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WP App Studio is the #1 Visual Development Tool for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, views, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

4.6.0 (09/10/2015)

  • NEW Added calculated attribute type which supports 270+ MS Excel functions in its formulas
  • NEW Added organization chart view type which can use both hierarchical relationships or wpas relationships (See Employee Directory plugin for example)
  • NEW Added integration widget type for advanced widget development which involves complex structures
  • NEW Added header and footer to standard widgets to better support widget layout loop
  • NEW Added theme type for widgets supporting None, Twitter's Bootstrap, and jQuery UI
  • NEW Added support for self-relationships(reciprocal) such manager to employee, parent to child relationships (See Employee Directory plugin for example)
  • NEW Added ability to disable submit button for realtime on-page calculations or time-based marketing offers
  • NEW Added ability to contextually color simple dropdowns in frontend forms. (See calculated attribute demos)
  • NEW Added ability to add font files in plugins. Files added will be saved locally to font directory under assets directory. For example, you can use custom fonts by pointing FONTDIR/abc.tiff in your CSS or CDNCSS files
  • NEW Added ability to set filters in standard views. For example, if you need to display only a subset of your customers such as high-rollers, you can set a filter without needing Visuall Shortcode Builder
  • Misc. bug fixes, improvements in the platform side

4.5.0 (07/08/2015)

  • Changed the look and feel of sorting functionality in ent attributes, help tabs and rel attributes. It better matches the rest of the plugin screens
  • NEW Added global attribute sorting. Global attributes are displayed in the setting page of your ProDev plugin
  • NEW Added map attribute type to entity and global attributes with required attached address field and optional marker title and info window
  • NEW Added menu order option to sorting dropdowns in views and widgets. ProDev plugin owners can use this option to allow users to display data based on drag-and-drop sorting
  • NEW Added text, textarea and wysiwyg global types to form layouts. ProDev plugin owners can allow users to display text or html in the forms. Exp; terms and conditions display
  • NEW Added widget layout header and footer for entity widgets. Exp; you can display media or list groups in your widgets
  • NEW Added option to entities and taxonomies to make them drag-and-drop sortable. ProDev owners can allow users to set any entity and taxonomy drag-and-drop sortable
  • NEW Added inline entity and inline taxonomy to role capabilities. If you use these extensions, you can now set specific capabilities for your custom roles
  • NEW Added option to export filter results to PDF or CSV file on admin entity list screens for all or filtered results
  • NEW Added user email option for notifications if entity has user attribute. Previously, ProDev owners had to create extra attribute for email. Now, user registration email can be used instead

4.4.1 (05/17/2015)

  • Upgraded FreeDev Demo App data to the new version

4.4.0 (05/16/2015)

  • NEW Globals menu; for plugin level attributes which can be used in all views, can be set by users in the plugin settings page.
  • NEW CDN based CSS and JS file support for view and widget layouts; user favorite CSS and JS plugin or framework. All files are downloaded and enqueued locally and specific to the view linked.
  • NEW Added support for attribute based sorting in view and widget filters
  • NEW Added Visible in the Admin List option in the attributes which can be used to not to display some attributes in the admin entity lists. It is useful for entities with the significant number of attributes which may clutter the limited space.
  • NEW Added hierarchical display option in views; when checked the entity parent-child relationships are displayed in the format you specify in the layout. It is very useful for sitemap like displays.
  • NEW Added full conditional logic support for attributes, taxonomies, and relationships to show or hide the whole input based on the user input. Can be used in the submit forms and admin entity editor. Can apply to ALL or ANY of the conditions specified.
  • NEW Plugin level image file support specified in the settings menu. Use IMGDIR/filename format to point to the image file in your view layouts. The files are download locally to the img directory. We only support HTTPS protocol at this time.
  • NEW Added the following tag functions which can be used in the view layouts:
  • Date format - formats the date attributes
  • Human time diff - displays the date attribute in a human readable format
  • Control-if - apply if and else logic to the attributes
  • Fixed misc. bugs in the WPAS plugin and made cosmetic improvements.

