support
  • Unicode fix to support utf8 content


  • WordPress 3.9 support


  • Correct issue with subversion tags


  • Correct issue with subversion tags


  • Fixed issue with svn


  • Fixed issue with version 1.6.1 update.


  • This release is mostly cosmetic changes and minor fixes to v1.6.0
  • Corrected path issue occurring on unix platform
  • Updated backup zip to remove blanks in file name
  • Changed backup suffix to backup instead of export
  • Corrected backup.sql export file size check
  • Fix license check for restore option
  • Update usage tracking default to off
  • Correct issue with manual data export that contain non-ascii characters
  • Add Date Time stamp on SQL restore export


  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Many improvements to user interface.
  • Support for multiple backups.
  • Added interface for large file uploads via FTP.
  • Added restore point and database recovery when fatal errors are encountered.
  • Added configurable debug logging.
  • Added logging option to options page.


Enabled plugin to work with version 3.8


Enabled plugin to work with version 3.7.1


Modified admin interface.


Removed redundant code.


Changed DB Export and import method to work on all hosting.


Changed DB backup method to work on shared hosting.


Setup alert if DB is 0 bytes.


Fixed status reporting for backup/restore process and built-in localization.


Recommended upgrade: Amalgamated lite and pro versions of the plugin.


Major updates to improve plugin performance and stability.


Minor updates to plugin functionality.


Brought versioning inline with WPBackItUp Lite. Fixed incorrect message on restore interface. Fixed restoration access.


Backup from mysqldump, restore from mysql command line, restore functionality from uploaded files, file size limit check according to server before uploads, setInterval termination after operation, status update as the task completes using XML.


Introduced mysqldump for backup and shell exec for copy/delete operations.


Added ability to restore from server.


Improved auto-update facility and plugin stability.


Fixed critical issues the auto-upgrade access.


Fixed critical issues the auto-upgrade access.


Fixed issues with the restoration access.


Fixed the auto-update engine and license key activation system.


Minor bugs patched for auto-update engine.


WPBackItUp integrated with licensing and auto-update engine.


Initial version of the plugin released.

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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