This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Work The Flow File Upload


Work the Flow File Upload.
Embed Html5 User File Uploads and Workflows into pages and posts. Multiple file Drag and Drop upload, Image Gallery display, Reordering and Archiving.

This two in one plugin provides shortcodes to embed front end user file upload capability and / or step by step workflow.

Three separate short-codes are made available to page and post content.

Use :
[wtf_fu] to embed a workflow,
[wtf_fu_upload] to embed a file upload form.
[wtf_fu_show_files] to embed a display of uploaded files with gallery and file re-ordering options.

Note that the [wtf_fu_upload] and [wtf_fu_show_files] shortcodes may also be embedded inside workflow stage contents.
This allows for separate upload instances in different workflow stages,
for example to upload 10 image only files in stage 3 and 2 music only files in stage 5.

Please read the FAQ for more on the available attributes for these shortcodes.

Workflow configurations, File Upload capabilities and user files can be managed from the admin interface by an administrator.

Default configurations can be overridden in embedded short code attributes so, for example, you can define varying locations, file types, file sizes, max number of files, thumbnail size, and other parameters for uploads.

Files are uploaded to a configurable subdirectory location under the wordpress user upload directory.

Uploaded files from each user can be managed via the backend allowing for archiving as zip files and deletion.

Workflows allow simple stepwise processing of each stage. Users can be allowed to move forward or backward through
the workflow as desired. File upload short codes can also be embedded inside workflow stages to provide
upload capability inside a given workflow stage.

Workflow pre and post functions may also be added to allow post and pre processing as desired as a user moves from one stage to the next. For example to archive files or send and email once a user
reaches a certain point in the workflow.

File uploads are html5 based allowing multiple concurrent file uploads to be processed.
Simply drag and drop a collection of files to your page to start an upload.

A demo of this plugin can be found at

You will need to register (free) to view the demo.

A pro version is also available from

By default only registered site users are allowed to access the file upload capabilities.
You can allow public access by un-checking the ‘deny_public_uploads’ on the File Upload options page.
(please see the FAQ entry on restricting upload access).

This plugin includes the jQuery-File-Upload libraries from github


  • Client File Upload screen shot A.
  • Client File Upload screen shot B.
  • Client File Upload screen shot C.
  • Client File Upload screen shot D.
  • Admin Workflow Stage Settings Screen shot A.
  • Admin Workflow Stage Settings Screen shot B.
  • Admin Workflow Stage Settings Screen shot C.
  • Admin Manage Users Screen Shot.
  • Admin Workflow Options Screen Shot A.
  • Admin Workflow Options Screen Shot B.
  • Admin Workflows List Screen Shot.
  • Admin Plugin System Options Screen Shot.
  • Admin File Upload Default Options Screen Shot A.
  • Admin File Upload Default Options Screen Shot B.


Use the normal wordpress installer or extract the archive into the plugins directory into a folder named work-the-flow-file-upload.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘work-the-flow-file-upload’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the work-the-flow-file-upload plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the work-the-flow-file-upload plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the work-the-flow-file-upload directory to your computer
  3. Upload the work-the-flow-file-upload directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the work-the-flow-file-upload plugin in the Plugin dashboard


How can I restrict access to the file upload feature to authorized users only ?

Because this plugin can be used to allow users to upload files to your website,
it is important that you restrict access only to users that you trust.

The File Upload settings includes the option ‘deny_public_uploads’ which is
turned on by default.

If you decide to allow public access then this permits uploads by NON logged in
users! If you allow this then you are leaving your site open to POTENTIALLY

Additionally you can further restrict access by use of 3rd party membership
plugins (e.g. S2Member – free), or by wrapping the wtf_fu_upload plugin shortcode
in php code that checks that the capabilities of the user are sufficient to
access the code.

For this you will need a plugin such as
EZPhp (free)
that allows you to embed php code in your pages.

A simple php example that restricts access based on user capability :

[php] if(current_user_can('upload_files')){ [/php]
[wtf_fu_upload wtf_upload_dir='files']
[php] } else { [/php]
<p>You do not have sufficient privileges to upload files.</p>
[php] } [/php]
How do I include my workflow or file upload in a page or post ?

