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World Cup Predictor

Plugin to manage and present a fantasy football (soccer) competition for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Why are there 64 teams (or 54 in Euro)?

There are extra dummy 'placeholder' teams to fill-in the knockout results tables. Once a team has progressed through the group stage to the knockout stage edit the match schedule to change the placeholder team to the actual team.

How do update match scores ?

In the Teams and Matches tab - select the Id link in the table below, update score and check 'Match Finished'

The countdown clock just shows 'Clock' and not a countdown

The Javascript file (js/wcp.js) for the clock has not been included correctly. Check that there are not any Javascript optimizations plugins that may have removed the code. Also, verify in the page source that the JS file has been included.

Can I change match times to my local time ?

Yes you can, by modifying each match to your local time. Please ensure you also modify the Timezone difference setting on the Overview screen to reflect the change with respect to your server time. However, this is not very satisfactory, as your users may be in a different timezone to you.

To allow users to toggle between Brazilian time and users local time, see details in the setup section.

How do I limit the prediction form to just the Group stages ?

Use the shortcode [world-cup-predictor group=true]. For more options see the usage section.

How does the scoring system work for the knockout stages ?

At the knockout stage if a user predicts a win e.g. 3-2 they get either the exact points if the result is 3-2 or the win points if the result is 1-0

Penalties are included in either of the above, so if a user predicts 1(5)-1(4), and result is 1(5)-1(4) then exact points, if the result is 2(5)-2(4) it’s a correctly predicted win, however if the result is 1(4)-(1)5 they get points for the goal draw. It’s a reward for getting it ‘half-right’. If you don’t like that behaviour then once all the group match results have been entered and all the predictions scored, then modify the scoring configuration to change draw point to 0 (zero).

The bonus points for correct goals and goal difference ignore penalties.

There is nothing for extra time or golden goals as such.

Teams in the Group tables are not ordered the same as on the FIFA site

In the Admin->Teams matches modify the Group Order field to sort the teams manually for those with equal points, matches, goal difference etc.

If at the end of the Group stage FIFA draw lots to decide the winner of a group in the event of a tie, use this option to manually arrange the group table order.

See http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/standings/index.html

On my French language blog dates and times are displayed in English

How do I change the kickoff time: “Jun 22 16:00″ to “22 Juin 16:00″

The locale for dates and times is determined by the MySQL Database settings

See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/locale-support.html

Day and month names are displayed in French if

mysql> SELECT @@lc_time_names;

returns fr_FR. Please see the MySQL docs above. You may need to add an appropriate setting to your wp-config.php file to set the database locale.

You may wish to consider the 'toggle timezone' feature described in the usage section to allow the users' browser to perform the conversion.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 300+


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