4.3.2 (03/11/2015)

  • NEW User field mapping to entity attributes. See the user mapping screenshot.
  • Fixed Lastest Comment feature which allows to display the name of the user who made the latest comment on an entity and filter based on the latest comment user.
  • NEW Show or hide taxonomies in the admin backend.
  • Fixed misc. bugs

4.3.1 (03/03/2015)

  • NEW FreeDev demo app will be included in every WPAS version which will give you an idea of what you can do with your FreeDev account. We will be including more demos in the future. For ProDev; goto emdplugins.com/designs
  • Minor fixes

4.3.0 (02/27/2015)

  • NEW Auto-increment attribute type: use it in place of sequences such as order numbers, component ids etc.
  • NEW Paginatio CSS class can be specified in standard views: Use Bootstrap class classes for small, medium, large pagination.
  • NEW Inline Entity Connection type include inline entity content in the primary entity: Custom button with the label of your choice in content, excerpt , all wysiwyg or comments toolbars
  • NEW Built-in tags to be used in view layouts such featured images (small,medium,large), user author first/last/display names and more
  • NEW Admin Dashboard widgets now include full html capability with WYSIWYG editor.
  • NEW Create Custom Messages in place of standard WordPress publish or save messages included as a separate tab in the entity menu.
  • NEW Ability to choose form visitor support status. Visitor are users who do not have publish capability to your entity; can be logged in or not.
  • NEW Add CSS tab in settings menu for app-wide CSS code.
  • NEW Ability to remove Visual Shortcode Builder
  • NEW Ability to add filters for Widgets: you can limit the content displayed your widgets by any taxonomy or widgets such as featured products widgets or on-sale products etc.
  • Added Design, Support, and Debug pages. Removed Playground link which will be discontinued soon.
  • Fixed Misc. defects in WP App Studio plugin and added more rules to catch API exceptions.

4.2.0 (01/15/2015)

  • NEW Added plugin settings menu for ProDev plugins which include separate pages for Glossary, Notifications, Licenses, and Add-ons
  • NEW Added Connection menu for creating mappings from/to external apps and platforms. It will be used to connect your ProDev plugin to external apps. You can use it for importing/exporting entity content to external apps such as incoming email or in future Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.
  • Fixed pending comment counts for ProDev plugins.
  • Added auto entity record creation for new WordPress user registrations. Exp; if you have entity called a member and it has an attribute type of User List then every time a user registers to WP then it will automatically create a member record.
  • Fixed navigation paging issue for ProDev plugins. It was not showing correctly for some permalink configurations in Standard views.
  • NEW Create a new connection type of "incoming mail". ProDev plugins can use it to create entity records through incoming email. You can create connections to multiple entities.
  • Fixed ProDev form search operators displaying incorrect operator list for text attributes.
  • Added EXISTS, NOT EXISTS to the ProDev admin area filters for text and boolean attributes.

4.1.2 (12/30/2014)

  • Fixed data corruption issue related to generation history log.
  • Previous generation log will be deleted upon update to make it compatible with future releases.
  • Added a clear history log button on generation page.

4.1.1 (12/30/2014)

  • Fixed issue with importing WPAS applications: "Attached to Entity" was not imported correctly and left blank for forms.

4.1 (12/2/2014)

  • Fixed misc. bugs for better compatibility with other WordPress plugins.
  • Added admin notices feature to app settings page. Admin notices can be triggered after plugin activation and can be used to display special offers, plugin links, upgrade notices etc. You can create up to 2 notices.
  • Added header and footer textareas for relationship layouts. You can enclose your relationship layout(loop) HTML code with these new header and footer wrappers. The wrappers are available for "To/From Entity connected/related relationships."