Embed one or more of [wtf_fu], [wtf_fu_upload] and [wtf_fu_show_files] short-codes into your pages or posts.

Use [wtf_fu] for workflows
e.g. [wtf_fu id="2"] to embed the workflow with id 2 into a page or post.

Use [wtf_fu_upload] for file uploads
[wtf_fu_upload accept_file_types=”jpg|jpeg|gif|png” max_file_size=”5″ max_number_of_files=”30″ wtf_upload_dir=”main_dir” wtf_upload_subdir=”images”]

Use [wtf_fu_show_files] to display already upload files
[wtf_fu_show_files wtf_upload_dir=”main_dir” wtf_upload_subdir=”images” reorder=”true” gallery=”true”]

Note : The wtf_fu_show_files short_code can use the attribute "email_format" = "true" to cause the styles to be converted to inline css, making the output suitable for including in emails.

See the plugin’s admin page documentation tab for the complete list of available shortcode attributes and their meanings.

What other shortcuts can I use inside the workflows ?

Shortcut placeholder fields can be used in the form %%XXXX%% and can be placed inside the workflow fields to represent various values at runtime.
%%USER_NAME%% The current users display name.
%%USER_EMAIL%% The current users email address.
%%ADMIN_NAME%% The site administrators display name.
%%ADMIN_EMAIL%% The site administrators email address.
%%SITE_URL%% The url link for this web site.
%%SITE_NAME%% The name of this web site.
%%WORKFLOW_NAME%% The name of the current workflow.
%%WORKFLOW_STAGE_TITLE%% The current workflow stage title.
%%WORKFLOW_STAGE_NUMBER%% The current stage number.
%%WORKFLOW_STAGE_HEADER%% The current workflow stage header content (Workflow Templates only)
%%WORKFLOW_BUTTON_BAR%% The button bar with PREV and NEXT buttons (Workflow Templates only)
%%WORKFLOW_STAGE_CONTENT%% The current workflow stage main content (Workflow Templates only)
%%WORKFLOW_STAGE_FOOTER%% The current workflow stage footer content (Workflow Templates only)
%%WTF_FU_POWERED_BY_LINK%% Includes a WFT-FU Powered by link to (If allowed on the Plugin System Options page.)
%%ALL_WORKFLOW_USERS_EMAILS%% A list of users emails addresses that have commenced using the curent workflow.
%%ALL_SITE_USERS_EMAILS%% A list of all the sites registered users emails addresses.
%%USER_GROUP_XXXX_EMAILS%% A list of all the users of group XXXX emails addresses. Substitute XXXX with the required user group.
%%ARCHIVE_USERS_FILES%% Causes all of a users files to be auto archived into a zip file and returns a download link to the zip file.

See the plugins admin page documentation tab for a complete up to date list of available shortcut codes and their meanings.

Do I need to create a workflow just to enable file upload features ?

No, the workflow and file upload capabilities are completely separate entities.
You can add file uploads to a page or ppst just by embedding the [wtf_fu_upload] shortcode directly to a page or post.

There is no need to use a workflow at all if standalone file uploads are all you need.

However it is often useful to embed this shortcode inside a workflow stage so that uploading is then part of a defined workflow.
Both ways will work.

Will the css styles used by the plugin conflict with my themes css ?

By default the plugin workflow template includes a namespaced copy of the twitter
bootstrap css version 3.0.3. So it should be safe from clashes with other plugin or theme css files,
even if they also use the bootstrap css.

If you want to remove this css completely then uncheck the include_plugin_style option on
the system options page.

You can also remove default overrides for the css by unchecking the include_plugin_style_default_overrides
checkbox in individual workflow settings.

To manually modify the plugins namespaced bootstrap styles without affecting other bootstrap css, include class selector 'tbs' when overriding the bootstrap
styles in your themes css.

e.g. to change the workflow header background to blue use :

.tbs .panel-heading {background-color: #428bca;} in your child theme style.css file overrides.

You may also wish to consider the paid PRO extension for this plugin which provides template editing, allowing you to define your own layout elements.

How do I restrict the number of files that can be uploaded ?

