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Fine tuning access to your posts.

What does it exactly do?

For each Post it stores a capabilty the user needs to have in order to view, edit or comment on a post. By defining an Access Area you create nothing more than a custom capability.

Why didn't you use post_meta to store permissions? WordPress already provides an API for this!

I did this mainly for performance reason. For detecting the reading-permission on specific content, the plugin mainly affects the WHERE clause used to retrieve posts. In most cases, using post_meta would mean to add lots of JOIN clauses to the database query, slowing down your site's performance.

Does it mess up my database?

It makes changes to your database, but it won't make a mess out of it. Upon install it does two things: 1. It creates a table named ´{$wp_prefix}_disclosure_userlabels´. The access areas you define are here. 2. It adds three columns to Your Posts tables: post_view_cap and post_comment_cap.

Upon uninstall these changes will be removed completely, as well as it will remove any custom generated capability from your user's profiles.

I'd like to do some more magic / science with it. And yes: I can code!

Developer documentation can be found in the project wiki.

I found a bug. Where should I post it?

I personally prefer GitHub but you can post it in the forum as well. The plugin code is here: GitHub

I want to use the latest files. How can I do this?

Use the GitHub Repo rather than the WordPress Plugin. Do as follows:

  1. If you haven't already done: Install git

  2. in the console cd into Your 'wp-content/plugins´ directory

  3. type git clone git@github.com:mcguffin/wp-access-areas.git

  4. If you want to update to the latest files (be careful, might be untested on Your WP-Version) type git pull´.

Please note that the GitHub repository is more likely to contain unstable and untested code. Urgent fixes concerning stability or security (like crashes, vulnerabilities and alike) are more likely to be fixed in the official WP plugin repository first.

I found a bug and fixed it. How can I contribute?

Either post it on GitHub or—if you are working on a cloned repository—send me a pull request.

Will you accept translations?

Yep sure! (And a warm thankyou in advance.) It might take some time until your localization will appear in an official plugin release, and it is not unlikely that I will have added or removed some strings in the meantime.

As soon as there is a public centralized repository for WordPress plugin translations I will migrate all the translation stuff there.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.8
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


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