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WP Admin Bar Removal

disable wordpress admin bar for all user roles remove frontend backend code reduce memory consumption speedup loading control panel removal wp plugin

the latest version of this plugin work on wordpress 3.1+ or later with new unified coding

Periodically, the files included in the plugin will be updated with new releases: you are advised to periodically download the updated package based on the build date rather than on its version.

Download Here OZH Admin Drop Down Menu release.

External CSS Style and JS Script Support:

Please noted that External CSS Style and JS Script support fot Adaptive Dasboard is developed offline on sLaNGjIs GitHub and your updates is manual (for now) when is available upgraded releases!

Development Status

Developmental Code in Becoming! Branche 2014 Build 2015-09-10

All releases, prior latest stable, are deprecated, 
and no longer supported on this project: is very 
suggested upgrade to the latest build, always!


  • Major Update [CERTIFIED] Remove Admin Bar and Toolbar with New Unified Coding!
    • Please update as soon as possible!
    • ADD preemptive support for WP 3.8+ to 4.4+ adaptive dasboard
    • ADD preemptive support for external css and js files
    • FIXED Ticket #16004
    • FIXED Dashboard Appearance and Update Issues
    • FIXED is shown a double version of plugin just upgraded or installed
    • FIXED issues when is requested to update plugin again
    • FIXED is shown top 28px gap dashboard not removed
    • NEW OZH Admin Drop Down Menu support
    • NEW unified coding to run with WordPress 3.1+ to 4.4+
    • NEW updated code for max speedup of Dashboard and admin menu
    • NEW show i18n realtime datetime on top of Dashboard for WP 3.3+ or later
    • NEW disable user personal options settings Show Admin Bar/Toolbar
    • NEW add header and footer log
    • NEW add logout functionality on top of admin Dashboard for WP 3.3+ or later
    • NEW disable frontend 28px Gap on top of site home page
    • NEW disable frontend bump cb
    • NEW disable backend 28px Gap on top of admin Dashboard
    • NEW disable backend Dashboard admin bar and toolbar pointer (Tooltips)
    • NEW disable backend Dashboard admin menu shadow effect
    • NEW disable backend admin menu hoverintent handlers for the bar and menu
    • NEW hide admin icons in the backend navigation menu (not on collapsed state)
    • NEW hide admin page title icons in the backend Dashboard
    • UPDATED class removal
    • UPDATED cleaning gnu style code indentation
    • UPDATED cleaning unneeded code removal
    • UPDATED cleanup code for faster loading
    • UPDATED deregister unwanted css js ajax script
    • UPDATED faster Dashboard speedup
    • UPDATED full strict security rules applied
    • UPDATED handy syntax
    • UPDATED maximun free memory
    • UPDATED plugin description and documantation
    • UPDATED plugin functions and class
    • UPDATED remove unwanted admin bar functions api
    • UPDATED style removal
    • UPDATED removed redundant and unneeded filters
    • UPDATED removed redundant and unneeded styles
    • UPDATED removed unnecessary complex code
    • BUMP Version 2014 Build 0707 Revision 0383

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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