Uploads are configurable via short code attributes

Use the max_number_of_files attribute to limit the number of files users may upload.
[wtf_fu_upload max_number_of_files=”10″]

See the work-the-flow-file-upload ‘File Upload’ settings page for the full list
of configurable upload options. On this page you may also set default values
that will be used by default if they are not specified in the embedded
short code attributes.

Here is an example specifying the full list of attributes set with their factory set
default values.

deny_public_uploads="1"     // Do NOT allow public uploads i.e. user must be logged in.
max_number_of_files="30"    // max size for individual files in Mb
auto_orient="1"             // auto orient images that include orientation info.
create_medium_images="0"    // set to 1 to create additional medium sized images.
thumbnail_crop="1"          // crop to exact thumbnail dimensions.

You may override as many or as few of these as you require.

See the Documentation tab on the plugins settings page for an up to date listing of all shortcode attributes.

Can a user change the order of their uploaded files ?

File uploads are handled asynchronously via ajax, so the initial order in which they arrive cannot be determined.

However you can use the [wtf_fu_show_files reorder="1"] short-code to give users a list of their uploaded image thumbnails that
they can drag into their desired order. When the reorder is submitted file modified timestamps are adjusted to reflect the new order and a text file detailing the desired order
is added to the users upload directory.

e.g. [wtf_fu_show_files wtf_upload_dir="demofiles" wtf_upload_subdir="images" reorder="1"]

Can I configure the plugin to use different upload directories per shortcode instance ?

Yes. Use the wtf_upload_dir and wtf_upload_subdir attributes
(see previous faq)

For security reasons file uploads are always directed to the users wordpress
upload directory. You may use these two attributes to define a base upload sub
directory and an optional secondary subdir using relative paths like
‘workflow_A_files’ and ‘some/arbitrary/subpath/here’ respectively.

How can I provide hook functions to send an email at a point in a workflow ?

Each workflow stage provides the option of a pre-hook and post-hook function that
will be called before a user enters a stage or after a user leaves a stage.

Simply create your user defined function in your function.php file (or into a
file in your mu-plugins directory) and then put the function name
(without the parenthesis) into the workflow stage pre-hook or post-hook option.

An example hook function that archives a users files and sends emails to the site
admin and to the user when the hook is fired is included in the examples directory.
Please see the plugin file examples/wtf-fu_hooks_example.php.

You may copy and use this as a starting point for your own pre- and post-hook functions.

What support is offered for this product ?

Normal WordPress plugin support is available.

Bug reports and feedback are very welcome and will be promptly addressed.

For VIP support and access to the PRO support forums please upgrade to the paid pro extension which extends the plugin with template editing capability as well as support and updates.

Where can I get more information about how to use this plugin ?

See the documentation tab in the plugins settings page.

Clone the demo workflow in the admin workflows tab. The demo includes workflow stages with embedded uploads and file displays.
You can then just edit this to suit your needs.

Go to where this product is maintained, and try out the live demo.

What do I get with the PRO extension that is not in the free one ?

When installed, the PRO extension activates these additional features in the plugin :

  • Ability to edit and manage workflow and email templates to create your own layouts.
  • Ability to attach automated email templates to workflow stages to automatically send emails when a user passes through a workflow stage.
  • [wtf_eval] psuedo short code for embedding php code into workflow content.
  • Ability to save, export and import workflows and move them between sites.
  • 12 months priority support and automated product updates.
Can you build me a customized version of this plugin ?

If you have special requirements for a custom built plugin or even just want a
website configured for you using this one then please email me at for a quote.


Pros and Cons

Pros of this plugin:
1- It is designed very user-friendly
2- It is accessible with JAWS (screen reader for blind persons like me)
3- We can upload files with this plugin.
4- We can design multi-step wizards on our website.
5- The upload system has upload progressbar and upload statistics. All the statistics are accessible for JAWS and screen readers.
6- We can contrive HTML, shortcodes and other rich content in every step.

