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WP App Studio is the #1 Visual Development Tool for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, views, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

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    Create custom plugins in the form of WPAS apps.

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    Define your content using entities and entity attributes.

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    Create views, dashboard and sideboard widgets to display, relationships and taxonomies to relate and categorize content.

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    Create help for entity and taxonomy screens.

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    Create beautiful entity backends.

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    Create No theme, Twitter's Bootstrap or jQuery UI themed forms. Each template comes with its own components. No theme option produces standard HTML.

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    Create search forms with advanced operators.

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    Use icon fonts in your radios, checkboxes and buttons.

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    Click WPAS button to insert WPAS components or make calculations based on your attributes, taxonomies, relationships etc. in a post or page using easy to use Visual Shortcode Builder.

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    Create charts for your apps and display them in your app dashboard, wp dashboard, or a page. Charts are based on your app attributes, taxonomies or relationships.

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    Create an optional App Dashboard page to display your widgets or views. Multiple view types are available.

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    Trigger notifications based on your app events at different levels and send custom emails

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    Create custom comments which do not mix with post or page comments, has its own menu and displayed using WPAS commment css. Many options to configure.

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    Create datagrid view types and display them in your app dashboard, wp dashboard, or a page. Many options are available.

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    Easily insert WPAS components as shortcodes. Use Analytics module for custom reporting.

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    Create Connections to integrate your ProDev plugin to external apps such incoming email app or platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal etc.

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    Use inline entities in your WPAS ProDev apps to allow users to insert content of another entity into your primary entity. Categorize and tag your inline entities with inline taxonomies. Inline entity extension sold separately.

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    NEW with 4.3.2 - Map user field to your entity attributes and use them everywhere.

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    NEW with 4.5.0 - Map attribute type can be used display and configure maps in your ProDev plugins

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    4.6.0 introduces calculated attributes and organization charts and more.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.0
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


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