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WP Accessibility fixes common accessibility issues in your WordPress site.


  • Note: WP A11y recent posts widget will be removed in 1.5.0


  • In WP 4.3, widgets with no settings are not saved. So...
  • Added Title setting to WP Accessibility toolbar widget.


  • Update widget constructors to use PHP5+ syntax.
  • Add filter to disable or replace the fontsize styles for toolbar. 'wpa_fontsize_css'. Return false to disable; return stylesheet URL to replace.


  • Language update: Norwegian
  • New feature: Automatically add labels to WordPress standard search form & comment forms if missing.


  • Bug fix: warning thrown if current theme does not have any tags.
  • Change: Use image to show 'needs alt', for easier deletion.
  • Fix: text_direction deprecated in bloginfo
  • Language updates: Spanish, Polish


  • Added enforcement tools for alt attribute usage in images.
  • Media lists indicate whether an image is marked as decorative, has an alt attribute, or needs an alt attribute.
  • Media editor shows checkbox to mark as decorative when editing image media types.
  • If an image is inserted into a post without either being marked as decorative or having an alt attribute provided, HTML will also insert a notice indicating that the image needs an alt attribute.
  • If an image is inserted and is checked as decorative, the alt attribute will be set to an empty value.
  • Language update: Spanish


  • Bug fix: Longdesc styles not automatically enabled with longdesc options.
  • Added detection for whether current theme is accessibility-ready
  • Disabled some options if current theme is accessibility-ready.
  • Added notice to inform users about Access Monitor
  • Language add: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Language update: German


  • Switch order in which skiplinks/accessibility toolbar are loaded into the DOM so skiplinks load last/appear first.
  • Hide fields for WordPress title attribute removal on versions where they don't apply.
  • Language updates: Russian, Hebrew, Bulgarian


  • Bug fix: skiplinks JS targeting
  • Bug fix: incorrect textdomain in longdesc template
  • Update or add translations: Dutch, French, Finnish, Russian, Bulgarian


  • Feature: iconfont toolbar icons so icons can be resized Thanks Chris!
  • Feature: define size of toolbar icons
  • Feature: Assign tabindex=-1 to skiplink targets to ensure functionality of skiplinks.
  • Bug fix: Switch template_redirect to template_include filter
  • Redo file structure to move CSS into subdirectory.
  • Update translations: French, German, Hebrew
  • Add translations: Slovenian, Russian


  • Typo fixed.
  • Bug fix: If any skiplink field was filled in, skiplinks automatically displayed.


  • Bug fix: When disabled, lang toggle removed language from HTML element
  • Add RTL styles for a11y toolbar.


  • Bug fix: Toolbar shortcode didn't toggle Grayscale or Fontsize
  • Documentation: Add documentation of shortcode/widget toolbar.


  • Bug fix: Only enqueue stylesheets when settings require them.
  • Bug fix: Search filter should only be applied on front-end
  • Add SVG filter to provide grayscaling in Firefox
  • Add Languages: Hebrew, Greek


  • Bug fix: a11y.css issue collapsing toolbar buttons in Firefox
  • Language: Update Italian.


  • Feature: Check for HTML5 structural elements and insert ARIA landmark roles.
  • Feature: Define ID of container to use for complementary role.
  • Feature: Add styles to make placeholder text high-contrast in high-contrast stylesheet.
  • Feature: Add option to force underlines on links
  • Bug fix: use reply-to header in email support requests
  • Bug fix: proper variable set up for high contrast stylesheet path
  • Language: Add Portuguese (Portugal)


  • Emended a JS comment that some plug-ins were treating as a node...
  • Updated .pot file with long description strings.
  • Bug fix: longdesc attribute added even if description field empty.



  • Bug fix: :focus states for skiplinks broken in 1.2.8.
  • Bug fix: WP Accessibility admin color issue in WP 3.8+
  • Auto-hide grayscale in Firefox even if enabled. See: https://gist.github.com/amandavisconti/8455507
  • Made accessibility toolbar available via widget or shortcode [wpa_toolbar]
  • Add Language: Romanian, by Adrian Tamasan
  • Updated language: Dutch


  • Bug fix: support for languages with right-to-left reading order.


  • For 3.8, eliminate outdated title attribute filters. (nav menus, page lists, edit post links, edit comment links, category links)
  • Add Dutch translation by Rian Rietveld


  • Truly hides grayscale option, not dependent on CSS.
  • Eliminates in-page anchor focusing, due to conflicts with plug-ins that attach scripts to links with hashes.
  • Remove row action visibility from default admin stylesheet, due to 3.7 changes making those links keyboard accessible.
  • Added row actions always visible option.


  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Added incomplete Finnish translation.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Bug fix: WP Accessibility disabled ability to use theme styles in TinyMCE editor.

  • Minor settings bug.


  • Added diagnostic.css (beta) for admin users on front end and in post editor.
  • Bug fix in a11y.js; incorrect function call in scrollTo.
  • Bug fix in a11y.js; removed hook to # urls
  • Added visible logout link to admin to support users of voice activated controls.
  • Bug fix to built-in support request form.
  • Added filter wpa_move_toolbar to make it possible to attach a11y toolbar to something other than the body element.
  • Added French translation.


  • Updated jQuery ScrollTo to version 1.4.5 to resolve JS conflict.
  • Updated method of accessing $ in jQuery.
  • Added CDATA blocks so WP Accessibility doesn't prevent validation as XML.
  • Added Italian translation, courtesy of Roberto Scano.


  • Bug fix: compatibility issue with PageLines framework.


  • Disabled grayscale toggle in Accessibility toolbar by default due to poor browser support and low functional value. (Can still be enabled by user.)
  • Removed php notice in title-free recent posts widget
  • Updated German and added Polish translations


  • Added space between content output and continue reading text in excerpt context.
  • Added German translation
  • Added Accessibility Toolbar (Source)
  • Added WP admin stylesheet:
  • Some contrast improvements.
  • Placed post row action links (Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View) into screen reader visible and keyboard usable position.
  • Added underlines to links on hover
  • Supports your own custom wp-admin stylesheet via your Theme directory.


  • Update support statement to WP 3.5.0
  • Add role='navigation' to skiplinks container.


  • Bug fix: extra template loaded when search template is inserted.
  • Bug fix: jQuery not always loaded when required.


  • Added ability to add focus outline in :focus pseudo class.
  • Added color contrast tool.
  • Added settings link to plugins listing.
  • Added link to translations site for this plug-in.
  • Improved response for forcing search error on empty search submission.
  • Bug fix for adding custom skip link.


  • Initial release!

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.0
Last Updated: 2015-8-25
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


5 of 12 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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