These are not in fact bugs or failings, but these are the feature requests for later versions.
1- We can not create multi-step forms with this plugin. The main usage of multi-step projects is creating multi-step forms that accept various inputs from the user in every step. This plugin has no form-designing system. Of course it is possible to embed Contact form 7 in the steps, but that is not a standard solution. Contact Form 7 is far from multi-step form.
2- When the user goes through the steps, there is no email system to alert you about the steps they have done, the options they have selected, or the files they have uploaded.
3- When the user uploads a few files, you don’t know which user has uploaded which files. This plugin does not have a file-management system as far as I know.
4- I would like to have a multi-step form, but this plugin is only a multi-step HTML section; nothing more.
5- When a user wants to fill the form fields, I would like the logged-in users to see their own name, email, telephone, etc. automatically in the form fields, but this plugin does not have such feature. It does not have form fields at all.

I appreciate the efforts of the creator to develop this valuable plugin.

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Contributors & Developers

“Work The Flow File Upload” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tested for compatability with wordpress 4.4.2
  • Additional documentation added for wtf_fu_list_files shortcode attributes and placeholder fields.


  • missing changelogs added.


  • release versioning fixes.


  • Updated README file version number to 3.1.1 (3.1.0 version number update was missed.)


  • Updates to better support wtf_fu_list_files shortcode.
  • Addition of %%FILEDATETIME%% placeholder for wtf_fu_list_files.
  • Some redundant code and logging removed.


  • Minor update to remove warnings for “Headers already sent errors” on the templates and workflows pages.


  • Improved performance : revised javascript routines to use jquery in no-conflicts mode, allowing use of wordpress supplied jquery scripts instead of importing from code.jquery.
  • Additional support for the new PRO version shortcode [wtf_fu_list_files], a file listing shortcode that includes filetype icons and templated table display.


  • Updated readme and version numbers correctly (missed in 2.5.3)


  • Removed unneeded JQuery-File-Upload files.


  • Reverted additional security measures introduced in 2.5.0, this was causing “Empty File Upload errors” during uploads.


  • Bug fix for admin add workflow button not working (broken in 2.5.0)
  • Bug fix for unable to save workflows with a workflow id ending in 0, so workflows with id=10, 20 .. etc would fail to save any changes during editing.


  • Fix for IOS and Mac Safari browsers getting stuck on the same stage. (Special thanks to Marie for her detailed help in testing on many platforms).
  • Note that Mac / Safari 5.x will not work, the minimum required version is 6.04.
  • Additional security features added.


  • Fix for generated .htaccess file preventing image display on some servers.


  • Security enhancement, deny_file_type added to upload options.
  • Security enhancement, default .htaccess file generated in upload directory to prevent script execution of uploads.


  • Fix for accept_file_types vulnerability where malicious authenticated users could manipulate the allowed upload file types to upload files with .php extensions


  • Fix loading of new demo workflow bug.


  • Greatly improved documentation.
  • Help tabs added to admin screens for easy access to documentation and to unclutter the admin input screens.
  • Updated with new simpler workflow Demo.
  • Bugfix for issue with delete when ‘use_public_dir=”1″‘ attribute was set, a registered user was logged on, and the server was remote.


  • Added extra shortcut field %%USER_ID%%.
  • Added extra shortcut field %%USER_GROUP_XXXX_EMAILS%%.
    A list of all the users of group XXXX emails addresses. Substitute XXXX with the required user group.
  • Added extra shortcut field %%ARCHIVE_USERS_FILES%%
    Triggers auto archiving of users upload directory and returns a download link for the file. Useful in automated email templates.
  • Added ability to attach multiple email templates to workflow stages (PRO Feature).
  • Fixed PHP Warnings with page redirects after deleting or cloning.
  • Fixed improper reordering of stages when there are 10 or more stages in a workflow and a stage is deleted.
  • Documentation updates.


  • Fix issue with the 2.1.0 upgrade which could cause the PRO license key field to need re-entering under some circumstances.
    If affected please enter your PRO license key again. Apologies to anyone affected.


  • Removed extra spacing from [wtf_fu_show_files] when using email_format.
  • Fix for image files with non-ascii characters links broken in automated emails with embedded [wtf_fu_show_files] shortcode.
  • Documentation corrections ( the [wtf_fu_show_files] shortcode documentation was incorrectly documented as wtf_fu_showfiles ).
  • Pseudo shortcode [wtf_eval] added to allow evaluation of php code inside workflow content (pro feature).
  • Support for Export and import of workflows added (pro feature). This allows you to export a workflow to a file and import it into another site.


