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Wovax IDX for WordPress brings live real estate listings directly into your website. The clean, modern aesthetic integrates well with most WordPress themes and is easy to modify to fit your branding. MLS feeds, listing fields, search filters, and search forms are all managed in the WordPress dashboard. Pair Wovax IDX with Wovax CRM to see what your leads are looking for on your website, and to track and manage deals.

Download the free plugin with test properties, then sign up for a subscription to Wovax IDX, to integrate live listing data from your preferred MLS board.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Specs & Features

  • Gutenberg blocks! Design and build your property listing details page layout using Wovax IDX Gutenberg blocks.

  • Automatically displays property updates from your MLS within minutes.

  • Optimized images served via S3 with image alt tags for improved SEO.

  • Customizable search forms, property pages, search results pages, etc.

  • Force website visitors to register user accounts after viewing a specified number of listing details.

  • Website users can favorite property listings to view later.

  • Integrates with analytics tools (Google Analytics, Jetpack Stats, etc.).

  • CSS & JS hosted on your website.

  • Custom permalink builder for property listings URL structure.

  • Scores over 96% on GTmetrix.

  • Works with most hosting providers.

  • Supported by real people in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Integrates with the Wovax App (for iOS and Android) and Wovax CRM.

  • Wovax also offers a secure hosting solution with daily backups, SSD technology, SSL certificates, and human support.

Coming Soon

  • Customizable search results sort options.

  • Omnisearch search form filter type. Allow your website visitors to search multiple fields from a single text input.


  • Search results grid view.
  • Search results map view.
  • Search form shortcode builder.
  • Search form filters shortcode builder.
  • MLS/IDX feeds.
  • MLS/IDX feed settings.


This plugin provides 6 blocks.

Photo Gallery
Labeled Field
Field Data
Favorite Button
Update Timestamp
Listing Map


  1. Download and extract the Wovax IDX plugin. You may also install the plugin directly by going to your WordPress Dashboard and then navigating to Plugins > Add New. Search for ‘Wovax IDX’ under new plugins and click to install directly.
  2. Upload the uncompressed folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the Wovax IDX plugin through the plugins menu in WordPress.


How do I add my MLS boards listings to my website?

Go to https://wovax.com/idx/ and sign up for Wovax IDX. Typically there is a paperwork process with your MLS board to obtain access to the live data feed. A Wovax representative will guide you through that process, then live real estate listings will be added to your site.

What is a RETS feed?

RETS stands for “Real Estate Transaction Standard.” A RETS feed is a raw data feed that and IDX provider translates into readable information on your website. Most MLS boards provide MLS data in the RETS format, and Wovax will work with any RETS feed. Feel free to reach out with questions about your particular MLS board’s rules, requirements, and/or fees.

What does IDX stand for?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. This is the process of translating raw data into a visual real estate listing search on your website.

Can I customize the design of Wovax IDX?

Yes. You can write your own custom variations of the existing/bundled CSS of Wovax IDX, or you can dequeue the Wovax IDX CSS and include your own custom CSS in your WordPress theme.

Do you provide IDX to my local MLS board?

Please contact us here to request information about your MLS board.

Is this an iframe?

No, Wovax IDX integrates MLS property listings directly into your site via the Wovax JSON API in real time. Rather than embedding the listings into a frame, we integrate each property into your website.

Can I add neighborhood pages to my website?

Yes. You can use the shortcode builder in the Wovax IDX plugin to create neighborhood pages, MLS search forms, real estate agent pages, etc.


April 17, 2020
Easy, flexible and affordable. Block Editor integration is awesome.
April 29, 2020
Plugin has good design, doesn't seem to work that well with our MLS and often have issues updating properties. There is also a few bugs with our website theme. The support is almost always responsive though.
July 12, 2019
I am a web developer/designer and absolutely love this plugin and most importantly the plugin team and staff. The plugin, from a designers standpoint is really easy to customize with CSS. You can transform it to look pretty much however you want with some pretty basic styling's. The support in setting up the plugin and once the plugin and site were launched is like nothing else I've ever experienced. Thank you Pete and the Wovax team! This plugin and the company behind it are on point and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for real estate solutions for their WordPress website. The monthly price means no MASSIVE up front cost and also continued support, which is a great value. Trust me, stop shopping and just use these guys!
January 24, 2019
Very easy to use. My customer is very happy that the entire MLS is getting indexed by Google.
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Contributors & Developers

“Wovax IDX” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Added the option to hide the WordPress admin toolbar on the frontend for non admin users.


