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World Cup Predictor

Plugin to manage and present a fantasy football (soccer) competition for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

1.9.3 19th May 2016

  • Include matches, teams, venues and stages of Euro 2016.
  • Remove the option to display knockout table.

1.9.2 19th June 2014

  • Change display of Widget My Predictions.
  • New widget for show total points of current user.
  • Order the score of matches most recents.
  • Include option to display ranking of knockout stage.
  • Show the position of player in ranking page.
  • Remove the option to display the author link.

1.9.1 14th June 2014

  • Bug Fix - Remove auto update from table predictions and update the date of predictions stored in BD.

1.9 05th June 2014

  • Bug Fix - Set a list of valid locales to lc_time_names.
  • Include option to customize the match separator.
  • Option to show ranking of a specific stage.
  • Remove fixed width to allow layout responsive.

1.8 28th April 2014

  • Include option to show results of a specific team.
  • Remove auto update from table predictions in BD.

1.7 16th April 2014

  • Inclusion of single pages for show Predictions by Match and Predictions by User.
  • New widget for show standings of World Cup Groups.
  • Show the widget WorldCupPredictions only to logged users.
  • Option to adjust knockout table for the theme Twenty Fourteen.
  • Fix the kickoff times for browsers' timezone

1.6 2nd April 2014

  • Bug fix - Correction kickoff times of the matches started after 24 hours GMT.

1.5 16th January 2014

  • Add shortcode option to show/hide avatar in ranking table.
  • Make the interface clearer for updating a match to enter the final result.
  • Display ranking table for all matches, not just those that have finished
  • Removed blank lines around <script> tags to prevent over zealous themes adding <p> tags
  • Prevent deletion of venues, teams and matches if it would leave orphaned data
  • Marking a match as finished automatically updates the users prediction scores.
  • Users predictions are now shown once the kickoff time has passed without requiring the match to be marked as finished.

1.3 23rd June 2010

  • Bug fix - Allow entry of penalty scores for 0-0 full time score.

1.2 - 2nd June 2010

  • Added option to display all scores via [world-cup-predictor scores=-1]
  • Slightly more flexibility for locale support
  • Option to display kickoff times in browsers' timezone
  • Ability to manually sort Group Tables

1.1 - 23rd May 2010

  • Added Swedish translation - Thanks Axel
  • Corrected typo in the documentation
  • Updated some language files
  • Correct mispelt color name in CSS
  • Added optional total to users' predictions and highlight current user in rankings
  • Added option to display just total points for the current user
  • Added option to sort matches by kickoff time rather than by Group
  • Indicate matches already scored in Prediction menu
  • Added option to show match results alongside users' predictions
  • Predictions for a draw in the knockout stage now get awarded points
  • Added Arabic translation - Thanks Modar Soos
  • Bug Fix - Prevent user entry of Penalty Shootout unless the prediction is a Draw
  • Bug Fix - Prevent administrators from entering duplicate predictions.
  • Bug Fix - Show correct avatars for each user

1.0 - 12th May 2010

  • Added Spanish translation - Thanks Domingo Robaina
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese - Thanks Ed Torres
  • Added Dutch - Thanks Deborah Kerkhof
  • Removed unnecessary scoring option 'Predict a loss'
  • Added new scoring option to award bonus points for correct goal difference
  • Changed default prediction entry form goals 0 to space
  • Bug Fix - Clear group results cache and re-calculate when modifying a team, match or venue
  • Bug Fix - Fix minor HTML error in footer and table display
  • Bug Fix - Report winning teams in bold consistently

0.4.1 - 2nd May 2010

  • Added German translation - Thanks Fred Kuhl
  • Added French Translation - Thanks Robert Maculewicz
  • Fixed a couple of missing translatable strings.
  • Workaround for BuddyPress plugin error - http://trac.buddypress.org/ticket/2361
  • Fix for blank screen after team/match update for some users

0.4 - 29th Apr 2010

  • First stable release
  • Added bonus points to scoring configuration
  • Modified prediction form, result tables and admin screens to manage penalties and extra time
  • Added uninstall option
  • Extra documentation

0.3 - 25th Apr 2010

  • Match results now include extra time and penalties
  • New shortcodes for match results and knockout results
  • Added stadium to Venue table
  • Added placeholder teams for knockout stage
  • Optionally show group match results below group tables

0.2 - 20th Apr 2010

  • Tidied up various screens
  • Added 'Score Matches' and 'User Rankings' options.
  • Added basic scoring configuration screens.
  • Added extra filters to admin screens

0.1 - 19th Apr 2010

  • Initial Alpha Version


Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 300+


5 out of 5 stars


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