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WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin allows to use Sphinx Search Server power to enable ultra-fast and feature-rich search on WordPress-based websites.

Q: What is Sphinx Search Server?

A: Sphinx is a full-text search engine which provides fast and relevant full-text search functionality. Read more on Sphinx website http://sphinxsearch.com

Q: How to install Sphinx Search manually?

A: To manually install Sphinx use the official Sphinx Search documentation.

Q: How to update the search index?

A: The best option to update search index is to setup cron job task for it. Also you may manually update search indexes through WordPress Sphinx Search administrative interface.

Q: I have just activated the plugin, however when I try to run the Plugin's Wizard it does not do anything. What is wrong?

A: This might be jQuery version collision. Our plugin uses jQuery v1.4 and supposed to work with WordPress up to 3.8 version which uses jQuery v1.x (i.e. 1.10 for WP3.8). Check if your installation has custom plugin or WP is modified to use jQuery v2.x. If so then it will impossible to use our plugin's Wizard.

Q: I have just installed and run the wizard, however I have the following error message. What to do?

Can not start searchd, try to start it manually.

A: If you use version 2.1 or higher you can see the exact command below message “Can not start searchd, try to start it manually.” which you need to run manually through terminal on your server. If you have ‘Permissions problem’ try to run the command as super user.

Q: How to run indexer manually A: Open terminal and run following command: /path/to/indexer -c /path/to/sphinx.conf --rotate --all

Q: When I run searchd or indexer I got ERROR: invalid section type 'X-Powered-By' in ../sphinx.conf line 1 col 1.

A: You are using CGI version of php, by default it shows a http header like "X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.6" To prevent this, PHP needs to be invoked with the '-q' option for 'quiet'. Open sphinx.conf in editor and change first line to:

#!/usr/bin/php -q

Q: I got WARNING: index 'wp_main': preload: failed to open /path/to/indexes/wp_main.sph No such file or directory; NOT SERVING

A: That means you have no indexes to serve. You need to build them. You may do it via wp-admin or manually: On wp-admin>Settings>Sphinx Search page click "Re-index WordPress index" Or use run this command manually in terminal:

/path/to/indexer -c /path/to/etc/sphinx.conf --all --rotate

Q: Sphinx installs fine, but when I go to search for something on the blog I get no results.

A: Check Sphinx version, Sphinx version should be 0.9.9 or higher.

Q: How do I modify the plugin php script to specify the path where I have Sphinx installed?

A: Run Sphinx Configuration wizard from WP Admin panel. There are two important steps: 1. Install or use existing Sphinx binaries There you can specify the path to your own indexer and searchd 2. Setup path to Sphinx indexes There you can specify where to store index files and sphinx.conf file. This path should be writeable by web server.

Q: Cannot activate plugin. If I try to activate the plugin I get the following PHP error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class SphinxClient in /home/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-sphinx-plugin/php/sphinxapi.php

A: Check that you haven't: 1. any other plugins which loaded Sphinx Search API library. 2. Sphinx Search PECL extension installed

Q: I’ve got an error “Indexer: configuration files not found.” on clicking “Run Indexing & Contunue” (“Sphinx data indexing” step of Wizard).

A: Check that the user which is running your web server (it's usually apache, www-data or smth like this) can run indexer/searchd and can read/write into sphinx.conf. Then run Sphinx Configuration wizard from WP Admin panel again.

Q: How to set the maximum number of search results above 100.000?

A: 1)Go to Sphinx Search plugin directory and open rep/sphinx.conf in text editor. 2)Find max_matches parameter in searchd section at the bottom of the file 3)Set new value i.e. max_matches = 1000000 4)Open Sphinx Search control panel in WP Admin 5)Click on "Run Sphinx configuration Wizard" and skip all steps in the Wizard, it will rebuilds sphinx.conf file at the last step, click Finish. 6)Restart Sphinx Search (click on "Stop Sphinx daemon" and then "Start Sphinx daemon") 7)Open tab "Search settings" and set the same max_matches value in the field "Maximum number of search results".

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


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