4.0 (10/21/2014)

  • More than 8 months of intense development since WPAS 3
  • Rewrote core to make platform more compliant with WordPress Plugin coding standards and best practices in general.
  • NEW - Added Notifications module to respond events (backend/frontend) at Entity, Attribute, Taxonomy, Relationship, and Comments level
  • NEW - Added Custom Comments subentity to separate Entity Comments from built-in WordPress comments, including backend only private comments. Many more exciting features here.
  • NEW - Added Charting module display Entity, Taxonomy, Relationship content in bar, donut, or pie charts. More chart types to come..
  • NEW - Added Analytics module to make calculations on attributes supporting summary functions such as SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX STDDEV etc.
  • NEW - Added Datagrid view to better content summarizations at the entity level.
  • NEW - Added Integration view to support static page customizations such as front page of a site.
  • NEW - Added Ability to integrate any plugin or theme shortcode with your plugin using !#shortcode[SHORT-CODE-HERE]# tag
  • NEW - Added Ability to include any string in your view layouts using !#translate[STRING-HERE]# tag
  • NEW - Streamlined plugin translation files; Now you can get your plugin translated using only two custom built POT files.
  • NEW - Improved Search form display using advanced search operators.
  • NEW - Included Widgets to Permissions module; Now you can restrict Frontend and Backend content access based on user role/capabilities.
  • NEW - Added Relationship connection sorting
  • NEW - Added ability to create App Dashboard page with one-column and two column layouts. You can include views and widgets there to separate them from WP Dashboard. Users can enable/disable components.
  • NEW - Added ability to create setup pages. If you'd like to setup your app upon plugin activation, just check "Create Setup Page" box. The generated plugin will ask users if they want to setup your app.
  • NEW - Improved Default Taxonomy values. You can use this feature create default setup values which will be created upon plugin activation.
  • NEW - Now, every WPAS app comes with its own App Glossary; displaying entity, relationship, and taxonomy definitions in your App settings page. A handy feature for users.
  • NEW - Added Base64 to entity menu icon options.
  • NEW - Dumped TinyMCE for a simple textarea field in view layouts; caused more problems than it solved. Sorry, TinyMCE people. Hint: loose weight, better ajax support, better documentation.
  • NEW - Added ability upgrade and/or get updates from WordPress standard plugin page. Hurrahh!
  • NEW - Changed Pricing model to introduce FreeDev and ProDev tiers
  • NEW - We got a new store for WPAS generated plugins: eMD Plugins
  • NEW - Created a new website for WPAS news, documentation, tutorials: WP App Studio Site

3.0 (03/07/2014)

  • Moved the user relationship from Entity to Relationship module.
  • Moved the generate button to more user friendly location.
  • Fixed labels, fields on widget,form list pages.
  • Added submit button element to submit and search form layout editor.
  • Added built-in user attributes and taxonomies (tags and categories) in custom layout editors in views, relationships, and forms modules.
  • Added "from entity" and "to entity" layouts in relationship module.
  • Removed layout from relationship widgets.
  • Removed header and footer layout from all views except standard
  • Added create setup page with a page title option in all views and forms.
  • Added create block level button option in forms.
  • Added support for entity menu icons using font-awesome, dashicons in addition to standard image files.

2.9.9 (02/14/2014)

  • Color coded all required fields as red.
  • Added ability to duplicate Apps in the app list; very handy feature if you want to create free and pro versions of your apps
  • Ability to predefine taxonomy terms and their descriptions.
  • Added extra API rule checks to minimize errors on the generation time.
  • Added ability to set up predefined hierarchies on the taxonomies module.
  • Added ability to set up name/label pairs for selects, checkbox lists and radios.
  • Converted "Generate" link to a button.
  • Added ability to display "Connected" and "Related" relationship data on the single view layouts.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs which prevented saving of app data correctly in some user paths

2.9.8 (02/05/2014)

  • Updated font awesome css version in the plugin to 3.2.1
  • Ability set default value(s) for taxonomies
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, look and feel improvements.
  • Addition of CC and BCC in the form user and admin notifications
  • Ability to customize the labels of builtin fields such as content, excerpt, title when used in the forms.
  • Ability to create Taxonomy term views.
  • Ability to create Entity Taxonomy views.
  • Enabled Font Awesome usage in the views module.
  • Ability to predefine taxonomy terms and their descriptions.

