This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

World Community Grid – Widget


This plugin allows you to show your World Community Grid and statistics in the sidebar of your wordpress blog. The data will be updated once a day. The data base of this plugin is a xml-file, which is located here:


  • Show your WCG badges/projects, statistics and your team in the sidebar of your blog
  • You don’t need HTML knowledge (use a template!)
  • You can create and customize your individual WCG-Widget with HTML and over 25 tags (Upload your template for other users!)
  • The widget works also if is down


  • Widget in sidebar with default values
  • Widget in sidebar with a list of projects
  • Widget configuration panel
  • Widget configuration panel with template preview on mouseover
  • Widget configuration panel with HTML/Code input fields


  1. Unzip & Upload the directory world-community-grid-widget to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. The directory /world-community-grid/data/ must be writable & executable.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Configure the widget


There are the following input fields in the widget admin panel for the World Community Grid widget:

  • Title – The title/topic of the widget
  • WCG Member Name – Your World Community Grid member name
  • WCG Verification Code – Your Verification Code from your profile
  • Choose a template
  • If you use no template: ** What HTML should precede the badge items – insert your HTML here, which will be shown above the badges. You can use these [1] tags. ** HTML of badge items – insert your HTML, which will be generate for every badge. These [2] tags can be used. ** What HTML should follow the badge items – This HTML will be shown below badges. You can use these [1] tags. ** x userfield for each project. If you don’t want to use a userfield, empty the fields.


[1] (use these tags for What HTML should precede the badge items and What HTML should follow the badge items)

  • [MemberName]
  • [MemberID]
  • [RegisterDate PHPDateFormat] – e.g. [RegisterDate Y-m-d] (Warning: no time available!!)
  • [LastResult PHPDateFormat] – e.g. [LastResult d.m.Y H:i] (Warning: time available!)
  • [NumDevices]
  • [TotalRunTime] – in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
  • [TotalRunTimeRank]
  • [TotalPoints]
  • [TotalPointsRank]
  • [TotalResults]
  • [TotalResultsRank]
  • [AverageRunTimePerDay] – in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
  • [AverageRunTimePerResult] – in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
  • [AveragePointsPerHourRunTime]
  • [AveragePointsPerDay]
  • [AveragePointsPerResult]
  • [AverageResultsPerDay]
  • [TeamName]
  • [TeamId]
  • [TeamRetireDate PHPDateFormat] (Warning: no time available!!)
  • [TeamJoinDate PHPDateFormat] (Warning: no time available!!)
  • [TeamRunTime]
  • [TeamPoints]
  • [TeamResults]
  • use tags like [TeamName|1] to get team name of your previous team, [TeamRetireDate|2 Y-m-d] for your penultimate team etc.

[2] (only available for HTML of badge items)

  • [ProjectName]
  • [ProjectShortName] – e.g. faah
  • [ProjectResearchUrl] – URL to the project research site at WCG
  • [BadgeDescription]
  • [BadgePictureUrl] – URL of badge picture!
  • [ProjectRunTime] – in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
  • [ProjectPoints]
  • [ProjectResults]
  • [UserField|1], [UserField|2] … [UserField|n] (if fields are filled out in the widget admin panel)


Please use the comments in my blog entry for questions and feedback.

Contributors & Developers

“World Community Grid – Widget” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • New tags for HTML of badge items: [ProjectRunTime] – in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds, [ProjectPoints], [ProjectResults]
  • New user-defined fields for HTML of badge items: [UserField|1], [UserField|2] … [UserField|n] for own text, links etc.
  • Fixed [ProjectResearchUrl]


  • I fixed a problem, when the wcg file isn’t available


  • Upload your template for other users (your template will be added in the next version of this plugin)
  • Plugin is now translatable (Please check out world-community-grid-wiget/wcg_widget.pot and send the .po & .mo to – Thanks!). Languages now available: English & German
  • JQuery supported Widget Admin-Panel


  • Since this version WordPress 2.8 is required (for WP < 2.8 use Version 2.0 of this plugin)
  • No badges problem fixed (thx to Winand)


  • New Variables (“your actual team”-tags: [TeamName], [TeamId], [TeamRetireDate PHPDateFormat], [TeamJoinDate PHPDateFormat], [TeamRunTime], [TeamPoints], [TeamResults]; you can also use tags like [TeamPoints|0] to get your actual Points for your team; to access older teams in your team history use tags like [TeamName|1] to get the name of your last Team, [TeamJoinDate|2 d-m-Y] to get the date you joined your penultimate team etc.)
  • Use templates (with preview) instead of HTML/Code with [variables]
  • Badge pictures & XML are now stored in /data/ – easier installation


  • Badge Picture URL problem fixed (thx to son)
  • Date problem fixed (thx to son)


  • Badge Pictures are now stored in /plugins/world-community-grid/badges/
  • URL encode problem fixed (thx to Phong)


  • WCG Verification Code is now used (WCG Verification Code is a required input field)
  • RunTime-Variables are now formatted (years:days:hours:minutes:seconds)
  • better error messages