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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Trailmeme for WordPress

Trailmeme for WordPress (formerly WordTrails) allows for the creation of multi-branched trails of navigation through WordPress Blogs

  • Bugfix: Getting the excerpt of the Trail Index or Trail Map pages caused a massive failure
    • This fixes Thesis 1.7 Compatibility (new meta description tag uses excerpt)
  • Bugfix: Revert to Saved for never-saved trails caused a full delete
  • Bugfix: PHP Warning when displaying detailed analytics for Trails that have never been followed
  • Some minor verbiage changes working towards better usability
  • Added New, Updated and Editing flags to Trails Index


  • Rewritten Analytics calculations
  • 'Intro text' for Trail Index page can be edited from Pages > Edit > Trails (or your page name)
  • Widget title customizable
  • Graceful plugin activation failure on PHP4 systems

  • Trail slug database error fix
  • dbDelta database upgrade fix
    • 'Default' field not supported by dbDelta
    • Renamed field to Def, changed references in classes
    • Added alter table script to upgrade script
      • Check for old Default field
      • Rename to Def before running dbDelta
  • Trail Index is paginated (10)
  • Unset two DB Results array while crunching data to (help) prevent script death

  • Renamed 0.9.7a to since 0.9.7a refused to register as an automatic upgrade. Hopefully .1 works.


  • Minor fix for Trail Index flag status
  • Logical fix for PDF image conversion (reduces error reporting)
  • Fixed: WAY too much forced error reporting was left in
  • Fixed: Possible mySQL error where LAST_INSERT_ID does not function. Added query to find correct ID in multiple locations.


  • Fixes for Pretty URLs
  • Fixes for Analytics with Pretty URLs enabled
  • One-click save (auto-save from Trail Viewer)
  • Language consistency


  • Pretty URLs! Trail Map pages, walk pages, printing, etc. all have pretty URLs now! Better for search engines, and better for your eyes.


  • Added extensive user-input sanitization for safety
  • Added "trailmeme-enabled" metadata to Trails Index listing
  • Added non-widget-enabled theme notice
  • Added option to disable TM4WP notices individually - reset on settings page
  • Added hover bubbles to the Trail Map for meta data


  • Changed Trail Index click behaviors to match desired behaviors on Trailmeme.com
  • Rounded Browse Time on Trail Index > 60 to nearest hour (e.g. 190 mins -> About 3 hours)
  • Removed sort by Created timestamp before print - fixes (bypasses) possible Apache thread crash during sorting
    • N.B. This means pages on a trail that are NOT connected to other pages will show up in an unreliable order in PDF generation
    • This should slightly improve PDF load times
    • TODO: Cache PDFs
  • More code cleanup, mainly for sorting functions


  • Fixed 2 more division by zero PHP Warnings that I missed last time >(cannot calculate average read depth for a trail when only looking up statistics for a single session)


  • Some Code Cleanup
  • Fixed PHP Warnings from Analytics crunching


  • Changed name to Trailmeme for WordPress (used to be WordTrails)
  • Changed Trialmeme registration to use https
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict Compliance (or at least significantly closer to it)
  • Fixed foreach error for themes without sidebars
  • Fixed URL creation error for admin trail edit interface - now uses admin_url (with backward compat.)
  • Fixed unable to delete meta data bug (overwrite worked, delete did not)
  • Reworked all of the Analytics calculations and display


  • Fixed double folder issue with SVN, causing automatic install/upgrade to fail


  • Added plain_quotes parser to XML generation methods for cleaner transmission
  • Added sync is still beta notice


  • Added Stable tag to this readme for parser
  • Fixed a bug where the site hash was never generated


  • Copyright/Author information updated
  • Notes about TrailViewer source added to this file and wordtrails.php
  • Public beta release


  • Basic feature set finished.
  • All known bugs squashed.
  • Ready for testing on public blogs: [http://ribbonfarm.com] & [http://chaosprg.com]

Requires: 2.5.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0.5
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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