2.9 (01/21/14)

  • Added additional checks, fixed data validation issues and uniqueness checks.
  • Fixed paging issues on some list screens.
  • Redesigned "Form Layout" editor to support taxonomy,relationship and attribute selection in one dropdown.
  • Redesigned "Entity Admin Layout" editor to support attribute selection in one dropdown.
  • Added single and archive entity view types.
  • Added taxonomy view type.
  • Added widget name field to the widget screen to better enforce uniqueness.
  • Added Bootstrap, jQueryUI and none options to view types.
  • Added No framework option to forms.
  • Fixed domain name check in the settings page to support .co and country domains.
  • Added edit_dashboard capability to the list of default roles.
  • Upgraded API Data to the version 3.
  • Added Spanish translation.

2.8 (12/8/13)

  • Introduced a search view type to support customization of the layout of search form results. Now, you can create a search view and attach it to a search form. One view can be attached to multiple search forms; a handy feature if you want to use the same layout with multiple forms.
  • Introduced a standard view with paged navigation for displaying any entity content.
  • Added Advanced Shortcode Generator(ASG) feature which supports filtering entity content by its attributes and taxonomies. You can use operators to better filter your content and display on a page or post. The ASG can be accessed on a page or post toolbar by clicking on the WPAS button.
  • Added to permission module support for views. You will be able to assign access privileges to views' content based on a user's role in your app; great for role specific reports.
  • Added "No Access Message" feature to views module to alert users who lack appropriate access permissions.
  • Added View header and footer to support custom reporting requirements. The view headers and footers could be used for any static text such as titles, introductions or any text related to the content.
  • Added page navigation component which could be themed as jQuery UI or Bootstrap following our commitment to support both frameworks.
  • Upgraded our WPAS app framework to Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4.
  • Upgraded the form layout editor module to support size(width) for input elements. The form layout editor now supports 12 point grid system for better precision in terms of multi-column form layouts.
  • Removed Pointers module. This module will be developed sometime next year as we continue to develop higher impact modules.
  • Added Targeted Device feature to support mobile-first forms.
  • Added support for inline radio and checkboxes in forms.
  • Added element size(height) support in forms to better match size of the buttons.
  • Added multi-language support to WP App Studio. Please contact us if you would like to help in translating WPAS to your own language.
  • Fixed various bugs reported by our customers in our backend servers.
  • Cleaned up some code in the plugin side and reorganized some forms to improve readability.
  • Fixed some tinymce bugs, upgraded to the latest version.
  • Added a new color picker attribute type.

2.2 (10/29/13)

  • Added fully featured search forms with operators functionality in the forms module. Search forms inherit most of submit form functionality such as client/server validation.
  • Added "Required for Search" option in the entity attribute module. This feature will help separate submit form requirements from search requirements.
  • Replaced Shortcodes module with Views module. Shortcodes will be deprecated as WPAS V2.2. Using views module, you will be able to design how you want to display content.
  • Added attributes, taxonomies, and relationship unique identifiers tags to admin/user email notifications.
  • There are also some minor changes such as the addition of relationship name in the relationship editor. Relationship name will uniquely identify a particular instance. Make sure you add relationship name in your previously designed app relationships.
  • Fixed some bugs and improved overall stability of the WPAS generated plugins.

2.0.5 (10/15/13)

  • Added option to remove the operations screen.
  • Added option to remove filters and columns in entity list pages.
  • Added option to default to base jQuery UI when no theme selected.
  • Moved the operations link to the entity list page as a button next to add new.
  • Applied jQuery UI theme to all attribute types including radio, checkboxes, select, text, textarea and wysiwyg.
  • Added themeable jQuery UI submit button to all forms; 24 additional buttons with different colors.
  • Modified api rule for unique key checks before code generation.
  • Reduced generated plugin size by removing unused libraries by 60%.
  • Added additional multiselect and select form element with search option to the JQuery UI form component list

2.0.1 (09/29/13)

  • Fixed api server location

2.0 (09/29/13)