  • Updates to show_files shortcode css, fixes issue with moving image showing
    outside container when ordering in some themes. Also some email format issues.
  • Reverted the 2.0.0 export workflow feature for now.


  • Introduction of workflow and email templates.
  • New shortcut %%xxx%%% field placeholders.
  • New shortcode attributes documentation tab.
  • [wtf_fu_show_files] css updates.
  • Extra shortcode attributes.
  • Admin pages improvements.
  • Added export of workflows as json files for backup (import not implemented yet.
  • Fix for display of admin pages visual editor tab (broken for wp tinymce editor in wp >= 3.9.0)
  • Adjusted sizes of workflow edit fields in admin pages.
  • Turned off wpautop on admin page edit fields to prevent editor auto removing <p> tags
    when switching between visual and text editor.
  • Added template tab to workflow admin screens. (pro feature).
  • Fix for Filenames with ‘ in them were not correctly reordering when update order saved
    in [wtf_fu_show_files reorder=true].
  • Added use_public_dir='true' attribute to [wtf_fu_show_files] and [wtf_fu_upload].
    This forces ALL users files to be uploaded to the common uploads/public directory. This then
    causes ALL users to have access to the same files. Default is false.
  • Added auto file mimetype detection for displaying mixed filetypes with [wtf_fu_show_files]
    mixed file types now correctly display as image / audio or text.
  • Deprecated the file_type attribute for [wtf_fu_show_files] shortcode as detection of type is now done automatically
    setting file_type will not break anything but now will have no effect.
  • Added Documentation tab with full list of shortcode attributes to the admin setting page.
  • Replaced all admin page checkboxes with true/false options list. This forces false values to be saved correctly.
  • Added template processing for emails and workflows (pro feature only).
  • Added shortcut %%xxx%% placeholder processing in workflows and emails.


  • Fix for issue with internet explorer displaying multiple copies of uploaded files.
  • Improved performance of workflow processing.
  • Added spinner to workflow and reorder pages.
  • Reworked layout and css for wtf_fu_show_files shortcode.
  • Disable buttons when processing workflows, to prevent multiple requests.


  • Made code dependant on php >= 5.3.0 conditional so that php >= 5.3.0 is
    no longer a requirement as it was in 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.
    Php versions < 5.3.0 will now work, but will not attempt to inline css
    into email output when using the [wtf_fu_show_files email_format=true]
  • Added additional protection to ajax calls so that any php output during
    handling of requests is buffered and discarded.


  • Fix for the wtf_fu_show_files number formatting style – when not using
    the reorder attribute, numbers were not properly aligned to the top left corner
    of the thumbnail image.
  • Added wtf_fu_show_files attribute show_numbers, (default true), to allow
    image numbering to be turned off (false)
  • Updates to the examples\wtf-fu_hooks_example.php file to better integrate display
    of show_files output into generated emails.
  • Additional code to handle email template administration (PRO only feature).


  • Bug fix : non-registered users were unable to progress through workflow stages since 1.2.0.
  • Disabled display of prev or next button when on the first or last stages.
  • Safeguards added to discard possibly spurious output produced by php warnings or other output
    by hooked user functions processing.
  • Added option ’email_format’ to wtf_fu_show_files for manual inclusion of file
    display inside emails generated in hook functions.
  • Updates to the examples\wtf-fu_hooks_example.php file to display image thumbnails in
    generated emails.
  • Additional actions and filters added to process email templates (PRO only feature).
  • Documentation updates.


  • Minor update of upgrade information, missing from 1.2.0.


  • Moved to ajax processing of workflow forms, giving a major performance improvement when moving from stage to stage.
  • Updated image numbering css to display numbers overlaid in top left corner of thumbnails and removed box borders.


  • Updated Readme file.


  • Simplified and replaced plugin functions in the examples\wtf-fu_hooks_example.php file.
    with core WordPress code.
  • FAQ, README, and description updates.


  • Added checkboxes to include or exclude default styling.
  • Fix for incorrect directory locations in the hooks example code.


  • Added default style overrides for workflows.


  • Initial work-the-flow-file-upload release to repository.
  • Modified directory names to suit generated repository directory.
  • Minor updates to README to reflect new directory location.
  • Minor updates to the workflow demo.