  • Adjusted initial setup page.


  • Bumped the WordPress compatibility version number to 5.4.
  • Fixed a bug with map error messages.


  • Improved image alt tags to include listing address if no image description available from the MLS provider.
  • Added a default search form shortcode to help speed up IDX setup.
  • Fixed an issue that could break search forms when switching feeds.


  • Fixed an issue with sort selects.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a non-responsive map view button in some shortcodes.


  • Added the option to disable the action bar (result count, sort options, etc…) in the shortcode generator.
  • Fixed a bug with the listing description output, where fields could get stacked up on the right side in some themes.


  • Added user phone number input/display to WordPress user profiles in the dashboard.


  • Fixed a bug that affected listings without geolocation data.
  • Changed the Wovax IDX admin menu label to Wovax. All future Wovax WordPress plugins will reside under one admin menu.


  • Fixed a bug with search form select option dropdown filters.


  • Added photo gallery slider options to the Wovax IDX Gutenberg Photo Gallery block.


  • Improved default Gutenberg layout for the listing details page.
  • Fixed a bug with shortcode rules and filters. If you’re still experiencing issues with certain shortcodes, try recreating the shortcode from scratch.


  • Added custom color picker in ‘Settings’ > ‘Styling’ that affects the colored UI elements.


  • Added custom placeholder image option for listings without photos in ‘Settings’ > ‘Styling’.


  • Fixed a bug with the description meta tag.


  • Improved OG meta tags for listing images.
  • Fixed a bug that affected availability of fields in the shortcode builder.


  • Added Wovax IDX Gutenberg Blocks! Build your listing details pages with the new Gutenberg blocks editor.
  • New Point of Interest ‘POI’ Gutenberg Block, display the location of schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels, and many other types of services on maps within your listings.
  • Added Favorites button to the action bar for search results, grid view embed, and maps view embed.
  • Changed number inputs to type=”number” from type=”text” on search forms.


  • Added Contact Form 7 support, so that listing URL and listing title can be included in contact forms.


  • Fixed a bug that affected listing URL’s on map views.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Search Appearance URL path settings from saving correctly.


  • Fixed a bug with breakpoints on listing results CSS grids.


  • Fixed pagination link position on listing grid view.
  • Improved CSS layout of the search form.


  • Fixed a bug where the Map View button was not displaying in the correct position.


  • Fixed a bug with listing permalinks.


  • Adjusted CSS to avoid conflicts with Bootstrap 3.
  • Improved URL structure to fix missing MLS numbers.
  • Replaced CSS column system on search forms and listing grids.
  • Fixed a bug that caused MLS feed environments to spontaneously switch.


  • Fixed a bug that would output a PHP warning on listing details pages with certain versions of PHP.


  • Added Open Graph meta data to listing details pages, price, description, image URL’s, etc…


  • Fixed a bug with CSS for the toolbar columns height on smartphones.


  • Fixed a bug where fields were displaying duplicates in shortcode filters in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where search form shortcodes that did not contain a select/dropdown wouldn’t work as expected.
  • Added dynamic formatting to square footage decimal values.


  • Added a div element wrapper around listing details fields, to allow for better customization of the layout.


  • Fixed a bug where a rogue line break
    tag was causing issues with listing preview layouts.
  • Added dynamic formatting to lot size decimal values.
  • Added dynamic formatting to singular/plural bedroom and bathroom label depending on field value.
  • Added min-height to the bedrooms/bathrooms/square footage/lot size container on listing previews to prevent layout issues.


  • Added dynamic removal of listing field containers when data is blank on listing previews.


  • Added autocomplete to the Initial Setup Search Results and Listing Details page ID text inputs.
  • Fixed a syntax error that affected listing embed rules.


  • Fixed a syntax error that affected listing embed rules.


  • Added alert message for failed login attempts.
  • Fixed a bug with CSS on the description field output on listing detail views.


  • Fixed a syntax error that affected search form filters.


  • Improvements made to the JSON API interaction/submission for search form shortcodes.
  • Updated Wovax logo assets.
  • Alphabetized the field select options in shortcodes builder.


  • Added dynamic MLS board logos to listing previews.
  • Added ability to change the default listings sort order per shortcode.


  • Adjusted property listings custom H1 title, meta title, and meta description to override the blank data caused by the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Fixed the property listings virtual tour link formatting.


  • Added custom H1 title, meta title, and meta description builder.


  • Fixed a bug with listing preview permalinks on the map view.