  • Ability to create parent-child relationship forms, accepting data entry to entities, taxonomies, and relationships.
  • Ability to create and display multi-column, device independent, and ajax powered forms.
  • Ability to create and display forms using Twitter’s Bootstrap or jQuery UI frameworks.
  • Ability to pick one of available 24 different jQuery UI themes if you chose jQuery UI for your frontend theme.
  • Added option to use Font Awesome webfont in buttons, radios, and checkboxes. Different icons can be selected for the checked and the unchecked states of the form elements.
  • Added option to pick 3 Adjustable height size for form elements.
  • Ability to do a graceful degradation; turn off JavaScript, everything works as expected.
  • Ability to create form access groups based on user roles by setting form permissions.
  • Ability to schedule your forms availability based on date ranges.
  • Ability to limit forms availability by the number of submissions.
  • Ability to send confirmations to admins and/users after a successful entry.
  • Ability to show simple text or redirect to another website after a successful entry.
  • Ability to do client and server side validations for all available attribute types.
  • Integrated cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attack prevention.
  • Integrated protection against SPAM using honeypot and/or captcha.
  • Ability to selectively enqueue files to eliminate the overhead of unnecessary code.
  • Added WPAS toolbar button to consolidate all shortcodes in one place. Use the button to insert forms, shortcodes, and other WPAS components into posts or pages.
  • Added support for custom user roles in the user relationship dropdown in the advanced section of entity configuration.
  • Added description and optionality to relationship screen. When you set a relationship required and WP App Studio will enforce it.
  • Added description, display type(multi or single select), required fields to Taxonomy screen.
  • Added uniqueness option to attributes types. Setting an attribute unique will set it as a unique key identifier. It will be used when connecting entity records to other entity records.
  • Added max file size, allowable extensions, and max file uploads validations options for file and image uploader attribute type.
  • Many more features, bug fixes to better look and feel and stability.

1.1.8 (7/05/13)

  • Removed filterable option for attribute image types.
  • Fixed p and br tag deletion issue in Help Tab editor.
  • Fixed required option not working in relationship attribute create screen.
  • Removed create relationship attribute option from one-to-many relationships since relationship attributes are only applicable to many-to-many relationships.
  • Added relationship attribute frontend display option.
  • Add relationship widget feature. You will be able to display entity relationship data on frontend using relationship widgets.
  • Fixed misc. advanced options screen data entry issues related to entities and taxonomies.

1.1.6 (6/25/13)

  • Fixed upgrade bug.
  • Fixed p and br tags deletion in shortcode and widget layouts.

1.1.5 (6/24/13)

  • Added Entity attribute and taxonomy selectors in shortcode and widgets layouts. You will be able to use entity attributes and taxonomies in shortcodes and widgets.
  • Added link/unlink button Help Sidebar and Help Tab editor screens.
  • Added "Design WPAS" capability so that admins will be able to give designers wpas design permission without assigning them to an admin role.
  • Added visual editor display option independent of user profile for all wpas screens.
  • WP App Studio Playground is open for designing, building, and testing your plugins without incurring API charges.

1.1.0 (6/01/13)

  • Hardened overall plugin security by adding extra nonces, data sanitization/validation rules and WordPress HTTP API calls.
  • Added connected/related relationship display types features in the relationship module. For example, on a product page, you will be able to display the orders that include a certain product(connected) or products which are also ordered with the product(related) i.e. "customers who purchased this also purchased" type(See demo.emarketdesign.com)
  • Added frontend display of connected and/or related relationship data. You will be able to display relationship data with different title on the from and to entity pages.(See demo.emarketdesign.com)
  • Added search filtering based on user roles. Users only can search data they are allowed to view.

1.0.2 (5/12/13)

  • Fixed a minor bug related to entity layout
  • Fixed a minor bug related to entity capabilities
  • Added additional error check for xml parsing

1.0.1 (5/10/13)

  • Frontend display has been improved. You can just add a link to your entity content from Appearance > Menus and the content will be displayed at the frontend.
  • Added frontend custom css. You can change the default content display.
  • Added Entity Menu Display index. You will be able to sort your entities and display them accordingly in the navigation menu.
  • Quick Start process has been expanded for the post capabilities. Operations menu link will display even if you do not define a custom role for your entity.

1.0.0 (5/2/13)

  • Initial release with fireworks.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.0
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


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