  • Added custom permalinks builder for listing details URL’s.
  • Added meta description to the listing details pages.
  • Fixed a pagination bug on search results pages.


  • Fixed acres output in the property listing preview.


  • Clarified a feature within the shortcodes builder.


  • Fixed a misspelling in the IDX Feed rule type display name.


  • Added new Include rule type to the IDX Feed details rules section.


  • Added Wovax/AWS caching service to listing details images.


  • Fixed an issue with the search-form-columns parameter in the search results shortcode.


  • Added the ability to specify the column count in the search form, and search results shortcodes. Example: [wovax-idx id=”1″ search-form-columns=”3″], and [wovax-idx-search-results search-form-columns=”3″].


  • Improvements to the Wovax API interactions.


  • Fixed an issue with Wovax API interactions.


  • Improvements to the Wovax API interactions.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented complete duplication of shortcodes.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped text input placeholders in the search form from displaying the correct value.
  • Added Rules section to the IDX feed configuration page.


  • Fixed a bug that stopped field values displaying correctly on the listing details page.


  • Added Screen Options to the User Activity page.
  • Added Rules section to the IDX feed configuration page. Optimizations still to be completed. Not yet fully complete.


  • Added initial styling tools to the IDX feed fields layout builder. More styling tools to come in the near future.


  • Added ability to change the Google Map display height in the listing details view. The map height can be adjusted in the Fields Layout builder.
  • Added Screen Options to the Shortcodes and IDX Feeds pages. Now you can decide how many items to display per page in the dashboard, and also show/hide columns.


  • Listings in search results and listings pages now dynamically show the status from the MLS board.


  • Improvements to the IDX feed fields layout builder.


  • Improvements to the IDX feed fields layout builder. Works, but optimizations still to be completed.


  • Fixed a bug that created incorrect search filter formats in version 0.3.1.
  • Improvements to the IDX feed fields layout builder. Optimizations still to be completed. Not yet fully complete.


  • Added CSS background color to listing previews in the grid view.
  • WordPress 4.9.4 support.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the property listing favorites feature from being disabled.
  • Added Omnisearch filter type. Optimizations still to be completed. Not yet fully complete.


  • WordPress 4.9.3 support.


  • Fixed shortcodes database table creation/update bug.


  • Fixed database table update problems.


  • Fixed some poor grammar, and a few small PHP changes in the shortcodes builder.


  • Fixed a bug with the search results shortcode.


  • Fixed a UX issue with shortcodes to auto populate view options with default values if non were set.


  • Fixed extra closing div that should not have been output below shortcodes.


  • Fixed a bug with shortcodes outputting more property listings than specified in the max posts per page setting.


  • Fixed a bug with CSS where the listings container div height would not represent the content height.


  • Updated listing image cache API strings.


  • Improvements to the Favorites shortcode feature.


  • Added User Favorites shortcode feature. Display favorited listings of the current signed in user via a shortcode. Optimizations still to be completed.
  • Added User Profile shortcode feature. Display editable user profile fields of the current signed in user via a shortcode. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Fixed a bug with CSS where around 10px of line-height would appear beneath images.


  • Improvements to the Listing Embed shortcode feature.


  • Improvements to the Listing Embed shortcode type feature.
  • Fixed a bug with shortcodes related to PHP version 5.6. Thanks to @mailtopaul8 for finding it.


  • Improvements to the User Activity feature. Optimizations still to be completed.
  • Added alt tags to images feature. If your MLS board provides image descriptions, these will now be used as alt tags to improve listing SEO.
  • Added Listing Embed shortcode type feature. Now you can display listings that match a specific criteria in posts and pages via the shortcode generator. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Improvements to the User Activity feature. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Improvements to the User Activity feature. Optimizations still to be completed. Wovax IDX initial stable release almost complete.


  • Improvements to the User Activity feature.


  • Added User Activity feature. Now you can view favorited listings of users. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Added Force User Registration feature. Now you have the possibility to force a website visitor to register a user account after a specified number of listing views.


  • Fixed a bug with shortcodes where they would always print at the top of the page contents.


  • Improvements to the Map View feature. Getting closer to initial Wovax IDX stable release.


  • Improvements to the Map View feature. Improved the map search interface with listing previews. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Improvements to the Map View feature. Optimizations still to be completed.


  • Added Map View feature. Allow home buyers to search for real estate listings with an interactive Google Map. Not yet fully complete.


  • Fixed a bug that stopped certain production IDX feeds displaying correctly.


  • Added free demo development IDX listing data feeds.


  • Initial Wovax IDX Beta release.